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O’Toole says Liberals threatening election amid COVID-19 ‘to avoid any further scrutiny’

Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole on Tuesday said that the Liberal party is “threatening” an election amid the COVID-19 pandemic “to avoid any further scrutiny,” adding that “kids can’t go trick-or-treating, but the Liberals think Canadians should go to the polls.”

O’Toole also announced the “Opposition Day” motion, which proposes to establish a committee that would “look into the various ethical problems the government has,” including the “handing out of COVID-19 contracts to close friends and family members.”

O’Toole was asked about whether he and his party have confidence in the government, saying he does not, but that he ‘doesn’t want a general election’.

“You just said I have confidence in the government. I do not,” he told the reporter. “Do I want to have a general election? I do not want that either.”

“We’re not going to let Mr. Trudeau suggest that our reasonable questions about a spending scandal mean we want to force a general election,” O’Toole said.

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  1. Avatar

    How about the news about corruption like Biden got a bribe from China and NYPost was censored by Twitter for this story? How about criminal Trudo. We actually have news on his corruption

  2. Avatar

    We MUST throw Libs and Trudo out ASAP

  3. Avatar

    GLOBAL treats liberals with kid gloves, puts words in the mouths of conservatives! What a waste of an organization! I've already stopped watching Global National!

  4. Avatar

    So much scandal, corruption and nepotism with the Justin Liberals.
    Totally disgusting.

  5. Avatar

    Weren't the conservatives and all their voters just asking for a snap election? lol the whole Canadian government right now is a joke and that includes all parties!

  6. Avatar

    O'Toole had the coof got over it , its obviously not a death sentence , just treat it like the bad flu it is and be done ,let it run it's course

  7. Avatar

    Waaaaaaaa says O'Toole. After months of yelling at the wind Trudeau just went all in and you don't like it. Don't sit at the big boys table betting like a drunkin sailor and then get pissed off when someone goes all in on you. See ya at the polls dude.

  8. Avatar

    Get in power and drain the swamp…and put the Trudeau crime family in jail. Oh…and put Gerald Butts there too.

  9. Avatar

    Trudeau needs to be thrown out of office.

  10. Avatar
    christian carriere

    Why don't we just go to parliament and walk the libs to jail?

  11. Avatar

    The prime minister is a wolf in sheep cloths. There can no doubt that under Justin the Liberals engage in financial enrichment under the guise of charity. Its very scary that we have a prime minister that portrays himself as a honest broker but is not

  12. Avatar

    MAX ppc 2021

  13. Avatar
    Jord The Canadian

    The Toole is correct.

  14. Avatar

    o toole is a liberal

  15. Avatar

    As a tax payer I want answers to the WE scandal. What the hell is the Liberals trying so hard to cover up? It is a cover up for sure, Trudeau and the Liberals got caught and now they are threating people.

  16. Avatar

    lets vote the Liberals out and then investigate them and ask TRUMP if we can use the quantum voting system

  17. Avatar

    It will never happen. JAGoff Singh will betray Canada and grab another cookie from Trudeau.

  18. Avatar

    Junior is not only incompetent and useless as a Prime Minister but is corrupt! Will the RCMP investigate? I doubt that very much.

  19. Avatar

    Jughead Singh leaves a lot to be desired.

  20. Avatar

    Let's have an election and get rid of this useless unic. Problem is it
    may not be too easy at this point. Junior has a large group of people
    on the Wuhan Pestilence get free money scheme. It is only a matter of
    time before all of this comes to a very bad end.

  21. Avatar
    Loreen Degenstein

    Then how about scrutinizing the Conservatives for also handing over Canada's sovereignty to the COMMUNIST UN? Canadians want out of ALL globalist establishments!!!

  22. Avatar

    3:48 "You have confidence in the government" Well, Global has moved from lying to putting words in people's mouths. We are all confident of comrade sock man, confident that he has been caught, yet again, with his fingers in the cookie jar. Way past time to defund Global

  23. Avatar

    Among women Liberal support is double that of the Conservative party. I hope
    all of their sexual fantasies of Junior have been fulfilled.

  24. Avatar

    Didn’t otoole threaten an election, just a few weeks ago? Before the ndp supported the throne speech. why is it now the liberals want an election? Lol.

