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Pence speaks to press after White House meeting on Syria

The Vice President updates the media on Trump’s planned response to Turkey after the country invaded northern Syria. Pence shared details of the president’s call with President Erdogan as well as a plan to send a delegation to Turkey.

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  1. Avatar

    Level all those  radical turds & turkeys …they have been gutting each other for years …put um out of their misery !   Drop Lenny smack down in the middle ..give him a colt 45  for defense lol

  2. Avatar

    Don't send your sons to war and they will stop on their own.

  3. Avatar

    Does anyone know the difference between the Kurds, PKK, YPJ and SDF? Are they all same?

  4. Avatar

    Does Turkey need to be in NATO? Do we need to be in NATO? Can Europe protect Kurds from Turkey?

  5. Avatar

    I have doubts concerning NATO, going way back! That said, I remain convinced that President Trump is keenly aware there are nations who use their alliance for their own ends.

  6. Avatar

    Trump was wise not to bomb a UN member. (yet)

  7. Avatar

    "Only the dead have seen the end of war," said Plato long ago. The Neocons are sure trying to prove him right! End the Endless Wars!

  8. Avatar

    Out of Syria into Saudi Arabia because they are going to pay.

  9. Avatar

    Bomb the s*** out of Turkey they don't act like allies they act as enemies

  10. Avatar

    It's time for the east to fight it's own battles. Who ever comes out alive wins. Otherwise it will never stop. Sad though it may be.

  11. Avatar

    Y is pence speaking …do we all think he hid his pet a feel ya from trump ….?? We think not ..

  12. Avatar

    Too late Pence the SAA backed by Russian Airpower is already in Kobane with the Kurds fighting alongside Assad. Let's see how long Turkey will push its luck now that Kurds have reached a deal with Assad. On top of that US sanctions. Bad move Turkey.

  13. Avatar

    TrumptytheClown looking like a fool. But what else is new.

  14. Avatar

    Maybe the foxtards have finally figured out that TrumptytheClown has zero clue.

  15. Avatar

    TOO LITTLE TO LATE this should not be happening anyway these sanctions want stop Bullets.Who else had a say about pulling the troops out anyway?

  16. Avatar

    Boom. I love my Commander-In- Chief VSGPDJT!

  17. Avatar

    Trump is going to keep telling lies and the Kurds are going to keep dying.This is wrong on so many levels.

  18. Avatar

    Kind of resembles Christian Bale in his speech.

  19. Avatar

    It's kind of to late, turkey already killed many people there, Trump should have never took those troops out

  20. Avatar

    God bless Donald Trump. He is a Godly man sending a evangelical Christian to stop Turkey from Slaughtering the Christian Kurds. This has nothing to do with our glorious President whose brain is huge and all powerful. This is ..uh..George Soros and Joe Bidens fault!!

  21. Avatar

    The property developer is Turkishbillionaire Aydın Doğan, in a license-partnership with American businessman and current United States President Donald Trump.

    Wikipedia › wiki › Trump_Towers_…

    Trump Towers Istanbul – Wikipedia

  22. Avatar

    It's ok, Turkey can sell America's 50 nukes left in Turkey back to them to bypass sanctions.

  23. Avatar

    nice to hear and see our great VP again.

  24. Avatar

    There is no good solutions to this situation, it is always easy to blame the administration.

  25. Avatar

    What did he of unmatched and great wisdom expect to happen?

  26. Avatar

    The US is not an ally anymore of the EU but does the biding of Turkey and Russia. The EU nations should leave NATO and creates it own combined army.

  27. Avatar

    At least Trump Tower in Istanbul is saved.

  28. Avatar

    Pence is the single DUMBEST guy in America. He doesn't even know what 2+2 equals. He doesn't know where babies come from

  29. Avatar

    Lindsey Graham needs to understand he is not the President, Donald Trump is 🇺🇸

  30. Avatar


    So we have to live in the past always?

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