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Ottawa ICU doctor ready for potential COVID-19 surge

Dr. Kwadwo Kyeremanteng, an ICU physician at Ottawa Hospital, says hospitals are more prepared for a second wave of COVID-19 than they were for the first. 

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  1. Avatar

    Im first out of the reccomedations

  2. Avatar

    Well China has shown to the world again and again how they overcome Covid19.
    However, it is depressing to heard from western develop countries are sounding defeat that to accept the rampant increasing of infection.

  3. Avatar

    We have been ready for 9 months now….

  4. Avatar

    CBC is what CNN is to the U.S. Completely biased and choose those figure heads along with ' so called experts " to fit a chosen and predetermined narrative. Investigative in-depth journalism doesn't exist anymore as everything is taken at face value without an afterthought.

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    sportscaracing canada

    Doug Ford's pants are also ready for a surge in his gut size

  6. Avatar
    sportscaracing canada

    721 cases 0 deaths….wow I'm so scared!!

  7. Avatar

    He certainly doesn't look overwhelmed!

  8. Avatar

    police are waking up ! @t you're on the wrong side of history , CBC!

  9. Avatar

    The best medicine is to be healthy. -Thanks Doc

  10. Avatar
    Monica Van Iderstine

    Take the total cases and subtract the recoveries ,, because they have recovered,, so they are no longer a case anymore
    What is the answer to the total cases ??

  11. Avatar

    a passive aggressive virus for a passive aggressive city.

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