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Paris suburb in shock after teacher beheaded

Parents and students lay flowers outside a school north west of Paris where a history teacher was decapitated on Friday after he reportedly showed a caricature of the prophet Muhammad to his pupils.

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  1. Avatar

    Don't comply to the Economic experiment by the western governments importing terrorists

  2. Avatar

    And we wonder why the French encourage the dingy people to cross the channel

  3. Avatar
    Replying is futile

    Import the third world become the third world

  4. Avatar
    baron von chickenpants

    Probably a left wing teacher they mostly are

  5. Avatar

    What’s really to be shocked about?
    Another day
    Another outrage

  6. Avatar

    Another one to the CONVID list🤷🏽‍♂️

  7. Avatar

    Smash commies 🇬🇧👊🏻

  8. Avatar

    Outlaw their religion 🤷‍♂️

  9. Avatar

    didn't happen, this is just a distraction so we turn our heads away from our evil government.

  10. Avatar

    Can't think why they're in shock it happens in France all the time.

  11. Avatar

    …… bit late Guardian . . . . this story broke 20 hours ago . . . .

    (couldn't find a "spin" to put on it . . . . grudgingly spat out a 1min 15second reeeport)

  12. Avatar

    The truth is, who does not share our values, the values of the constitution, should not be allowed in our country.

  13. Avatar

    Not shocked. France should be tougher on terrorist especially after the horror of 2015.

  14. Avatar

    Now all armenian people standing against this kind terrorist.And whole christial world are silent…sorry,but its just beggining

  15. Avatar

    It dosent say who did the attack, vague statement. 18 hear old man. Looks personal and has nothing to do with the picture

  16. Avatar

    As long as he was wearin a mask right

  17. Avatar

    They are in shock? It is multiculti.

  18. Avatar

    People are desperate to leave Lebanon, where diversity is most in the Middle East. A lesson to be learned?

  19. Avatar

    Tf is wrong with the world !!!

  20. Avatar

    That bearded parent looks like a radical too.

  21. Avatar

    People from the boats.

  22. Avatar

    Still people in France are afraid of the 10 percentage

  23. Avatar

    Yea….let's import loads of ppl from a stone age culture….what could go wrong?…

  24. Avatar

    And still they come…

  25. Avatar

    BLM will now riot.
    A person of colour was killed by police

  26. Avatar

    Really, why?

  27. Avatar

    You know. A lot of us are not shocked or surprised.

  28. Avatar

    And yet religious organisations are tax exempt. Should all be shut down and imprisoned

  29. Avatar

    Teacher used freedom of expression, boy uses freedom of action.

  30. Avatar


  31. Avatar

    No suspects or mention of ?

  32. Avatar
    wholovesyoubaby wholovesyoubaby

    I love the man in New Zealand 🇳🇿 thank you so much sir . We the people love you.

  33. Avatar

    Dumb move kicking certain children out of class… Bad bad move.

  34. Avatar

    FRANCE said it was a terrorises attack, the BBC said, it was a suspect terrorises attack,

  35. Avatar

    Don’t complain, those of us that warned you are all racist.

  36. Avatar

    It proves multiculturalism does not work. Every country seems to have this problem on their doorstep, only because politicians think it does work. Will they never learn.

  37. Avatar

    How long are we going to tolerate this radical extremism as citizen? Enough is enough

  38. Avatar

    Hey Guardian readers, (from a former Guardian reader) the men with beards are coming to sort out the mess and chaos you and your ilk have helped to create.

  39. Avatar

    What is going on with the world? What is it gonna take to fix this broken continent.

  40. Avatar

    Murdered by a religious extremist for showing a caricature…..
    Actually, not murdered – butchered.
    Quick, tell us more about how the far right are 'on the rise'.

  41. Avatar
    Wow I’m surprised

    RIP to the dead don’t make this political

  42. Avatar

    And this is why I hate all religions

  43. Avatar

    Remember people diversity is our strength. That’s what this lefty thought before he got his head hacked off.

  44. Avatar

    Lol, no sympathy. He knew what he was doing when he showed the picture. He got the reaction he wanted 😂

  45. Avatar

    Why i feel like they are looking for a enemy….

  46. Avatar

    This is shocking

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