Home / News / Pelosi calls Trump 'authentically a bully' during debate

Pelosi calls Trump 'authentically a bully' during debate

Speaker Pelosi is expected to hold her weekly press briefing.

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  1. Avatar

    Well she should have a heart attack

  2. Avatar

    America she said it herself we won by saying Healthcare Healthcare look what the f*** they did with Healthcare individual mandate these Democrats been in office for years making millions the seating of America deceiving minorities because they're ignorant we wouldn't have health care if we had the right education on self but the conglomerates wouldn't have that I've been healed of leukemia by a natural doctor cost me less than $3,000 and that was because I had to buy my own food and herbs over a two-year. $3,000 what you got to pay all this money for chemotherapy and all these damaging things I'm cured from leukemia America

  3. Avatar
    darren stienbarger

    Talking about tax breaks for the wealthy. What about all that money you have what are you doing. are you going to give it to the people. How many people's income could you supplement with a Year's worth of your wages . I'd like some of that ice cream

  4. Avatar
    Angry Garden Gnome

    I'd rather be led by a 'bully' than a senile stick thin weakling.

  5. Avatar

    Focus less on giving, giving away money to people who may not even need it. GET PEOPLE BACK TO THEIR JOBS AND THEIR BUSINESSES!!!

  6. Avatar

    Stupid is as stupid does. She can’t even form thoughts. Speaker? She can’t even talk intelligently

  7. Avatar

    Says the woman who rips up a presidential speech because she says she disagrees with it. Says a woman who says come on down to Chinatown in March and proceeds to bully trump for not acting quick enough on corona. Says a woman just reprimanded for making character assasinations on the Congress floor. Don’t care which side of the aisle you’re on, if you don’t see her dangerous hypocrisy, you’re part of the problem.

  8. Avatar

    Shut up and go eat some ice cream.

  9. Avatar

    What a liar!!!!

  10. Avatar

    This woman is crazy

  11. Avatar

    WHAT OUTRIGHT LIES How dare she make up lies about what President Trump says and does. She is evil!

  12. Avatar

    Smoke and mirrors DON'T WORK ANY MORE but hey you keep trying its funny to watch 😍

  13. Avatar
    William Mccaskill

    Nancy…. Enough. Nothing you do matters, at all.

  14. Avatar

    And your gone next Pelosi we are gonna get rid of you after we get rid of your nephew newsom

  15. Avatar

    Wow still not able to come to the truth 😕

  16. Avatar

    I can't even stand to watch her talk!!!

  17. Avatar
    Valana Kezhaya-Yiannios

    Pelosi is nauseating

  18. Avatar

    I hope you are voted out of office and then l hope you are officially convited of all your crimes and send a long time in prison. Your a worthless human being that should pay.

  19. Avatar

    Nancy well said..🤲

  20. Avatar

    Nancy Pelosi herself is a nasty piece of work, a horrible woman.

  21. Avatar

    Crazy COW Pelus eeee

  22. Avatar

    I agree even little guys should get a chance in becoming the next bank. And good for the big pharmaceuticals, share the wealth a bit

  23. Avatar

    Enable people, don’t drag them down with your ideas.

  24. Avatar

    Look it Pelosi, your evil, your a witch, stop trying to undermine our president. Every dog has it's day and yours is coming very shortly!

  25. Avatar

    Se needs Electric Shock Therapy daily and maybe she will stop lying!

  26. Avatar

    How dare this Witch display the American Flag on her Lapel. There is nothing American about her. She hates the American People and our country. SHe needs to be charge with Treason and Sedition and without due process or even a trial, just executed!

  27. Avatar

    Nancy hates USA……… 0:56 she almost broke…

  28. Avatar

    You, Mrs. Pelosi are one of the wealthiest Americans in your country. You do not care about those FAR less fortunate as you. Why do you lie so easily? Oh, I know…you really only want to protect you and "yours". For shame! Be truthful, if you actually know what that means! A Canadian opinion.

  29. Avatar

    Pelosi authentically evil. I think you need another maskless haircut.

  30. Avatar

    Pelusi talk about respect, Where is her respect for Americans in need of PPC

  31. Avatar

    She is crazy. Who believes anything she says?

  32. Avatar

    This woman is so evil.

  33. Avatar
    Lake Superior girl17

    MS Nancy is a criminal and a bully slurring her wirds

  34. Avatar

    No Money for Anybody…House Drinker won't rest until San Francisco is Renamed NEW BALTIMORE.

  35. Avatar

    Hey Nancy, what happened–no more hairdressers to blame?! You're really rockin' that whole Morticia Zombie look, poopsie-poo!

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