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Pelosi slams Trump's response to civil unrest following Floyd's death

Speaker Nancy Pelosi brandished her own bible on Tuesday to chastise President Donald Trump for having protesters ‘beaten’ so he could hold a photo-op in front of St. John’s church. The speaker held up her bible, in a counter to President Trump brandishing a bible on Monday afternoon, to read from Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8, focusing on its message of a ‘time to heal.’ ‘Let’s focus from time to time to heal,’ she said during an event in the U.S. Capitol. ‘We have had as the role of President of the United States, role of commander of chief, a person who has a responsibility to heal.’

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    The senile old wicked witch of scat franshitco is at it again. Why doesn't this wicked witch crawl back up the anus she came from?

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    Kevan Valentine-platt

    She doesn't give a crap about the violence she's happy about it and probably even funded antifa with bricks

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    Richard Garratt

    shes a power crazy psychopath

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    Cristian Bazgan

    And…back in the cript!

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    Nancy's hitting the bottle again.

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    Daniel Houston

    You look unwell, hope you're ok.

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