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Ottawa faces outrage over Neskantaga First Nation's water crisis

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appeared to walk back his government’s promise to end all water-boil advisories in First Nations communities by March 2021.

Pressed by reporters Friday, Trudeau wouldn’t commit to meeting the 2021 deadline and said the federal government was working to lift the remaining drinking water advisories “as soon as possible.”

After living with dirty water for decades, the Neskantaga First Nation in Ontario has had its contaminated water supply completely cut off because an oily substance was found in it.

Mike Le Couteur reports on Ottawa’s response to the crisis.

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  1. Avatar

    Horrible what they put the first nation people through, shameful

  2. Avatar
    Marpole Motorized

    Haha America Justin Trudeau ordered Canada's vaccines we're all going to be saved

  3. Avatar

    For just pennies a day you can provide a child with safe clean drinking water in AFRICA? The bloody UN Trudeau gives money too and we have tonnes of problems here in Canada.

  4. Avatar

    Who funds ISC? Who pays for the plant? Is this all tax money?

  5. Avatar

    Trudeau is enjoying a spending spree, sacrificing our future generations.
    I'm sure he'll give away billions of taxpayers dollars to help these off-reserve non-taxpaying citizens.

  6. Avatar

    What are you doing for them to help all people now

  7. Avatar

    Bahahahaha that is the Indians fault! They probably took a huge paycheck without thinking about what would happen to their land! I guess the fire water ran out

  8. Avatar

    Leave our first Nations people alone. Every time they make anything nice. White man comes along and takes it away. Time to stop!

  9. Avatar

    dont protest—they'll send in the army

  10. Avatar

    Absolutely sinful…Trudeau should be ashamed but when you have no soul it's easy to ignore the harm being done to others

  11. Avatar

    Somebody just spend a couple thousand dollars and drill a diamond point well for abundant pure water 💦 What the !?? Is the problem ?? 😎

  12. Avatar

    Where is all the money from the last 25 years??

  13. Avatar

    Doug Ford is not to be trusted. He bends the truth to suit his racist and ecocidal agenda – documented by many videos here on YT. . . ….

  14. Avatar
    Patrick Debellefeuille

    You dont screw over the Natives and steal every thing from them and set fires to their buildings and vehicles, oh wait! Yes! you do! all the while RCMP roasting marshmellows while watching and doing nothing

  15. Avatar
    Patrick Debellefeuille

    We dont tolerate violence unless its done by white people and towards this country's Natives, then in that case we do, because in Canada we support racism.

  16. Avatar

    Just like in the USA they steal our land and give us wretched areas to live on. Protest on and take a stand

  17. Avatar

    This protest in Caledonia is basically the same thing that is still happening on the Wesuweten territory, in which the so called "elected" chiefs, who do NOT have the authority to to make decisions about the land, have given themselves power to sell out their people's land to developers, these criminals need to be arrested and tried for fraud.

  18. Avatar

    I don't believe Trudeau has done anything good for these people. Just ask MP Charlie Angus.

  19. Avatar
    Helena Blair Yasmin Gilbert

    13:43 I like that. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  20. Avatar

    And where did these hydrocarbons come from?

    don't these people have access to the internet, they can't build their own water filtration system?

    I don't know about these hydrocarbons but you can use sand and charcoal from burnt wood to filter water

  21. Avatar

    Trudeau has destroyed Canada. Anyone who voted for him should be ashamed.

  22. Avatar

    Why are Natives shocked? Trudeau lies to everyone. They should be happy they are treated the same way as everyone else.

  23. Avatar

    Maybe if the Chiefs were not given all the government money the braves could drill a well.

  24. Avatar

    Stop having babies 👶

  25. Avatar
    individual lives matter

    But I thought diversity was our strength…

  26. Avatar

    I really don't care join the rest of the country or get lost. As a white man I have no identity and no culture or land the gov destroyed it welcome to the party.

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