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Pavel Florin: cricket's newest hero in action

Pavel Florin, a professional bodyguard by day and player-president of Romania’s Cluj cricket club in his spare time, became an overnight sensation after a video emerged of him bowling against French club Dreux in the European Cricket League, a tournament held at La Manga in Spain. The 40-year-old allrounder, who took up the game at the age of 32, bowled a single over at a cost of 13 runs. ‘Maybe someone says my bowling is not beautiful or not effective, but I don’t care, because I love cricket,’ Florin said. Shane Warne and the England pace bowler Jofra Archer were among the current and former professionals who offered encouragement and support for Florin after watching his efforts
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    Listen to the latest episode of the Guardian’s cricket podcast –

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    "I Love Cricket " that is enough❤

  3. Avatar

    More power to you man ✌❤

  4. Avatar
    Muhammed Humayun

    Sir it is very beautiful

  5. Avatar
    Captain jack's Living

    Lol I can hit Atlest 4 sixes in his single over for sure….maybe 6 sixes who knows

  6. Avatar
    Muhammad Haashir

    EA sports😁

  7. Avatar

    Wait… 147 from 8 overs..!!

  8. Avatar
    Anonymously Yours

    Well I wonder how practically useless non motivated time wasting keyboard warriors gather the audacity to make fun of some one who is trying to do something he is not very fond of and is very new to, but he is determined out of his chair is fit and playing the sports which his body isn't accustomed to! He is way better than most of these useless keyboard warriors making fun of him

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    I'm a big fan of you bro

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    My guy is playing 1 st class cricket for fun.
    Mad respect

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    I think he could pose a few problems for England's top order batsmen.

  12. Avatar

    He is the best bowler in modern cricket

  13. Avatar

    I love his honesty😃

  14. Avatar

    I live in Cluj and I didn't know we have a cricket club. This sport is almost inexistent in Romania. If he loves cricket than go for it. Just play and have fun.

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    this guy is great

  16. Avatar

    He still has the best bowling figures in that team.

  17. Avatar

    Love the guy. He's inspiring ,giving it a go and enjoying it ,being unapologetic about it . If he sticks at it he'll improve. We could all learn a lesson from Pav the fab !

  18. Avatar

    Kon kon Uc news par dekh kar aa ya

  19. Avatar
    18BME118 Ps saran

    Keep it up brother..you are a inspiration to many..keep trying bro …one day cricket will pay you😍 and also thank you for selecting cricket as your game eventhough you are from non cricket playing country…love u soo much

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    Watch my latest video for an explanation of the European Cricket League!

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    He is hero in stick cricket live game.

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    There is nothing more scarier than getting out to him. Hence, I would hold my horses ..

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