Home / News / Pam Bondi touts Pence's accomplishments ahead of VP debate

Pam Bondi touts Pence's accomplishments ahead of VP debate

Former Florida AG Pam Bondi discusses debate prep with Vice President Pence.

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  1. Avatar

    Google: Declassified docs show CIA briefed Obama on Hillary's plan to link Trump to Russia: Rpt

    Google: Trump authorizes declassification of Russia documents without redactions

    Guess what? Not a single word of that in CNN, NBC, MSNBS, NY Times, Huffington Post, Bloomberg or ABC.

    I hope everyone realizes what Trump has done. He’s just pulled the underwear down on the Democrats-Intelligence services-Obama-Clinton, Schiff, Mueller and all the rest. All of their testimony was given under oath, which constitutes Perjury.

    Google: Hillary Clinton interference in the 2016 presidential election

    Google: FISA Report Reveals Clinton Meddled In 2016 Election

    Nancy Pelosi: We’ll do whatever it takes to remove President Trump from office."

    Google: Sen Lee: Comey accused Trump of horrible things without facts

    Comey committed Perjury and everything he said in hearings was "Under Oath."

    Comey was the beginning of coup to overthrow the president of the United States.

    Pelosi winked and smiled when she said, “No one is ABOVE the law.”

    Perjury was a 5-Year felony in America.

    But because Obama, Biden and Hillary Clinton ordered him to go after Trump, HE WON'T be prosecuted.

    He can’t remember who told him what but wrote a book and is now writing his 2nd book. Gee, saying, “I don't recall or, I don't seem to remember, who, what or where doesn't work for Americas common folk during criminal hearings or trials.

    Maybe Comey should read his own book again to refresh his memory.

    President Trump was right to fire him!

    MILLIONS of FAKE Democrat mail in ballots will but Joe Biden in the white house because it is the ONLY way to keep all the people who tried so hard to overthrow our government from being prosecuted and convicted.

    Google: BLM co-founder admits they’re “Trained Marxists” who want Trump out of office.

    "The goal of socialism is communism." – Vladimir Lenin

    "Progressive" is a code word for Socialist/Marxist/Communist.

  2. Avatar

    Google: Kamala Harris, Biden’s radical VP pick signals bad news for American workers, economic recovery

    Google: Kamala Harris: If Elected I Will Take Gun Dealers’ Licenses Away with Executive Action

    Google: Kamala Harris Explains Her Plan For Reparations Without End

    Google: Kamala Harris, Biden’s radical VP pick signals bad news for American workers, economic recovery

    Google: Sen. Kamala Harris Discusses 'Defund The Police' Movement | The View

    Sanders and Harris want America to have Open Borders and with Medicare Open borders will INVITE Millions of people from Mexico and South America to invade America but this time NOT be stopped at the border.

    Google: "No Wall Can Do This" Vice President Joe Biden On Keeping Borders Open – CNN

    Google: WATCH: Biden says migrants shouldn't be detained just for crossing border | 2019 Democratic Debates

    Google: Erdogan warns Europe to expect ‘millions’ of migrants after Turkey opens borders

    No time in history has been more IMPORTANT for “We The People” to get off the couch on November 3rd and vote for freedom and for America.

  3. Avatar

    A few weeks ago, Kamala Harris said,"The riots will continue, even pass election day, and they should continue".

  4. Avatar

    Good News Guys Stephen Miller has Covid-19 ,FBI should push everyone out of the WH so they can start to disinfect the place they have less than a month anyways why not throw Trump and his team out?

  5. Avatar

    Good news Steven Miller has Covid-19, I think Ivanka and Don jr are next . This is Good news.

  6. Avatar

    Harris is gong to make Pence cry like a baby and make him look like a fool…………

  7. Avatar


  8. Avatar

    If I could give pence advice it would be bring dates and times so the because the “fact checkers” will be busy. If someone could pass this information along.

  9. Avatar

    God see’s all and knows all. We shall prevail and we (Trump/Pence) will win 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  10. Avatar

    This is how it ends up. PENCE is helping a sexist misogynist racist win the white house so he's a hypocrite & the devil.
    No one watches these unless they have no life.

  11. Avatar

    Never forget racist republican terrorists and traitors did this to you. – All your troubles, all your suffering, all your fears are the result of the republican party.

  12. Avatar

    That's not fair.!! Harris isn't gonna be able to "awnser" Come on Man "questions".? I'm Married to Joe Biden. Oh, I'm Joe Biden. That's Racism..

  13. Avatar

    Pence is slow and cheapie.

  14. Avatar

    She was with pence and saw the president who were supposed to in quarantine. Breaking all Covid guidelines at its finest!

  15. Avatar

    Trump's new advert video proves he set up the whole COVID 19 stunt. Just to make this new video . That's film crews ready and waiting for trump to direct what gets produced to show his supporters. To make them BELIEVE he is some kind of hero fighting Covid 19.
    He knows they are still SUCKERS that fall for his con game , EVERYTIME. He is after all a TV reality show producer. In other words, A FAKE !!!

  16. Avatar

    Trump is right . Covid 19 ain't a big deal. Just live with it. Ok some of you will die but that's no big deal. Most of you can't afford the medical care and treatment to help you get thru it, but that's no big deal.
    Trump has your tax dollars paying for his healthcare. His rich friends have plenty of cash to pay for their medical bills .
    If y'all don't have ENOUGH money to help you or YOUR family to get help, that's no big deal. You can die. It's no big deal !!

  17. Avatar

    The head of the pandemic task force is complaining about plexiglass protection at the debate. Just let that sink in so we know the level of crazy going on right now.

  18. Avatar

    "Pence? I've never met him… well maybe once…I don't know, I heard he's here somewhere… he might be…I know a lot of people…probably a very good person… but maybe not…" – Trump.

  19. Avatar

    Look it up Trumpers

  20. Avatar

    His biggest achievement was keeping his mouth shut and agreeing to everything that Trump says. He should be ashamed to be a human being

  21. Avatar

    Hilary and Biden identified Trump supporters as the drags of society , basket of deplorable’s and stupid bastards – great news they are voting.

  22. Avatar

    VP Pence ask Harris why she jailed black men for smoking pot and she bragged about herself smoking it

  23. Avatar

    Go Pam Go !!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💜👍

  24. Avatar

    Oh yeah.. Pence did such a great job on that Coronavirus Task Force. Wait. What? Oh. It was fake? Oh ok.

  25. Avatar

    Republicans have flipped the script and fooled everyone into thinking that conservative religious thinking is "freedom" when in fact, it is the total opposite.

    God gave us freedom but most people can't handle the responsibility so they gave their freedom back to the republicans and the FAKE church.

    These people bring shame on God.

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