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Pelosi Says She Thinks Biden Will Win, Speaks About Covid-19 Stimulus Deal | NBC News NOW

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., told reporters that she believes Joe Biden will win the presidency and spoke about what needs to be done to pass a Covid-19 relief bill.
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Pelosi Says She Thinks Biden Will Win, Speaks About Covid-19 Stimulus Deal | NBC News NOW

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  1. Avatar

    Vote for Biden make China great again

  2. Avatar

    Negative Nancy!! You need to be ousted out. You care nothing about the American people.

  3. Avatar
    국민불복종 선언릴레이 1호

    Watch South Korea's Moon Biden sell his country! If you vote for Biden, you'll regret it 100 percent. South Korea is becoming a tributary to China. South Koreans are shedding tears of blood.

  4. Avatar

    She is about herself she is so out of touch with we the people

  5. Avatar
    Supreme Overrider

    When Trump had COVID: Nancy *wishes her best to the Trump family*…

    Hypothetical scenario – Nancy gets COVID. Trump: when will the witch die already?

  6. Avatar
    Stone Angel Technologies

    Consumer-Driven, Capitalist Tools are the Cause of the Environmental Extremes, the Destruction of Thousands of species, their ecosystems & the Decimation of the Human species itself! They are byproducts of the Capitalist system, now being programmed as early as 3 yrs old! No longer Human, they become, Soft, Selfish, Self-centered, Anti-Social, Hateful, Unempathetic, Coldhearted CONSUMERS!

    Covid-19 hasn't caused any destruction, the Fascist Capitalist Covid-19 policies have! The policies Dictated to World Governments & their Minions, by the Executives of Trillion & Billion-dollar Multinational Corporations!!! 😈🔗🤑

  7. Avatar

    Hey you old lady don’t worry who will win or lose send our check we are dying

  8. Avatar

    We cannot wait until Jan 20 for a covid bill.

  9. Avatar

    Trump is going to lose biglee…

  10. Avatar

    We need to tell all the politicians in Washington DC whether you're Democrat or Republican that doesn't matter at this point what matters is the American people the ones that are losing their businesses the ones that have lost their jobs the ones that are about to lose their homes kicked out of their apartments can't buy groceries have lost loved ones because of the virus ones that have got the virus in a struggle we need help as American citizens of the United States we don't need the Republicans and the Democrats fighting and doing nothing America is not doing very well wake up Democrats and Republicans America needs help if you're not going to help us you should not stay in office you should be voted out.

  11. Avatar

    You don't have to be with me the longest five days ever something else don't mind me really really

  12. Avatar


  13. Avatar

    Good Lord let's work as a TEAM..People…I love you all.

  14. Avatar

    Set the crackpipe down crazy Nancy!

  15. Avatar

    After election we will get lockdown like Germany and France

  16. Avatar

    It's not Biden who win.
    It's those great american people.
    Those who dump the Trump.

  17. Avatar

    Since the hearing on social media censoring they, the social media, have doubled down on their efforts like I've never seen and experienced before. Just questioning about finding the facts and truths regarding our democracy and it's upcoming presidential election are being stifled at an unopposed level. The shear smothering of the quest for facts and answers by these giants must be reigned in. Regardless of what the facts and answers are or may be, the idea of not being able to just ask or raise questions belongs in a communist or fascist state. The last time I checked, we all live in the United States of America and all have GUARANTEED Constitutional rights. My Constitutional rights are being violated by social media. Where are my protections under our law?🇺🇲

  18. Avatar

    God I pray you are wrong! We do not need BIDEN! Yuk!

  19. Avatar

    Whatever…the, uh…arbitrary… uh…'vote' says..on election day…

  20. Avatar


  21. Avatar

    Hopefully democrats take the seat back in november 3rd Biden Harris 2020.

  22. Avatar

    #Vote for #TRUMP2020 and save this Country from the far left who want to DEFUND THE POLICE IN THIS COUNTRY. #MAGA2020..👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  23. Avatar



  24. Avatar

    Here proof joe Biden and the Democrats are the enemy of America. Please watch

  25. Avatar

    Thank you Speaker Pelosi! We love you.

  26. Avatar

    Simple: Vote Trump if your income increased during Trump administration. If Biden elected, you will plunge into Obama depressive era of income erosion. Decision is yours….

  27. Avatar

    Send my stimulus check, Pelosi ! I am voting Dems out !

  28. Avatar

    Not going to happen, Nancy. You need to retire, she's a hater…caused death she says. Democrats are awful if they agree with her.
    Need to be with people who want to do better be better and be positive. 45 % ish. will be very angry soon. That's 130 million people, will we still be United ?

  29. Avatar

    Pelosi has $24,000 refrigerator filled with expensive ice cream.

  30. Avatar

    Pelosi and the Democrats care nothing about the average working class citizens in America. They have long been selling out American jobs to China to fatten their own bank accounts and that’s why they dare not speak against the Chinese government in any manners. They won’t let anything come in between them and the Chinese bankrolls they have been enjoying for decades.

  31. Avatar

    Nancy, let's go to Chinatown in San Francisco and forget this COVID.

  32. Avatar

    I think Miss Nancy Pelosi spoke the truth Joe Biden will win so all people could come together Trump is a joke people out here stalls and can't pay the rent in love and he won't let the stimulus checks come out to help the American people that just goes to show you how I Trump is

  33. Avatar

    Haaa! Haaa! Haaa! She's a NUT case…..

  34. Avatar

    Reality of life is YOU not sending the Stimulus checks at minimum 😥😥 Your bitter and petty. TRUMP will win

  35. Avatar

    Hey Everyone..Nancy said to come to her house for Ice Cream!!!!

  36. Avatar

    Pelosi, it’s time for you to step down. There are more and more homeless people in CA. May God save your soul.

  37. Avatar

    They desperately need Biden to keep covering for their misdeeds. How else will they keep getting rich on our $?

  38. Avatar

    Pelosi doesn't care

  39. Avatar


  40. Avatar

    My wife and I are both long term San Francisco registered Democrats who are both turning red for Trump.

  41. Avatar

    🇺🇸USS Battle Axe Nancy Pelosi aka Sea Hagg👻

  42. Avatar

    Keep voting keep going! Don’t post any ballots now drop them off or vote in person ✅🗳🌊

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