Home / News / Opinion | Trump's new rule framing legal immigrants as economic burdens doesn't add up

Opinion | Trump's new rule framing legal immigrants as economic burdens doesn't add up

The “public charge” rule overlooks an important economic reality. Immigrants make significant contributions to the U.S. economy, argues Joy Sharon Yi. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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  1. Avatar

    What benefits do illegal Americans get from Mexico again?

  2. Avatar

    Throw the entire Trump adminstration away

  3. Avatar

    That's funny…. "consider"… you assume that they think…

  4. Avatar

    There's no reason for him to consider anything. He knows the results he wants and makes up data to fit the conclusion. He's a racist.

  5. Avatar

    Good. Sponges Everywhere. Quit Having Kids FN Breeders. Deport Them All

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    It'll get struck down, like always. The horrifying part is that he does this purely for the applause and adoration of "the base", and they give him what he wants every single time. Disgusting.

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    Such a morally bankrupt, mean-spirited administration.

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    Commonsense immigration reform always throws democrats into a hissy fit.

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    So, if they need help, we slam the door in their face but if they don't (and they are white) they are welcome. Trump is a nazi.

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