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Pelosi defends ripping Trump's State of the Union address

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi defended her decision to rip up President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address earlier this month during an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour.

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  1. Avatar

    It's so wonderful to see VP Mike Pence clapping his hands in approval to Nancy Pelosi tearing up Trump's fake speech.

  2. Avatar

    seriously? we provide foreign aid to western european counties? wtf? i’m sure that’s not true. but if it is, yes, let’s cut that out shit now.

  3. Avatar

    Nancy Pelosi Quixote. Nancy Pelosi is missing screws. Can any body help Nancy Pelosi to find them.

  4. Avatar

    Her tearing it up was all theatre…they are friends…and approve almost everything T presents. All acting while being filmed live.

  5. Avatar

    Nancy Pelosi is going to be 80 yrs old. That's why Nancy Pelosi is missing screws.

  6. Avatar

    Pelosi >"We have 275 bills waiting on Mitch McConnell's desk"…yes and trump and Republicans keep saying "the do nothing Democrats"…cracks me up whenever trump tweets this or says it out loud…I want to say "hey trump it's the "do nothing Republicans in the senate" who are NOT legislating or doing much of anything..instead..they are letting you do it all"..

  7. Avatar

    Defending that she threw a tantrum. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. Avatar

    The Germans are still hated by all Europeans.

  9. Avatar

    Can he change his name on utube like in sentences…

  10. Avatar

    Why do all politicians look the same? Wrinkles, stupid haircut,

  11. Avatar

    Did u ever heard that before from singer 👩‍🎤 swift lol 😂

  12. Avatar

    Look at her fucking lying face. What a bitch, can lie with a straight face , oh well that's what cnn does everyday anyway

  13. Avatar

    and we the american people defend pelosi…

  14. Avatar

    First they kill them then make stories u know movie’s type or tv shows

  15. Avatar

    Can you just admit it Nancy? you clearly want to slurp Trump, Trump turns you on and its soooo obvious. Just ask to give him head under the oval desk. You could be his Lewinsky.

  16. Avatar

    Pelosi is a DERANGED NUT CASE and should be expelled from the Congress….

  17. Avatar

    TRUMP 2020 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  18. Avatar

    Same number attached like nigga’s have gun I play game smarting like government politics

  19. Avatar

    If we’re going to let a bat shit crazy drunkard who’s always saying random shit be Speaker of the House…can we at least just give the Job to Ron White?

  20. Avatar

    Thanks Nancy, your actions have secured Trump's win in 2020

  21. Avatar

    I love coming to check the CNN comments and seeing people having melt downs Trump's your daddy

  22. Avatar

    She has a lot of hate. His actions don't warrant her actions! He's still the elected President of the United States. She should have taken the high road.

  23. Avatar

    apparently the boss of the White House syndicate's response to the cost of prescription drugs in the US is that everywhere else in the world is not paying enough for prescription drugs…

  24. Avatar

    Energy conservation, they were gonna be shredded by machine anyway.

  25. Avatar

    She is freakin awesome! Her sarcasm cracks me up. Trump met his match. She throws his insults, bullying & sarcasm right back at his mug.

  26. Avatar

    The best President ever 4 more years of Mr.Trump economy is very good jobs stock market high like never the American people love ❤️ this President is the only one who keeps his promises!

  27. Avatar

    Hahaha i had a long car ride this morning and was switching to many political channels right and left today. I happened upon Urban view…so many callers were New Yorkers… Democrats not happy with their party right now. And it’s ironic most DO NOT support Bloomberg. At least they are smart enough to know trying to buy ones way into the debates isn’t right…but then many support Bernie…so the intelligence ends there.

  28. Avatar

    When will Trump die? Does anybody know? Greetz from Switzerland Second 🇨🇭

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