Home / News / Pelosi to discuss 25th Amendment amid concerns over Trump's COVID diagnosis

Pelosi to discuss 25th Amendment amid concerns over Trump's COVID diagnosis

Speaker Pelosi holds weekly press conference.

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  1. Avatar

    The more she talks, the more she makes all Democrats look stupid!

  2. Avatar

    What Pelosi keeps saying is, bottoms up!

  3. Avatar

    All the schools everywhere is open but in California shut up with that

  4. Avatar

    Great speech Nancy, now I will vote straight Republican. All that whining and crying is annoying.

  5. Avatar

    Monster Pelosi lie lie lie and lie typical demonratic-communazy party head.

  6. Avatar

    Saviour communist idealism and negotiations for yourself we don't want to hear it you don't want it you want all the power and that's all you care about so get over it and then he retired

  7. Avatar

    Those thugs, causing a riot in Oregon, the thugs who wanted to attack the Michigan governor, extremes from the left, Fox News cronies???

  8. Avatar
    Question4 4Question

    What a bunch of liars and by the way, we’ll just ignore the fact that P*losi was at the hair dresser without a mask at all.

  9. Avatar

    Pelosi you’re a idiot you need to be checked out you are a hater you should be kicked out of office .

  10. Avatar
    Dr Rex R.R Mangiaracina

    Hypocrite wears a Mask for TV but not in hair shop… Real bxitch

  11. Avatar

    Hypocrites!!! Fox News talks with lunatics and crooks, MSNBC, CNN etc. talk with top people; scientists, ex-CIA and -FBI, top people in other fields. The whole world outside of America is more than 90% against Trump!!!

  12. Avatar

    Look at this but……… girl bye. Pandering………

  13. Avatar

    Nancy is a disgrace she ought to step down

  14. Avatar

    desquiciada perfecta..fuera!!!!!del congreso.!

  15. Avatar
    Diana Ayala-Wiese

    Instilling fear , power & control over Americans using a virus! Shame on you Pelosi! Open up Democrat states if so concerned about peoples welfare!!!

  16. Avatar

    Shut the —- up

  17. Avatar

    Crazy Nancy, the Democrat party, and the main stream news are so worried Trump is going to get reelected. They have stepped up their game to a new level. Why would they be going through all this trouble if Biden is a head of Trump 16 to 20 points? We the patriots know they are complete liars, and cheaters. They tried this in 2016 and it did not work. And guess what? We are going to win even BIGGER THIS TIME. People stick together this is communize propaganda, to divide us and demoralize us. We are winning big. We will win by a land slide.

  18. Avatar

    Good morning, Sunday Morning ( crazy Pelosi ) HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

  19. Avatar

    The harder the dems try . the deeper the hole thay dig for them SEALFS .
    Soon the prisions will be filled with them ..rating each other out . it's gunna be GOOD to watch ..

  20. Avatar

    Biden is completely senile but just because Trump had covid now he's not fit to be president If you can't see that they plainly just hate trump you have to be blind Are they going to pull Biden from running for president I don't think so Oh yea Pelosi is completely out of her mind so they should use some other number amendment to get rid of her

  21. Avatar

    Betox Nancy, Any Weapon formed against Trump, will not Prosper. Let me say this again, Any Weapon formed against Trump, will not Prosper. God Bless and Protect Trump against these Evildoers.

  22. Avatar
    Cristina Magalhaes Dugan

    Pleaaase!!! Have mercy on my ears🤯

  23. Avatar

    People of color??

  24. Avatar
    Fantahun Beerarra Beryihun

    Why should Pelzosi raise the 25th amendment? If Trump is not able to govern, Pence is there. She comes after him. Is she crazy or power hungry?

  25. Avatar

    Hair Salon Pelosi and Sleepy Joe are going to get TrumPED with the second round of stimulus checks! 👍🧐🤭🤣👏
    "Justice For The McCloskey's NOW!"

  26. Avatar

    She is an idiot!

  27. Avatar

    the hell is she talking about?!

  28. Avatar

    Crazy old Nancy🐮

  29. Avatar
    Tinamarie Vosberg

    None of us believe you guys at all!

  30. Avatar

    Once again slinging a lot of crap around. You’ve held things up by wanting a plan with all kinds of surplus funds for garbage!!

  31. Avatar

    ridiculous. Less than 30 days to election. OCD. For 3 years you've been wrong. A rant tantrum. Faith in who? You make people see red!

  32. Avatar

    Ice cream has frozen your brains polosi!

  33. Avatar

    Oh! Please !!!! Pelossi shut up and go home !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Avatar

    You should know about sanitation Nancy just like in your district and state shut up Nancy

  35. Avatar

    Take the matching mask off foo! Haha!

  36. Avatar

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  37. Avatar

    Blah, blah, blah!!!!!!!

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