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I’m looking for the owner

I’m looking for the owner

I’m looking for the owner

I’m looking for the owner

I’m looking for the owner

I’m looking for the owner

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  1. Avatar

    Ok what if a person who parked beside you parked in the middle of the line and u had no choice but to park beside it and then to find out layer he left and you look like you park ij the middle of the lane and endijg up the bad person? People should not take action for themselves u never know what reason they had. Or maybe him and his gf were arguing so he had to leave the car quickly to chase his gf that he love so much. Get it people? Let authority handle this not you it makes you look like a person with anger management problem.

  2. Avatar

    1:28 that can cause serious actual damage

  3. Avatar

    7:18 both these assholes parked fkd up

  4. Avatar

    Good video but thumbs down for the click bait

  5. Avatar

    I can't say that I have towed a car before but I paid a tow truck driver to pull someone's car out of my appartments individual garage , I accidently left it open when I went grocery shopping and she parked in it because she could not find a parking spot. . Nor would she move it when asked because she had just been at the welfare office all day and she would move when she damn well pleased .I had car towed pulled in my truck CLOSED my garage door she got arrested for breaking and entering and cost her 350 dollars a day impound fee . this all happens on a Wednesday she had her bond hearing on a Friday late afternoon and it was a three day weekend . CHARMA IS MY FRIEND.

  6. Avatar

    What was the music in the beginning of the video please =]

  7. Avatar

    Did he just scratch the other car

  8. Avatar

    What the fish is he on,is he going to secure it?

  9. Avatar

    That black car at 8:36 is your typical Minnesota LIBERAL MORON.

  10. Avatar

    Wish we has tow trucks like that here!

  11. Avatar

    I don’t get what these people are thinking. What gives you the right to vandalise other peoples property. There’s other ways of dealing with things. Not sticking stickers on cars. Grow up

  12. Avatar

    2:08 is pissing me off just looking at it. I wished like hell the owner walked up and shot his dumb ass. There was NO NEED for that.

  13. Avatar

    The motorcycle Kant going to stop anyone you can just push it over

  14. Avatar

    You fucking wasted 12 min of my life! 🖕

  15. Avatar

    Guy at the end… all you did was make yourself look like an ass…

  16. Avatar

    That girl would have grabbed my water bottle and I would have snatched her ass bald…😒 she would have had a big ass sticker on her windshield and a big ass chunk missing out of the middle of her forehead.

  17. Avatar

    Why don't these people know that they can enter the passenger side of the car and then scoot across to the driver's side??

  18. Avatar

    Old woman in the AMG mercedes. Looked too rich to climb over the center console. Sucks to be an asshole parker.

  19. Avatar

    So much for giving people the benefit of the doubt. Let's just assume the worst about everyone who does something they're not supposed to do. I mean it's not like people make mistakes right?

  20. Avatar

    god I love videos like this. I'll purposely park next to people who park like assholes, just to make it hard for them to get out. Karma is a bitch.

  21. Avatar

    Doesnt matter how bad they parked on purpose or not… no one has the right to touch another's private property… be the bigger person and worry about yourself…

  22. Avatar

    The last guy on this video. 🙄

  23. Avatar

    Normally the people parking like that have nice vehicles they don't want damaged. Because some person with a piece of shit vehicle will give them a door ding because they don't care.

  24. Avatar

    at 147 that car is front wheel drive you drag my car I will sue you

  25. Avatar

    8:20: Dumb enough to park that way. Too dumb to figure out it's all her fault.
    Then……………….poetic justice.

  26. Avatar

    About 35 years ago a MB 450SL was parked in front of my garage stall at the apartments where I lived.I managed to get my floor jack out and lifted the 450SL at the differential housing and pushed it away from my garage. The floor jack tipped over and got wedged under the car but I managed to wrangle it out. I didn't stick around to see what the car's owner had to say.

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