Saudi Arabia claims that two oil tankers were sabotaged

It was revealed today that two Saudi tankers – one due to pick up oil destined for America – were left with ‘significant damage’ after being sabotaged off the UAE on Sunday. Officials are still trying to determine who was behind the attacks and how they were carried out – …

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Trump says it would be mistake if Iran do anything against U.S.

President Donald Trump issued a new warning to Iran Monday amid escalating tensions in the Persian Golf, saying: If they do anything they will suffer greatly.’ Iran and the United States could trigger a conflict by accident in an already unstable Gulf region, Britain’s foreign secretary is cautioning as Secretary …

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Trump praises Hungarian leader Viktor Orban's stance on immigration

President Donald Trump praised right wing Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban as ‘a tough man’ but ‘a respected man’ during an Oval Office meeting Monday. Orban has consolidated power by rewriting his country’s constitution and inveighing against immigrants. Orban has waited for years for such a meeting, and was the …

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