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Paris heads into curfew as Europe battles soaring COVID caseload

Infections are soaring across Europe, with about 100,000 new cases a day.
New restrictions linked to coronavirus have come into force in France, Belgium and Poland, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel has asked Germans to refrain from any travel or gatherings that is not necessary.
While the UK is pursuing localised responses to try to avoid a national lockdown, it is not clear yet how effective that will be.

Al Jazeera’s Neave Barker reports from London, UK.

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  1. Avatar
    Bunker Baby dRumph

    However bad Covid-19 is in Europe imagine if Donald tRump were the Presidente/Prime Minister/Dictator of your European country & how much worst things would be there?

  2. Avatar
    Venomous Snakebite

    France is in crisis, Alhamdulillah.

  3. Avatar
    Bunker Baby dRumph

    At least you's Europeans have competent Macron & Merkel fighting covid-19. While we in America have Super Spreader DJtRump to contend with covid-19!.

  4. Avatar

    ❤️{By the remembrance of God, hearts are reassured }❤️
    ❤️Glory be to God❤️
    ❤️Praise be to God❤️
    ❤️There is no God but ALLAH❤️
    ❤️God is Great❤️
    ❤️"There is no power but God."❤️
    ❤️God Almighty❤️
    ❤️I trust in Almighty God❤️
    ❤️I love you, O God, and I repent to you❤️
    ❤️Thank you, Lord, for every case❤️
    ❤️'Ask forgiveness of God and repent to Him.'❤️

  5. Avatar

    The rest of the world taking coronavirus seriously.

    Trump: Its just like the flu .

  6. Avatar

    it wont end until the countries theyd colonized get back their freedom, their history, culture, wealth and the lives lost during those painful years of colonization.

  7. Avatar

    Politicians are seeing New Zealand's landslide election victory and are dropping the hammer on their citizens civil rights in an attempt to emulate the political success.

    This is where we see if France still believes in liberty.

  8. Avatar

    there is no outbreak!
    it's "prophylactic"… our politicians say…
    hospitals still are empty , no one is ill…
    but pos tested.. .🥴
    "new normality.. those who are tested may have holidays…"
    ( Söder)

    RKI statistics say, that people 2020 die less than years before!
    Scientists say, people already are immune…

    WAKE UP!

  9. Avatar
    dumisani nhliziyo

    "Oh when I think of Africa….I see dead bodies lying in the streets if the world does not act" (Melinda Gate, 2020), months later Africa is still holding up despite the 'collapsed' health care system and Europe is slowly locking its self up due to the predicted second wave. Makes me wonder how someone without any epidemiological training of any sort can so such a prediction and makes me question the real motives behind the Melinda Gates foundation in Africa.

  10. Avatar
    Preetika Kundnani

    Coronavirus is not affecting south asian countries as much as it is affecting europe,i mean though India has most active cases the death per million population is below 100,for pakistan and bangladesh it is below 50.We eat so much street food stuff😂our immune system is already strong and coronavirus is not affecting us as much as it is affecting other countries when we see the mortality rate.

  11. Avatar

    I wonder how are the French people are going to pay their bills if the government is not going to give them money at the end of the month if they are closing their country down again Over here in America president Trump is going open up our country after the election and he will send a lot of politicians to prison if they decide to close the cities and County and states

  12. Avatar

    France is led by Macron -an extremist. No comparison between New Zealand and France.

  13. Avatar

    COVID will not go away until all the devils disappears

  14. Avatar

    COVID-19 is as real as the moon landing…

  15. Avatar

    Don't believe them they all thieves and liers.

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