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Pete Williams: Amy Coney Barrett Is Being ‘Overcautious’ During Supreme Court Questioning | NBC News

Pete Williams explains how Amy Coney Barrett is being overcautious during questioning at the Supreme Court after she was asked if a president has the right to delay an election, and responds that if the question come before her she would “have to study it.”
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Pete Williams: Amy Coney Barrett Is Being ‘Overcautious’ During Supreme Court Questioning | NBC News

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  1. Avatar

    REMBER 2016! VOTE!

  2. Avatar

    She is cautious to questions with obvious answers because her answers is not in line with the obvious answer. ie she would rule in ways that we would not acceptable.

  3. Avatar

    Why aren't you reporting on the cold-blooded murder of a protester buy one of your security gaurds

  4. Avatar

    If she was chosen by Biden the outcome would be hail Mary roll out the red carpet!!!

  5. Avatar

    Don't ignore the election, otherwise Trump will ignore you for another 4 years! Vote for Biden!

  6. Avatar
    Tĩnh_Lại_Đi Vietnam

    RBG mascot for Halloween. She look like a witch. She just needs a broom to ride around town. Kids would be thrilled this Halloween.

  7. Avatar

    Vote blue if you don't want Trump's junkie for another 4 years.

  8. Avatar

    Be safe be careful visit Activistpost.com

  9. Avatar

    I swear this b almost ended her time saying "blessed be the fruit"

  10. Avatar

    This will shock you! https://youtu.be/vgDanxpaUeU

  11. Avatar
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  12. Avatar


  13. Avatar

    Nobody actually cares

  14. Avatar

    This judge is already on record as being apposed to abortion. If she is confirmed we will be going back to days of back-street abortion and women dying. And rump get his revenge against women.

  15. Avatar

    Our democracy is on the ballot and she should recuse herself¡🍊🐑🙈🙉🙊🇺🇸 🗳

  16. Avatar

    We do not want Amy Coney – Barrett. A Trumpist remains a Right Winger. We do not want her.

  17. Avatar

    if she doesn't answer the question how can you guys pick her she should be out but I guess she is Trump pick before the election to do one of his dirty work

  18. Avatar

    Oboma wasn't very careful with seal team 6 !

  19. Avatar

    She looks sick!

  20. Avatar

    She is patently unqualified by the only reason that matters; she, like a
    cynical opportunist would accept this job under the pall of such
    controversy. It's that simple, given that these hearings are a crime
    against the American people, her only rationale for accepting the job is
    that she wants power. This fundamental character deficit should be
    obvious to all and will be an enduring stain on her.

  21. Avatar

    Even though the judge is fully aware that she and her kids were exposed to Trump and others who tested positive at the Rose Garden event, she is still bringing her kids to these hearings. This makes me question her judgement on health issues

  22. Avatar

    She just has to make sure she doesn't give any wrong answers. Right answers are not really required as Republicans will get her confirmed anyway

  23. Avatar

    Trump’s battle-cry MAGA is a call to bring back something from America’s past! Bring back what? Well, Trump and his Fake-GOP have now made it crystal clear what it is they promise to bring back. How about this! “Make America great again: bring back white/male supremacy.” Are we there yet? Soon we'll know: the election will decide!

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  25. Avatar

    It's funny how the hate towards this woman revolves around her religion. Little hypocritical of the so called "inclusive"

  26. Avatar

    What a terrible voice Amy Coney Barrett has! I can't listen to that sharp voice longer than a few seconds.

  27. Avatar

    Its shocking her brain is mature but her voice is like a school girl's voice.

  28. Avatar

    Not over cautious, smart not to give democrats ammunition to sensationalize. She has the job. This is to appease the cry babies.

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