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Parliamentary budget officer calls Canada's deficit “unsustainable”

The federal government is hinting at ambitious spending plans in its throne speech later this month. But as Mike Le Couteur reports, parliamentary budget officer Yves Giroux warns Canada’s growing deficit is unsustainable, unless the purse strings are tightened.


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  1. Avatar

    Defund state-run media.
    It's only 1.2 billion, but it's a start.

  2. Avatar

    The "Trudeau plan" borrow and spend so much money that we will never be able to pay it back and let the next 2 or 3 generations deal with the consequences and while he is at it he will give all his Liberal buddies handouts when disabled people barely get anything to live on and Seniors are dying at astronomical rates.

  3. Avatar

    Fear not, the new Minister of Everything Plus the Piggy Bank and Trough of Canada has a plan!

    Orange Man Bad…

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    Buy gold and silver and hold on for dear life

  5. Avatar

    'Proroguing parliament' = Creating a dictatorship. It's time to Wexit! Wildrose Independence Party all the way!!

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    wealth tax?

    just tax the multinational companies more.

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    Woow woow 😍💋 💝💖❤️

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    We know what side he’s on .

  9. Avatar

    No kidding. Nice of you to finally start reporting on it instead of covering for your masters in Ottawa

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    Another Archimedes

    How about de-regulate certain industries and half the taxes..turn Certain provinces into trade free zones with Duty free zones…open Alberta back to its former glory…allow more competition for mobile carriers…more start up incubators…last thing you want now is to dry up everything with more taxes…

  11. Avatar

    Maybe he should tell black face this ?

  12. Avatar

    Could common sense actually come out from the Parliamentary budget office? Common sense Canadians know that Liberal deficits
    are unsustainable. A $1.2 trillion debt robs every Canadian for generations.
    Mr Trudeau: Stop it with your silly Liberal Green Schemes and vanity projects!

  13. Avatar

    Blackface Trudeau

  14. Avatar

    Let the ones that voted Trudeau in pay for the budget. Where are they now??

  15. Avatar

    Part of The Great Reset. Go to the World Economic Forum YT channel – it’s all there.

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    Trudeau dropped his pants, bent over and spread his cheeks to whoever wanted a piece of this country.

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    We are screwed, and paid media helped it happen the last 5 years.

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    not fooled i know the truth

    Covid death is only 1/100 of one percent according to Center for Disease Control. Their definition of pandemic is 1-3%.
    Covid is not a pandemic, it is no dif than death from common flus.
    Do the math…1500 deaths out of 37 million.
    CDC reports only 6% of deaths with covid were actually from covid
    Globalist agenda is behind this, deceit to achieve it.
    Abortion killed 240 thousand in 2019,
    do the math and ask who cares to shut clinics down,
    but they shut churches and economy down.
    Watch…his bold plan will be NWO directed….trudeau is a globalist, deceiving you….

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    Trudeau will kill Canada if given the chance!

  20. Avatar

    One of the few good shows Global has done in a long while.

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    Thank u our beloved black faced JT.. You destroyed Canada! Your party is over! Step down!!

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    OMG! This is Canadians worse fear, The Liberals spending

  23. Avatar

    Police report is right!

  24. Avatar

    I'm getting really anxious

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