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Pence Congratulates Harris On The 'Historic Nature' Of Her Nomination | NBC News

Vice President Mike Pence congratulated Sen. Kamala Harris on the “historic nature” of her nomination during the 2020 Vice Presidential Debate.
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Pence Congratulates Harris On The ‘Historic Nature’ Of Her Nomination | NBC News

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  1. Avatar

    The moderator let Pence get away withy talking over her – should have put it to him between the questions.

  2. Avatar

    on November 3rd America will be given a chance…
    a chance to vote for simple common sense…
    compassion, empathy…
    and basic human decency…

  3. Avatar

    Congratulations to Mike Pence for the haircut Mother gave him. The flies even loved it!🤩

  4. Avatar

    Everybody forgot about the EYE 👁 BACAUSE of the FLY !

  5. Avatar

    The fly was a welcomed distraction from his cold, dead eyes.

  6. Avatar

    The new Trumpshenko campaign slogan sweeping the nation: "He wouldn't protect the country. He wouldn’t even protect himself.”

  7. Avatar

    can’t focus on anything cuz of that massive fly on his head..😁😂

  8. Avatar

    The FLY made him be a nice person for 5 minutes 😝😷

  9. Avatar

    Fact check this, Harris Biden imprisoned more black men in the history of mankind, Biden and his son took China's money for personal gain while Americans lose their jobs, Clinton's DNC and Iran support the Biden campaign with US tax payers money that Obama gave iran, new FBI and DOJ docs released show beyond a doubt that Clinton and Obama spied on Trump's 2016 campaign
    Truth over fiction and 2 can play the game of never concede

  10. Avatar

    He is a lier and he doesn't care about that

  11. Avatar

    Kamala lied about fracking (both her and Biden are on tape), lied about taxes, lied about the Green New Deal (it’s on their website lol), didn’t answer the question about packing the court or late term abortion. Pence for the win!!!!!! 🏆🥇💯

  12. Avatar

    The fly on pence forehead is his only black friend

  13. Avatar

    oh no Bunker Boy going to put Pence in the dog house..

  14. Avatar

    Conservatives in pursuit of long-cherished policy goals can no longer avoid the reality that Trump is vandalizing the principles and integrity of our democracy.

  15. Avatar
    Brenda Booker Paislee Zuniga

    Woow woow 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  16. Avatar

    Enough is enough. Please get lost. I do not forgive Trump killed over 210, 000 American people so far, and also I do not forget Trump did not pay Federal Taxes.

  17. Avatar

    1994 crime bill hurt Hispanic and Black families – We are Hispanic and live is CA it’s a Mess – Kamala said tonight, she and Joe will get end Cash Bails; which means Crime Crime Crime. Kamala said tonight loyal to your friends which means she and Joe can be bought – be faithful to The American People. Vote Trump Pence 2020

  18. Avatar

    Oh no his brains flew away.

  19. Avatar

    Was waiting for Pence to cry out for mother.

  20. Avatar

    Pence one of his eyes is pink

  21. Avatar

    After he backpedal because he did not know how to answer the question he wanted to be rude to the narrator he should’ve just said let her go first is because I don’t know how to answer These questions

  22. Avatar
    Tiger Lotus Oniyuri

    Fly only land on poop 💩, garbage, and dead animals, which is refer to this rat 🐀tRump administration!!!

  23. Avatar
    Aaron Christoffersen


  24. Avatar

    Love you 💋💋😘😘❤️💯

  25. Avatar

    That's The Only Good Thing He Says In The Whole Debate Period.

  26. Avatar

    On The Voting🗳BALLOTS CANDIDATE “The FLY” 2020 ✅🇺🇸

  27. Avatar

    This was ugly. She's in over her head. She's not ready to be next in line if Biden bites it. Pence is an impressive speaker. He was very presidential. Much more presidential than Trump.

  28. Avatar

    Credit where credit is due. We all relied on the man who served many presidents from both parties: Dr. Anthony Fauci. President Trump sometimes agued but we all followed CDC, NIH and FDA guidelines. Fauc led the charge from day one, but it is the greatest failing of US healthcare in out history of once-greatness by not adopting any form early treatment the emergency and stunning loss of 44,000 in the first month. Fauci dismissed a treatment discovery that was 100% effective against 200 high risk COVID-19 patients, The protocol was given to him in mid-March when there were 3000 US deaths, (first four weeks of the pandemic hitting the US in NYC). In Fauci's words it was just "unproven" because no RTC's were done to prove it to Fauci's gold standard. Losing none of 200 high risk patients when NYC mortality was 15% to 25% was compelling enough for ten other countries that adopted it – "early" treatment". It is simply the combination of two meds with a large dose of zinc. The key was the earliest possible administration, given earlier than Dr. Fauci ever seemed to grasp: within 48 hours of symptom onset. Oddly the same parameter for Tamiflu…within 48 hours of symptom onset when the virus is vulnerable for 96 hours and has not yet replicated into millions. Fauci blew this one, and now over 200,000 Americans have paid withy their lives. We knew he would dodge responsibility and blame would land on President Trump. Nobody could be alive and awake and not understand we followed Dr Fauci's daily Task Force preaching up until recently. By ignoring an effective treatment discovered by March 21st, instead going for many, many expensive randomized trials that take 9 to 12 months for an answer. Many randomized trials to determine which treatments meet his gold standard, no matter losing 205,000 citizens is why so many are dead. We still have no outpatient treatment in NIH Guidelines despite then fact this medication combination s and has been here since March 21st. Trump promoted its use a "game-changer" but Fauci shut him down immediately. Fauci still testifies to discredit the protocol ever chance he gets. Falsified medical studies designed to put nails in the drug's coffin and clear the path for Remdesivir to be the only medication with FDA emergency use authorization.

  29. Avatar
    Gaetano Vindigni

    Be prepared and positive on election day, November 3rd, and during early voting:
    > review sample ballot
    > wear a mask;
    > be prepared to wait or vote during off-peak hours;
    > take food, hot drinks, and warm clothes.
    > go in numbers to vote;
    > bring required ID;
    > take videos of poll watchers without ID;
    > 911 for immediate police response;
    > report voter intimidation (1-866-OUR-VOTE or 1-888-VE-Y-VOTA (en Español));
    > you do not need to speak English to vote;
    > you do not have to take a test to vote;
    > you can request a 'provisional ballot' if you do not have an ID;
    > you must be allowed to vote if you are on line before polls close;

  30. Avatar

    Look at pence eyes, I think he's reptilian

  31. Avatar

    The Lord Of The Flies.

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