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PA state democrat accuses GOP of covering up positive Covid test

Pennsylvania state Rep. Brian Sims and his Democratic colleagues are accusing Republican leaders of keeping a Republican lawmaker’s positive coronavirus test from them for a week and not informing them that a handful of GOP members were quarantining as a result.
In a statement, Republican state Rep. Andrew Lewis confirmed he tested positive for Covid-19 on May 20 and immediately began self-isolating after working to notify anyone he had contact with while in the Capitol. Democratic Leader Frank Dermody told CNN he and other Democrats found out about Lewis’ positive test May 27 — after Lewis said he had finished his self-isolation and announced his diagnosis publicly.

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    Just admit you don't wanna work while other people want to work their ass off for their family.

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    Melaku Haile Likka

    It is unacceptable to put this kind-hearted person at risk.

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    USA is burning…. Thanks a lot Trump, you are killing millions because you need your money

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    What A Joke…This Idiot And The Rest Of The Democrat IDIOTS Got Caught Cheating Again…Sims And His People Got Caught And Are Spreading FAKE NEWS And You Losers Feel For It.

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    CNN any comment on this fake news? You people LOVE to manipulate it, trying to lie to your Liberal viewers (who are stupid enough to believe it).

    … Oh, another quick question. How does it feel to lose over 200 MILLION dollars in a lawsuit for making fake news? That must suck. Wanna see MORE fake news by the Liberal media, here you go! Don't you just LOVE the hypocrisy? They are talking about how nobody is wearing a mask, saying "I guess they don't care about people's health" … meanwhile HALF the crew isn't even wearing a mask! hahaha!!

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    Rand Paul knowingly and intentionally did the same thing, when he found out that he has contracted and was sick with the COVID-19 virus!!!!!!!!!!!! Rand Paul got away with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Just came here to see the Trumptards defend murder and fully embarrass themselves as humans.

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    Republicans are dropping the Presidential race I think so.Trampony falls every day without chance of stopping the fall.

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    The fact that this situation isn't being aggresively publicized is beyond me.

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    What’s it called when You know there is a good chance people will die, from your actions But you do it anyway? Starts with an M ends with jail! 🟧☠️🟧☠️

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    Trump said he wanted all democrats dead, they are actively playing part in kill them now.

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    Lets pray only the Republicans members get infected as a result of their carelessness. Pure stupidity…

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    Republicans really don't give a dam about the American people and democrats are not much better..these scumbags need to be reminded who put them in their positions and who pays their bills..unbelievable lying, ignorant, hypocritical trash I dont even consider these clowns American

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    Johnny Mnemonic

    The last time I heard about Pennsylvania Democrats was a few weeks ago, when they were openly caught inflating Coronavirus death numbers.

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    He was reading a liberal agenda script composed by the CCP #trump2020

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    The guy didn’t even know he was positive until after he was in the capitol. Obviously that sounds like it was unintentional. Just because you’re outraged doesn’t mean you’re any more justified. It was an accident, and if any of the democrats make the same mistake, we have the right to be just as livid as you are. [But the media won’t cover it because they can’t possibly say anything bad about democrats]

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    This is the beginning of the fall of the Republican party

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    Shanlynn Skinner

    Righteous outrage!!

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    Charles Darwinson

    Right? Every republican was made in Hell. I have proof. I hate them because I am supposed to hate them! Fall in line people. If you don't hate conservatives you belong in Hell too. They molest babies in newborn rooms. They have sex with people in comas, and they abort babies right up until birth! Oh wait……

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    OH NOES! He tested positive for a disease that has a less than 1% mortality rate! And a 95% recovery rate!

    But please… yell and scream. That will solve the problem.

    BTW, has anyone died from this?

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    The republican party is the problem. Trump isn't the problem. Mitch Mcconnell, Lindsey Graham, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Nikki Haley, Susan Collins… Trump just overtook that party because they are cowards. They are that evil, but too coward to come out and actually do what Trump lacks the brain and control not to do. Trump is evil but also pretty mentally unstable. He has no control. The rest are just evil.

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    A criminal party. It's based on cheating, lying, hatred…

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    Elizabeth G Enat-Hung

    Sounds like he was trying to infect as many as possible!

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    just k111ll them

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    the lie of hiding behind the HIPAA is complete and utter BS on the part of the GOP. Let's remember we learnt that members of the White House tested positive we weren't initially given names when those details came out, we were informed a valet tested positive a member of the VP's staff tested positive we were then given names at a later point. So the GOP could have made a very simple statement of "A member of the house has tested positive for the coronavirus." instead they are hiding behind a pathetic excuse that endangered members of the house.

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