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Opinion | Trump's impeachment defense could create a dangerous precedent

President Trump doesn’t have to commit a crime to be impeached, says constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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    Lol…the only dangerous precedent created is a farcical impeachment!

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    Why should a President have special pledges. Its Only a Job!!!!

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    What’s a more dangerous precedent than impeaching the president without ANY support from 1 party and the only bipartisan vote was for no impeachment

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    He ain't leaving office. This is a waste of time

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    Hey, Also when your wife catches you in bed with another woman…just say "DONT believe your lying eyes, honey".

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    Sick of Impeachment bullcrap. Sick of Democrat Terds.

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    The only dangerous thing when Trump wins again in 2020.. is the rise of fake hate crimes like what Jussie Smollet tried to pull off. Imagine faking your own oppression and try blaming it on another race. Now that's tough

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    Of course a purely political impeachment, with no actual crimes in the articles is a-ok to Democrat activist Jonathan Turley and the rest of the democrat run WAPO.

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    Sooooooo what the democrats did is not a dangerous precedent? Man. You folks at the WaPo are just TERRIBLE at your jobs. You’ve been taken over wholesale.

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    You have a completely partisan, biased, rushed, unfair trial in the house and think the Senate won't do the same thing when it's the Republicans turn?

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    Everyone is entitled to an opinion… even if it's a stupid one

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    @Washington Post exposed by THE BEST PRESIDENT ANDRES LOPEZ OBRADOR .VIVA AMLO 🇲🇽. Fifi news chayotero news fake news.

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    Hello????? You’re kidding right! It’s NOT Trumps’ defense; but it is the conjured up attempt to abuse power by impeaching him, courtesy of the Democratic Party.

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    Everything Democrats have ever done is a dangerous precedent

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    Welp… you know what they say about opinons and assholes.

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    I dont see how anyone can read the transcript and say there is nothing wrong.

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    He didn’t do anything wrong. So that’s what he want. 🙄

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    Demoncraps are dangerous to our Constitution and our Freedoms and our country.

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