  25. Avatar

    big wheel, big deal, just showboat o'toole, goin' against the river, aint gettin' anywhere. no rope, no hope, the day is dawning, pundits left yawning, showboat o'toole. poor cons nominated a fool

  26. Avatar

    The motion proposed is not even close to being a non confidence type of motion , If Canadian Peoplekind have to go to a election it is all on JUSTIN

  27. Avatar

    Loll bring it on baby. Trudeau!

  28. Avatar

    Canada needs to drain the swamp

  29. Avatar

    remember Canada trying to get JT's step father out of office in Seventies, nice mess he got us into back then,

  30. Avatar

    It doesn't matter who is running this show. The problem is not the plandemic, the problem is the global economic reset as a result of the Paris accord. Signed and ratified by liberals, allowed to proceed by conservatives. Send the whole show home without pay and let the country breathe for 4 years.

  31. Avatar

    If Trudeau wants an election, He has something to hide,
    And you can be sure it's plenty

  32. Avatar

    The trudeau gov is the most corrupt gov we have ever had period

  33. Avatar
    Joseph Henri Lucien Denys

    This is a non story.
    The NDP will come out again and used their balance of power to support the government.

  34. Avatar

    If it comes to an election I hope my fellow Canadians wake up and make sure liberals are voted out. Corruption levels of current PM must be truly epic if he is willing to risk the lives of Canadians over an investigation into WE scandal. I hope we will fully investigate WE scandal as well as numerous others involving current PM – we need to make sure this will never be repeated in Canada. Canada needs to be country of the law and no one should be above it, even PM.

  35. Avatar
    Joseph Henri Lucien Denys

    Incidentally, an early election costs $400M.

  36. Avatar

    0:39 I quit my 9-5 with the help of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  37. Avatar

    share this video and spread the word Randy Hillier MP in Ontario is leading the good fight, anyone with a brain should get behind him


    Also, If you are of like mind, check out
    the Great Barrington Declaration, already has 500000 signatures !
    Remember to stay loud, share the information, those of us willing to fight must do so !

  38. Avatar

    Trudeau did this last time and he called the election early because when you're in an election you can't be investigated he did this the last time we had an election he called the election early if you guys remember that

  39. Avatar

    Lets have an election. And new party procecutes trudeau heavily

  40. Avatar

    1:18 I quit my 9-5 with the help of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  41. Avatar

    Of course they are, they'll do anything to cover up their endless corruption. We know what's on the surface, imagine what's there when we actually dig a little deeper.

  42. Avatar
    tedfay bereketeab

    Conservatives pls focus on fighting Covid-19. Dont make us suffer more.

  43. Avatar

    The conservatives have show they’re not interested in facts, just political games. They have Had every player in theWE thing before their kangaroo court committee and although the stories were all the same – a good program that the public service could not administer – the conservatives acted like it was the Nuremberg trials and the liberals were the nazis. Hypocrites. Now they might have painted themselves into an election they will lose. Incompetent hypocrites.

  44. Avatar

    They’ve already answered the questions, Mr O’Toole. Be honest about what this about. Win at any cost. Facts don’t enter into it. You and your lying party need renewal in the worst way. You can’t even tell which way is up anymore.

  45. Avatar

    Which is it, Mr. O’Toole? You have lost confidence in the government? Then election. You don’t want an election? Then you have confidence. Or do you want to leave Canada in the hands of a prime minister that has not one, not two, but possibly 3 traffic tickets, sorry, ”ethics” violations. He is unfit to govern! But he should govern! Do you see? Your position is nonsensical. ( because it’s not particularly truthful). Gee, I sure hope you form government.

  46. Avatar

    Mr. O’Toole – you try to look avuncular while you say mean-spirited, made-up things. You are trying to press a political advantage based on a whole series of lies. Canada would be better off with a different opposition. Isn’t it hard pushing against the goads? Repent, brother. You’ll feel better and the country will be better served.

  47. Avatar

    I’m also interested in the use of the plural – “plagued by ethical lapses.” We only know about the WE “controversy.” List these other lapses for us, Mr. O’Toole. We’re listening.

  48. Avatar

    It’s a nice idea, O’Toole – keep the government in place while you beat it relentlessly and senselessly with a phoney committee whose only purpose is to beat the government endlessly and senselessly. I don’t see why the liberals aren’t going for it. Good luck to you, sir! We all admire your unmitigated gall.

  49. Avatar

    “A few reasonable questions.” Hilarious. The comedy stylings of your leader of the opposition, ladies and gentlemen, Erin O’Toole!

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