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Pence Falsely Accuses Obama Admin Of Spying On 2016 Trump Campaign | NBC News

Vice President Pence repeated a claim that the Obama administration spied on the Trump campaign in 2016 that has been fact-checked as false.
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Pence Falsely Accuses Obama Admin Of Spying On 2016 Trump Campaign | NBC News

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  1. Avatar
    Dr. Richard Peter Johnson

    Media lies to you.

  2. Avatar

    Not false it's been proven

  3. Avatar
    Frances Van Siclen

    Harris looks to me like she is looking down on everyone !!!

  4. Avatar
    Yeshua Something

    Covid19 and Trump have alot in common both are a deadly virus threatening the whole world

  5. Avatar
    Yeshua Something

    Fly's are drawn to sh#t..guess even the fly knows pense is full of sh#t

  6. Avatar
    Yeshua Something

    So he never answered the question of him honoring the constitution and peaceful change if power!!

  7. Avatar

    Don’t you love it when someone lectures you on ethics & morals, while at the same time being married to one of the most corrupt Presidents in history?🤷🏽‍♀️

  8. Avatar

    More media lies

  9. Avatar

    That’s is not a false statement.

  10. Avatar

    This is a liar!

  11. Avatar

    Worse than Watergate

  12. Avatar

    A xian telling lies, big surprise there…….. this guy is the reason that Satanist can now distribute lit in public schools. Vote this evil man and his orange god out on Nov 3rd.

  13. Avatar

    Trump will shutdown the government again the poor will suffer for 4 more years

  14. Avatar
    Frances Van Siclen

    Harris is so arrogant and such a vile person! Can't stand her ! She is a user of the first order !!!! imo

  15. Avatar
    chris maduabuchi

    How did NBC come into conclusion that it is false Accusations? because the declassified news from CIA is about Obama, it becomes falsely accused. Why MSM is so evil this days, if the news is about Trump, you will give it a good headline without verification. This is why every sensible person should vote against the real enemies of America. We never forget news from anonymous source that Trump called military that died in the war “suckers and losers”. It was all over MSM within a second even though that almost 5 people in the meeting debunked the news. Shame on MSM

  16. Avatar

    We can all read the declassified info NBC fake news.

  17. Avatar

    Pence is a very evil man.

  18. Avatar

    falsely accused are you kidding me it's complete fact to publish anything otherwise is fake news and treason all will be held accountable remember that

  19. Avatar
    Frances Van Siclen

    Harris has a very superior attitude; she is an awful person !!!!!!

  20. Avatar
    Frances Van Siclen

    The democrats are desperate; they will do or say anything to win !

  21. Avatar

    Pence got it exactly right. No falsehoods spoken by Pence there. The facts are the Democrats cheated in the 2016 election and still lost!

  22. Avatar

    NBPravda is amusing…

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