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Pence hosts a 'Latinos for Trump' event in Orlando, Florida

Vice President Mike Pence hosts a ‘Latinos for Trump’ event in Orlando, Florida.

Courtesy: WOFL

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  1. Avatar

    So you think Latinos are going to Vote for what they escaped. Trump has the Latino Vote.

  2. Avatar

    Pence Trump 2024

  3. Avatar

    Are Latinos aware trump wants to aggressively deport all of them?

  4. Avatar

    It is great Trump is holding “large rallies”, again! All Trump supporters should make sure they see Trump as soon as possible. After all these are his last “political stumps” till the election. Remember you are not a true Trump Supporter if you don’t see him live, no masks, no social distancing! We all can be close and hug and shake hands and do all that good Trump stuff!
    Let’s show COVID who is in charge! See Trump live NOW before the election. It’s time to thin the herd! Trump supporters believe in “Herd Mentality”! Let’s prove it in mass! Go big or go home! Trump COVID-19 miss your chance to get involved. Let’s dominate COVID for Trump. Show up. Be counted! Don’t miss out!

  5. Avatar

    Wow! The best VP ever!
    Trump/Pence 2020.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💪💪💪💪💪🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  6. Avatar

    Mr pence are a very godly man 👨

  7. Avatar

    I like Mike Pence who is a decent man and a great Vice President! Trump, Pence 2020 !

  8. Avatar

    They ain’t Latino

  9. Avatar

    Trump gets the Corona Virus – More humiliating than Nixon or Clinton. Oh dear. Where is 'The Wall'? Ronald Rump cannot close an umbrella. Trump cannot use toilet paper. Gee Donny why is that toilet paper dangling from your leg as you board an airplane?

  10. Avatar

    pence has a presidential vibe. Pence 2024

  11. Avatar

    The President of the United States who loves the American people the most!  President Trump!!!👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍👍👍Trump 2020 for the future of America!!!👍👍👍🇺🇸

  12. Avatar

    Oh look! There are people at the VP's event… No one shows up to hear ly'in Biden.

  13. Avatar

    Trump!! 2020

  14. Avatar

    Kamala Que Mala her name speaks for itself

  15. Avatar

    When Mike Pence becomes a Hero for the right and Kamala a liability for the left…we know who WON that debate.

  16. Avatar

    We are with you Mr President Trump and Mr Vice President Mike Pence

  17. Avatar

    It is Amazing to see that Camela shirinks to FLIE right before his eyes🤣🤣❤🤍💙Go Mr. Mike Pence we adore u God bless you and your family!!Trump, Pence 2020 4 more years!

  18. Avatar

    🥰❤🤍💙A Gentle roaring lion destroys his enemy by just doing his things! VP MP!! FREE GN FLYNN🥰❤🤍💙

  19. Avatar


  20. Avatar

    Real prayers not the pelosi fake empty prayer

  21. Avatar

    Where are the latinos?

  22. Avatar

    what is the presidential pool looks like in Florida?

  23. Avatar

    Did Pence bring his pet fly???

  24. Avatar

    Brazilians for Trump! God Bless America

  25. Avatar

    Everyone, please encourage Vice President Mike Pence to run for the President in 2024. We need to support Republicans ….. The traditional Democrats are NO more. They want to change this awesome country into a socialist, communist country. Spread the word ….. GO TRUMP 2020! – MAGA

  26. Avatar

    We need to pray for more than the USA Mike… PRAY FOR THE WORLD.

  27. Avatar

    Latinos truckers for 🇺🇸Trump🇺🇸

  28. Avatar

    You the man Pence. WooHoo

  29. Avatar

    How can non-Americans register to vote? Trump 2020! Pence 2024!

  30. Avatar

    I wish Mike Pence was running for President‼️ LATINOS FOR TRUMP AND PENCE 2020 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  31. Avatar

    Patriots for Trump!!!!!

  32. Avatar

    So how many showed up ? 10 or 15 ?

  33. Avatar

    Los cubanos les gustan wannabe dictators.

  34. Avatar
    Titan and Tundra Jimenez-Urso

    Latinos for Trump!!!!
    Mesa, AZ!

  35. Avatar

    That's all the city of Detroit has are charter schools. Detroit public schools has been gone since the early 2000s

  36. Avatar

    When are we going to see a whites for trump?

  37. Avatar

    Trump rubbed off on Pence. This is most energy I've ever seen out of him. Especially during the debate.

  38. Avatar

    10/11/2020 215.000 deaths. 50% are Republicans. No leadership. Too busy with the reelection.

  39. Avatar

    PRESIDENT TRUMP/PENCE 2020, 2024 & 2028.

  40. Avatar

    Looks like maybe 10 people in that crowd 🙁

  41. Avatar

    Americans now know the Democratic and fake news medias are Owned by China! VOTE for our GREATEST President TRUMP to make America great again and for people around the world have freedom! TRUMP 2020💙💙💙

  42. Avatar

    Mexicans for Trump 👍

  43. Avatar

    The media, BLM, antifa, etc., support the Leftist/democrats & all of them want to start a new utopia. Americans, if you want to lose many Freedoms, go for it. Evidently, it's obvious that their record shows how deceitful & destructive, etc., they are & still many people support them. How can their values be supported, when their values are against God? The time will come when it will back fire & supporters will regret it!!! When America is no longer America, & other countries dominate you, don't COMPLAIN because you voted them in!!!!!! Thank you

  44. Avatar

    "Latino Americans" Get it??????????

  45. Avatar

    So the Judge he wants is a RADICAL Catholic who is against abortion and he has REGENERON which is made from cells from dead babies!!!!

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