Partygate fines 'a matter for individuals' says minister

by News Update

Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis says “it is a matter for individuals” to reveal if they’ve been fined over the Partygate scandal.

On the cost of living crisis, Mr Lewis acknowledged that people were going through a “difficult period” and that “we must recognise that.”

He also said that a Labour Party proposal for a windfall tax on energy companies “doesn’t really work and doesn’t answer the problems.”

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hksolo April 2, 2022 - 7:05 PM

Should charge them 100x more as they are lawmakers

proskipper1 April 2, 2022 - 7:06 PM

Bolloxs ! If I broke the law and got fined it would be public record – why does the Govt feel they a different.

Anthony Grayson April 2, 2022 - 7:08 PM

Hopeless; windfall tax, scrapping thr NI increase, increasing other benefits, capping fule duty increases, clamping down of fraud, reversing the costly brexit…the list goes on and on!

Chris Murphy April 2, 2022 - 7:14 PM

This from the local Eastern Daily Press about Brandon Lewis ,yes the minister who was willing to break international law, And didn't bother to update fire regulations when Housing minister including Grenfell. Also the levels are lower in jobs the ONS have pulled them for this lie 9 times as PM admitted in select committee this week , here's what the Eastern Daily Press had to say ,
Brandon Kenneth Lewis, 50, has no ties to Russia.

He grew up in Romford, went to university in Buckinghamshire, and qualified as a barrister in London. He is now the MP for Great Yarmouth. He has a house in Essex and he works in Westminster where he currently has responsibility for the Northern Ireland Office.

So why has he received close to £50,000 from Russian emigres or their companies – people and companies who have no connection to Great Yarmouth?

He will not say.

ADAM B April 2, 2022 - 7:29 PM

‘ Individuals’ who work for the people owe it to their bosses to resign
It’s time for modern eco socialism

Diana Mincher April 2, 2022 - 7:39 PM

Bullshit! the 20 convicted felon government employees have a duty of care together with their leader to reveal the full details of their convictons. Couzens who is Sarah Everarde's murderer did not revel his name but his name was revealed in the interests of justice, faireness and accountability in a democracy! There is no legal basis for witholding the names of the 20 convicted government employees other than to coverup for the lying and deceitful Boris Johnson and his involvement.

Eight Zero's April 2, 2022 - 7:41 PM

What about Pizza Gate?

Roy Clarke April 2, 2022 - 7:43 PM

When he reduced diesel by 5 p I saw an 8 pence rise the next day so that did no good

Stewart Allan April 2, 2022 - 7:48 PM

What a lieing tory clown 🤡

Brussels Sprouts April 2, 2022 - 7:55 PM

Couldn't Dido be asked to return some of £30Bn quid she helped spirit away to help out? Where the F is she anyway?

femazik April 2, 2022 - 8:03 PM

I just hope that tories will be judged by people accordingly during next voting…

femazik April 2, 2022 - 8:09 PM

even if boris will be fined, he will go "I did not know those were fines" 🤣

susan santapola April 2, 2022 - 8:36 PM

This is a very serious and should not be swept under the carpet the MPs / ministers fined should be named and shamed. Appalling behaviour from the government. Lewis repeating the lie over G7 UK is second from the bottom. Get this corrupt cabal out.

Rooksfoot 1 April 2, 2022 - 8:39 PM

Torys Partied together.. while patients died alone

susan santapola April 2, 2022 - 8:42 PM

This is a very serious and should not be swept under the carpet the MPs / ministers fined should be named and shamed. Appalling behaviour from the government. Lewis repeating the lie over G7 UK is second from the bottom. Get this corrupt cabal out.

Iamsexy Andiknow April 2, 2022 - 9:22 PM

Next life I want to be a politician, so I can be a liar, get a pay rise when my constituents go hungry and have no accountability for the laws that will come from my cabinet.

Bad Lieutenant April 2, 2022 - 9:47 PM

Now investigate Sir Keir Smarmy and Pint-Gate

peterah7957 April 2, 2022 - 9:50 PM

This shouldn't be left to the ministerial code, it should be an automatic sacking

Roxanne Brooks April 2, 2022 - 10:20 PM

Only when its helping them at the top needing help! Xx

Richard Extall April 2, 2022 - 10:59 PM
Jack Walker April 2, 2022 - 11:39 PM

When fines occur in a person private life yes , when they occur in a government building or a building funded by the public , then fines should be made public

Makalulu April 3, 2022 - 12:47 AM

May elections going to be the beginning of the end of a conservative era.

Richard-Anthony Gilbey April 3, 2022 - 1:28 AM

Somebody hosepipe the British down before Italia return to bushwhacked them

Mohamed Shivji April 3, 2022 - 2:54 AM

But Boris was left out for good behavior towards the Ukraines

Gab Jon April 3, 2022 - 3:03 AM

Honestly guys the PM himself was badly affected by COVID. He did a good job under difficult time. The pressure of the nation's health was heavy on him so he needed to get together with the team to let off the pressure. It's unfair to say that they were parting as such. Nobody enjoyed the day and they were thinking hard on the way forward. Let's support them.

Catharine Carrington April 3, 2022 - 11:55 AM

probably asked permissions truly published sue Gray impact loverly every body under stand again cannot trusted angry broke trusted angry broke law government prime MiNiSTER don't claim between care British people lead country university credit fed UP con job wrong man KEEP place dish guidance writing coviid running current entire country Fed UP Boris Johnson trust word .ensure touch true information inviting facts unfortunately uncommon long lockdown loss of faith guys listen NHS telling registered prime MiNiSTER Boris 8th December laid.upsets morning hurt British people loved one anytime CARE dishonest problems underhand upper half from Catharine Marie Susan Carrington

Michael Coward April 5, 2022 - 10:50 AM

This goes some way to explain why the Tories did nothing useful to help Ukraine…they love Russia and the concequence free atmosphere it has for it's Oligarchs and they want something similar for themselves!