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Pakistani PM: India committed strategic blunder – BBC News

Kashmir has been in lockdown for more than a week now, with mobile, landline and internet networks cut off and curfew-like restrictions that ban people from assembling in crowds. However, officials said on Wednesday that these restrictions have been eased in the Hindu-majority Jammu region.
But there have been protests, including one on Friday in Srinagar in the Muslim-majority valley. It involved thousands of people coming out after midday prayers to demonstrate against the move.

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  1. Avatar

    In the past 73 years nothing happened and do not expect anything to happen in next 73 years. Movie over, pop corn not finished yet ☺

  2. Avatar

    Blunder was done 70 years ago the rectification is Dub done

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    thx bbc news you can support Kashmir people ❤️❤️

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    BBC y in the blue hell are you reporting from Pakistan…Pak PM he vl go on to end " what he means is that he vl be taking people of Pak c him to hell, u can also join BBC"

  6. Avatar

    Imran Khan : Our Pak Army is professional & battle hardened force.

    Professional Aspect : USAF entered at night during Osama raid, IAF entered at night during Balakot raid shows our Army works only btw 9am – 5pm

    Battle Hardneded : Last 20 years all battles were fought inside Pak

  7. Avatar

    Secunder Kermani looks like he is a nightclub DJ or a member of a boy band.

  8. Avatar

    Pakistan and pakisties are stand with our kashmiri brothers at any cost

  9. Avatar

    1947- naharu save POK by going to UN
    1965- shashtri save lahor by tashkand agreement
    1971- indira save POK by shimla aggreement
    1965- atal stop after kargil war

  10. Avatar

    fact for pakistan fan- pakistan naver won a war

  11. Avatar

    It's fine. Kashmir was never normal
    Those stone Pelters r like rabid dogs. They'll try to bite u anyway. So no need to feed them special food ( 370 & 35A) They just need some discipline

  12. Avatar

    Now Dogs Will Starking Barks.😂😂😂

  13. Avatar

    India demonstrated a spinal cord of steel, this coming after 1,000 years of Arab, Turkic, Persian and Afghan Islamic invasions, followed by Portuguese, French and British colonization.
    Bharat Mata ki Jai🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  14. Avatar

    bluder talking foolishness…
    because he failed….

  15. Avatar

    Pak got very good support from BBC When rest of the world ignores Pak.
    BBC is a very good friend of Pak then china 😂😂😂

  16. Avatar

    Who is he? Faizal shah …He looks like a terrorist who escaped!

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    BBC PAKISTAN….. looooosersss🤣🤣

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    People of Ireland also waiting for BBC reporting 😬

  19. Avatar

    Balochistan from terrorist country Pakistan where they give shelter to Osama bin laden .

  20. Avatar

    Maybe Allah is the only God on earth beacuse the world started with an explosion

  21. Avatar

    But the fact is that Pakistan is only sounding like a empty vessel, as they know that they don't have aukad (guts) to do anything against India 😀😀

  22. Avatar

    British now realized that once we have created a mess, now we will clean this mess by ourself.
    Thanks BBCnews for impartial and unbiased reporting. we highly appreciate.

  23. Avatar

    Time to bring the popcorn and watch Pakistan vs India fanboys fight each other

  24. Avatar

    So Britishers are idiots! they welcome terrorists with open arms.

  25. Avatar

    Why Pakistan want kashmir?
    Not because of kashmiri Muslim majority
    They want direct control of kashmir river which goes to Pakistan it 95% of water which Pakistani people drink come from kashmir which India holds now . Pity Pakistan government jihads 😂😂😂😂

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