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Pentagon’s top military leaders quarantining, according to US officials | WNT

Almost all members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff are quarantining at home after Adm. Charles Ray, the vice commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard, tested positive for COVID-19.




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    America deserves this guy

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    you are the virus of the world.hahaha .CHINA keep giving them a lesson.these little pussies.the world is tired of these parasites.finish them all by 2021.the world become clean .embarassing creatures

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    I predict Drumpf will crash within the next 6 days from COVID19. He's so incompetent and is now a super spreader infecting staff, not wearing a mask even though he's highly infectious. The cabinet should invoke the 25th amendment and take him out of office.

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    Insane nonsense!! This happened because of stupid behavior. All they had to do was follow the rules laid out and wear a mask at those meetings

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    Drag his old ass out of the whitehouse!

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    Let me guess because they were all around a fake commander and chief who didnt give a dam about their health or what they mean to the nation.. when you know hope hicks has it and you tell no one and go around people with no mask this is what happens the whole top of the pentagon is quarantine now… and to think some trumpers actually think this clown has the military smh.. HOW ???? He doesn’t give a dam about them!!!!

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    America is in trouble God please secure this country I pray for u Americans God be with u all this doesn't look good Jesus intervene pleasures is what happens when u put the wrong person to lead u

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    Anunnaki Menagerie

    😲 oh no! not a coast guard guy 😆s.o.s!

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    Trump is a national security risk.

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    Trump super spreading has put the country in Danger .

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    Jocelyn Alexander

    No stimulus until after election but moving ahead with Superior Court Justice before election. He has no empathy for anyone. Crude, Rude and down right ignorant, that's the guy in the WH!!

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    It's Not The Flu … It's A Coup!

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    A pickle is more qualified to be president than harris is if biden dies..

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    Damien Hai Le Johnson

    Please help me post this message throughout the media.to help let the hurting American people voice back our disapproval of these mistaken elected officials. Vote the fat Orange, Lying, cheating, and Loud mouth Con-Man Trump, Nancy P. , Mitch Mc. , out of office! They have done nothing for American people except took their Dignity, Hope, Pride, and Trust. They have lied to the American people over and over again. Since July, they have not done nothing to help the American people through this horrific Pandemic period of time. They have not deliver on their promises, all lies. This is hurting the American people as well as the upcoming of the economic crisis that we all will be in. I will continue to do my duty as an American and post these comments till they passed the Stimulus Package to help our American people. Vote them out!!

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    Wow selling us out both sides

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    All propaganda bs ! The people see the left have stalled and trying to shut down the country ! That would clobber our survival ! We're not cowards and not quitting ! Fauci is fake ! The stock mkt is for the rich and central banks ! Fooling media propaganda ! Trump will win we will over come in New election

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    Vaediva Scediehegen

    I am more concerned about the troops' morale.

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    I don't understand how Mark Meadows, Bill Barr, Jared Kushner and even Barron are not positive. They were all the same places as the people that have tested positive.
    I wish we knew what was going on with Trump now that he's back at the White House. They focus on him taking off his mask and ignore that he cannot breath — he took the mask off because he thought he was going to suffocate.

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    trump is in a bubble. No one is mineing the store. It is a reality show with deadly consequences.

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    Trump sucks and his rot is eating America like a wild fire.

    Stupidity is highly expensive. And God forbade it might be what brings America on it's knees. And Putin might as well be celebrating that his useful fool is excellently implementing his bidding. Without firing a single shot. What a tragedy.

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    PUTIN backed a WINNER in 2016 & got a a Fukin Lunatic elected in the USA to create CHAOS

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    An Nguyễn doãn

    Tu nguc day ai menh lenh bao dung

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    I don't see why not.
    Don't see the need for this report either.

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    Take HCQ. Why don’t doctors in this country prescribe the drug? People infected should ask doctor to prescribe this drug which prove to be effective in other countries

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    XXII Elhazaroth Pagangrinder LXXXVIII

    This is a Chinese wet dream

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    take a breather. if ya got covid19, go to immortalsclub.org listen everyday, all day, until you get well

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    " Stand Down. He's taking down his own country for us." – Putin, Kim, Xi.

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    This is incredibly dangerous news, what a weakening of your national defence systems, the brains and experience of these Pentagon personnel, who are irreplaceable and priceless individuals.
    2:19 ya – this situation is unacceptable and disappointing

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    My sincere sympathies to those who have lost loved ones to Covid19, 💕💕💕 and those who continue to suffer from this terrible disease💕💕💕

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    Commie rejoice.

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    Putin is laughing his butt off.

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    Trump is not a National Security Threat.

    And there he placed America's Top U.S Military Leaders whose in charge of National Security in quarantine … #nuffsaid

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    I can see Herman Cain shaking hands with Trump soon.

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    Lock him up…. Worst administration ever.

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    So let me get this straight everybody seems to be afraid of being tested positive but you don’t die is it because you’re afraid if you die you’re going to meet God😂

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    I like presidents who are not super spreaders!

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    The coronavirus is devastating. But in some ways, it's a miracle. It's taking out all the terrorists and they have nobody to blame but their idiot in chief

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    Lmao this whole thing sounds sus considering the press tested positive before any of these listed people yet the press individuals (that had already tested positive) continued attend briefings anyway

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