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Pandemic creates plastic surgery boom

ABC News’ Kayna Whitworth reports on increased interest in cosmetic procedures during the pandemic.

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  1. Avatar

    What the hell 🤣

  2. Avatar

    bitch you best bet! i got a nose job <3

  3. Avatar

    doctor: “you have 5 minutes and 44 seconds left to live”


  4. Avatar

    I'll keep my natural self thank you

  5. Avatar

    They want to heal discreetly yet they post their plastic surgery journey on tiktok…😗

  6. Avatar

    Everybody wants to look good on their funeral day. Great Idea! who said you can't look good even if you die from COVID!. "Great Investment" Idiot's!

  7. Avatar

    Most of these people are seeking the wrong medical attention. They should be seeking help in regards to their mental health. That’s really the underlying issue that should be addressed.

  8. Avatar

    Insecurity nowadays is unbelievable

  9. Avatar
    Kartier Supreme White


  10. Avatar

    So ppl who need surgery for injuries, to go back to work, cant. But you can have plastic surgery for leisure. So backwards.

  11. Avatar
    Spongebob Squarepants

    Let me guess tummy tuck :b

  12. Avatar

    i wish i could afford it. if i could i would. i see nothing wrong with it.

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    Only woman…

  15. Avatar

    One thing people don't realize with their physical 'flaws' is that others don't see them as flaws. Only they do. But hey it's your life and your money.

  16. Avatar

    Plastic surgery or teen age or baby trafficking skin surgery! For old rich people

  17. Avatar
    Toussaint Louverture

    Stupid Boom.

  18. Avatar

    Oh I hate that zoom look but the good thing I love myself for the way I am and it's not easy for everyone to do. So yay you if a surgery can boost your confidence. Don't listen to any crap do what makes you feel beautiful and loved

  19. Avatar

    More Fakes Big Breasts👏 Stay Safes!😃😁🙃

  20. Avatar

    Not to forget you don't need to take time off for the healing time and can just wfh. This way everyone wouldn't notice and it can just heal over time.

    Oh right. The discreet downtime as is mentioned.

  21. Avatar

    I thought surgery surgery weakens the immune system.

  22. Avatar

    Creepy. Imagine getting Covid while recovering from face surgery. They are like caged birds who self mutilate

  23. Avatar

    Why would you waste the money when your gonna cover it with a mask???🤣

  24. Avatar

    Save money wear a mask

  25. Avatar
    Expert Excavating, Inc.

    Everyone: "I'm so broke"
    Also everyone: "omgz botox yay"

  26. Avatar

    Hmm… I wonder why people can’t pay their rent. 🤔

  27. Avatar

    You didn’t know how you looked before? Kinda stupid tbh. Get you priorities straight.

  28. Avatar

    It's booming for people who make 150k and snotty rich kids

  29. Avatar

    There’s the hunter biden scandal going on and you post this crap?? 💩💩💩

  30. Avatar

    We have a pandemic and people are worried about what they look like so much so that they are going thru risky plastic surgery? Wow.

  31. Avatar

    Wow.this b.s. n blaming TRUMP for everything??no wonder u idiots want biden..

  32. Avatar

    Good more proof the middle working class is gone, families loosing homes now in the streets & those who have money to burn; please bring back the middle class economy!.

  33. Avatar

    Vanity as the country descends

  34. Avatar

    Ah, vanity. The sweetest of sins.

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    Accept Jesus Christ For good reason. He and only He can change your life. All you have to do is believe and trust in Him!

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    BREAKING: The FBI has asked Tony Bobulinski for an interview this morning ! BIG GUY gets no 10% anymore – BURISMAGATE

  37. Avatar
    Armen David Hagopian

    All people of all shapes and sizes and colors are beautiful .

  38. Avatar
    knowledge2020 **Returns**

    sounds like youre giving a plug for it. you suck, try reporting some real news every once and a while would you!

  39. Avatar

    Goes to show how the lockdown is actually creating much more damage than just the virus itself ever will. The steep rise in mental illness symptom expression alone will ultimately main and kill more than this virus itself ever will.

  40. Avatar

    Really???? Unbelievable!

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