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Pence: Americans 'deserve an answer' on Hunter Biden scandal

Vice president speaks out during exclusive ‘Hannity’ interview.

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  1. Avatar

    Biden and his family are corruption that is a serious and big thing to impact American value and American future. How can people choose a corruption person being American president? Voting for Biden is no common sense and will damage USA.

  2. Avatar

    Great speech from Pence

  3. Avatar

    who keeps relationship with dead brother wife?
    ans- hunter biden

  4. Avatar

    Trump just needs to keep showing clips of Biden fondling kids and women and sniffing their hair on camera, imagine what happens when they are turned off.

  5. Avatar

    Ok jeg kommer med et

  6. Avatar

    the vice president of Ugly America! Again~! 4 more hell years again! childish America~ again !

  7. Avatar

    Joe Biden still taking is medication but enjoys a nice day out from his nursing home.

  8. Avatar

    WOW, BATMAN just endorsed BIDEN! He also said PENCE is a LYING EVANGELICAL HYPOCRITE! DANG SON! It's getting steaming hot with mentioning what RUDY G. Got caught on film with a 15 year old? 😬😬😬😬😬

  9. Avatar

    Donald Trump and Joe Biden will disappear under mysterious circumstances. Everybody cries and shudders and nobody will dare step up to the plate but Andrew Yang. He is our new president. We all get UBI and we quarantine for a month or two til cases are gone while receiving the freedom dividend and maybe extra funds. We get out and cheer and laugh and we look and SUDDENLY A giant cake is presented. Out bursts Donald Trump and Joe Biden holding a $1000 bill with Yangs face on the bill. We proceed to hold hands and dance as we look forward to the next day and wonder about all the possibilities our future can hold. We appreciate that everyone enriches from this process. The businesses receive extremely higher profits and the people have more money. It’s not enough to live off of but enough to get your essentials taken care of. It’s paid for by taxing non essential goods and stock trades. Anyways. The End.

  10. Avatar

    The Biden's need to be taken to court

  11. Avatar

    Ah…I didnt know Hunter was running for.president.

  12. Avatar

    Criminals deserve to be prison- not in Politics!
    Trump 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  13. Avatar

    Yes we do, how can Biden even get top secret clearance when he is so tied in with our enemy China?!

  14. Avatar

    Thank you , Mike Pence, nobody’s come out and actually said this except Giuliani…. we need to know what is going on with the laptop since it is authentic nobody said it wasn’t, even hunters lawyer asked for it back

  15. Avatar

    Vice President gets more people at a rally than Biden gets. Even Obama's Trump Bashing Drive In Rally didn't get many people. Obama is a has been who did nothing.

  16. Avatar


  17. Avatar

    Hannity and Vice President Pence two great American Patriots

  18. Avatar

    Either one of President Trump or Vice President Pence would be a better president than joekam. We are good to go!

  19. Avatar

    Pennsylvania for Trump 🇺🇸🤙🏼

  20. Avatar
    Le Chiffré Habsburg-Lorraine

    Zero coverage from lame stream media!!

  21. Avatar

    Biden h and Big guy deserve jail….

  22. Avatar

    You guys are going to get another 4yrs and in that time you will have to deal to Biden, clinton, Obama and co once and for all

  23. Avatar
    _Tony_ Verrazano_

    Trump Pence 2020 🇺🇸

  24. Avatar

    We already know the answers we just want. Justice.

  25. Avatar

    This Biden thing is bigger then anyone can imagine. Even FBI are in on it and the media will not cover it.

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