Home / News / Paris police fire tear gas in crowds protesting death of black Frenchman Adama Traore

Paris police fire tear gas in crowds protesting death of black Frenchman Adama Traore

Riot police fired tear gas as scattered protesters pelted them with debris and set fires outside the Tribunal de Paris courthouse, at the tail-end of a demonstration against racial injustice and heavy-handed police tactics. Several thousand people had previously rallied peacefully for two hours outside the courthouse as global outrage over the death of George Floyd in the Minnesota kindled frustrations across borders and continents. The protest was planned by supporters of Adama Traore, a 24-year-old black Frenchman of Malian origin who died in similar circumstances to Mr Floyd in July 2016.

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    A normal day in france 😉

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    I guess social distancing isn't a thing there.

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    So not only do we (UK) protest something totally irrelevant to us, so our do our neighbours, and they are even rioting like the Americans too. This is the fall of western civilisation…

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    Open fire on these scum bags.

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    The guy who plays for Wolves?.

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    RockPhonic - VLOGS

    "Report has it that a white person also died"

    "That's not news"

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    Synchronised martial law on the way

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    French protests are BTEC standard compared to the USA

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    Newsflash: we're not, but the rest of the world is racist get used to it.

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