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Pennsylvania Voters Talk Fracking, Green New Deal After VP Debate | NBC News NOW

Voters in Pennsylvania weighed in on the vice-presidential debate between Kamala Harris and Mike Pence. A major issue for many was the candidates’ position on fracking.
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Pennsylvania Voters Talk Fracking, Green New Deal After VP Debate | NBC News NOW

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  1. Avatar

    About fracking. My sister made $200,000.00 from fracking in PA. They never fracked. She still got to keep it. They didn't act on it. Probably never will.

  2. Avatar

    What is wrong with these people?!

  3. Avatar

    I dont get why people say Kamala changed her opinion. She gave her opinion for fracking when she was campaigning to be POTUS. She is no longer going to be POTUS so she is still entitled to an opinion but respect the next POTUS Biden. That's how it is. You might not agree with your boss but respect his leadership. It doesnt mean you flip flop.

  4. Avatar

    This country needs to move away from fracking and drilling for oil. Alternative energy will make more jobs than there is now.

  5. Avatar

    I'm Alone 😍😥

  6. Avatar

    Vote for Joe Biden if you want America become Venezuela and controlled by China !!!

  7. Avatar

    Treasonous tRump,bArr, Moscow Mitch need to go to Prison!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Avatar

    Like tRump doesn't Lie All the Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Avatar

    Biden will not remove fracking unless he has replaced it with green jobs. The fact that these people worry more about fracking jobs then preserving their underground water sources is ridiculous.

  10. Avatar

    I need boyfriend 💋💋💋💋💋💞💞💞💞

  11. Avatar

    Don't be a sucker and believe all the BS

  12. Avatar

    Biden will not Ban Fracking or Oil, it's currently impossible and no one can do that. But, his Plan does have some good New Age stuff that deserves to be looked at.. Alot of it, we actually could do. Another Plus is, Environment is getting bad and we gotta really get on it, just getting worse. Voteing for Biden, but I also liked what Libetarien Joanne Jorsenberg said about it, we could also get rid of Coal and could switch over to newer Nuclear Power. Biden's is good, should take that it into account, hope they do. This coming from a ex Energy Investor..

  13. Avatar

    Pennsylvania, please don’t disappoint the entire world and PLEASE continue to VOTE BLUE.

  14. Avatar

    Need lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  15. Avatar

    We have to eventually get off fracking. There's a lot of problems with it besides the climate.

  16. Avatar

    I'm Single 😍😥

  17. Avatar

    I'm Single 😍😥

  18. Avatar

    Must be nice to be white and employed at the moment! One of those two things should hold up if they re-elect Trump.

  19. Avatar

    What street is it and town are they on there in Pennsylvania

  20. Avatar

    Watch "I was wrong about the Democratic Party #walkaway" on YouTube

  21. Avatar

    i wish interviewers would ask trump supporters what has he done in the 4 years he has been in office. stop asking them what they think about trump/pence speeches ask them what have they accomplished since being in office, how have they bettered the economy.

  22. Avatar

    There is no country on the planet that could afford the Green New Deal.

    C'MON MAN !

  23. Avatar
    [LUTO] Brєиdαα Armααnii Dєłffø ϟ

    Really nice 👌 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  24. Avatar
    Gunflint Viking North

    Donald Trump…. Completely lying about and blowing his response to Coronavirus, Killing countless Americans and just absolutely destroying the American economy Again!!!!!!!

  25. Avatar
    bienvenu ndjoumatchie

    Vote for Trump.

  26. Avatar

    00:48 a beige reason to live….

  27. Avatar
    One by Land, Two if by Sea Run if by Air

    Have fun with your fracking dumb-dumbs. What concrete structure hasn't cracked in 50 years? You know those wells are dead-headed with thousands of gallons of Benzene in them right? That's the "slip water" in horizontal hydrolic fracturing. An extreme carcinogen. And it's going to leak into your groundwater. FOOLS

  28. Avatar

    I'm Single 😍😥

  29. Avatar

    Vote for Trump so he stays out of jail and Putin can't touch him.

  30. Avatar

    Say No To Communist China Joe Biden. Joe Biden Will Make Communist China Great Again Because They Are Supporting Him With Loads Of $$$. Creepy Joe Biden Is Not Who He is. The Truth Is Out There! Creepy Joe Biden Is Not Going To Be Our Great Leader…God Told Me This So I'm Not Voting For Creepy Joe Biden…I'm Saying No to Biden!!! Say No To The Killing Of Unborn Babies! Say No To The Mark Of The Beast (ID2020)! Say No To The New World Order Or The Reset Of The USA By The Evil Globalists And The Shadow Government. Say YES To Donald Trump!!! You May Not Like Him, But DONALD TRUMP Is What Standing In Their Way From Them Taking Away Your FREEDOM. Do Your Research Into ID2020 And Joe Biden And NWO…It Is All Planned For The Reset Of The USA And The World. Vote For DONALD TRUMP 2020 If You Are PRO-GOD, PRO-LIFE, PRO-FREEDOM, PRO-USA! Fight The Future…TRUMP 2020! Fight The Future For Mankind Against The Evil Globalists And The World Shadow Government. United We Stand, Divided We Fall. TRUMP 2020! He Is Our Last Real President For Our Country. God knows This So Please Vote For TRUMP For We Are All Brothers And Sisters Under God. May God Be With Us All And To Bring Us Together To Help Each Other And Light Our Darkest Hour. Together We Can Bring Hope To The World And Be Nearer To God. We Can Change From Becoming A New World Order! We Are The Pro-God, Pro-Life Generation! TRUMP 2020!!!

  31. Avatar

    We have tieed of this govt

  32. Avatar

    the trouble is, most people haven't a clue about the downsides of fracking causing irreparable damage to the land, earth quakes in areas never recorded before etc. They are only interested in what good things can come from it.

  33. Avatar

    So We Will March!

  34. Avatar
    Democracy in Asia

    While China uses all the coal with no problems, which is the major issue, US can't be blaming itself and handing over all the production power to China. US finally is energy independent and you want to import Solar panels from China when they are producing massive toxic air making it? That is exactly what Green new deal is about. It is ongoing in South Korea right now.

  35. Avatar

    Vote and Pray 🙏 #Trump2020 and keep this Country safe from the left who want the NEW GREEN DEAL which will destroy this Country's economy and your job! #MAGA2020 #KAGA2020..🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  36. Avatar

    Totally cool … with poisoned ground water , earth quakes … poisoned aquafiers …… create the infrastructure to create new energy. Period. I am sick and tired of rural Americans deciding presidencies , social change , and social policy. …

  37. Avatar

    the other important question was the fly. How about packing the supreme court? the news knows Harris lost so they try to keep her embarrassment to a minimum. Sad, just report the news. dont hide the fact she got schooled at the debate and tried to pull the race card. she is not qualified to even be a senator and definitely not the VP.

  38. Avatar
    Aaron Christoffersen

    God people are dumb.

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