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Opinion | The Harris-Pence debate was revealing — even if they didn't answer the questions

Post columnists David Byler, James Downie, Charles Lane, Ruth Marcus, Megan McArdle, Michele Norris and Eugene Robinson weigh in on the vice-presidential debate between Sen. Kamala D. Harris (D-Calif.) and Vice President Mike Pence in Salt Lake City, Utah on Oct.7, 2020. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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    justin schumacher

    The best argument for climate change is the coral reefs and the ice caps. As the temperature rises coral reefs die. In 30 years it is expected no reefs will exist. I dont remember what video i watched from greenland a couple months ago but it was Thousands of tons of water. Cause in Greenland and Russia it was 100 degrees. Highest recorded temperature for one of the coldest places on earth. was 87 where i lived. or that death valley recently had a temperature of 130 degrees. Highest temp we have seen EVER

  2. Avatar
    Ramona Dickinson

    All the comments popping up were so biased. I understand why all the thumbs down on the video now.

  3. Avatar

    I can tell this is Biased Washington Post !!!

  4. Avatar
    ArtistOnMars In A Van

    The fly held to it’s two minutes

  5. Avatar
    jason coladonato

    Harris got shafted HARD

  6. Avatar

    Kamala Harris did not do well in this debate. She comes off smirky and I just cant stand her voice. She has got to stop wearing pant suits – did Hillary hand her collection down to Kamala?? Pence came across very even keeled using logical points that Kamala did not understand. Also, kamala is using the same old arguments some if which has been debunked yet she still brings it up.

  7. Avatar

    For God so loved the world 🌎 that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16NKJV. Jesus saves us from our sins. Sins like lying, stealing, saying God’s name in vain, as a cuss word and lusting after someone. Believe in Jesus Christ, confess your sins to God and obey Him, Follow Jesus’ teachings. Cry 😭 out to God for mercy and forgiveness of sins against God, and selfishness and greed. We are not going to heaven unless we believe. Jesus took our punishment for our sins by being beaten, spat upon, and nailed to a cross. Our sins caused His 😔 hurt. Get a good Bible and produce good fruit. I like the New King James Version. Read John, Daniel and Revelations now! But read thru the whole Bible. Seek God first daily and trust in Him not man or other nations for protection. Preach the gospel! Pray to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit equally and Praise each equally. Pray for peace of Israel 🇮🇱 be on Israel’s side. And pray for other Christians. PRAY for other people. Stay away from false churches, false doctrine, false teachers and false prophets and philosophies.

  8. Avatar
    Yvonne Ballesteros

    Screw mandates, responsible humans know how to make their own decisions on their own lives

  9. Avatar

    Hey Tanya,how do you justify this,pelosi was for the second stimulus, Trump denied it…

  10. Avatar
    phillip lapkovitch

    Fake news propaganda as always Trump 20/20 keeping America great for the next four years

  11. Avatar

    Again I submit America has a serious MSM problem. The MSM, Hollywood and the Deep state are like an evil Trinity and that's where the fly came from

  12. Avatar
    phillip lapkovitch

    I hope she don't take it and croaks

  13. Avatar

    It is my opinion these "columnists" appear to have horrible racist opinions against the Trump-Pence team.

  14. Avatar
    Dudetrixtr Gaming

    This whole channel reeks of bias😷

  15. Avatar

    What? You know damn well Trump has been interfering with the fda and vaccine approvals. That's what she is referring to . Jeez!

  16. Avatar

    No Billie gates poison vaccines more caces more votes for trump . 4 more years.!

  17. Avatar
    phillip lapkovitch

    Left wing propaganda hate that's all this is Nazi Germany brown shirts and fascist Italy black shirts
    That's the Washington Post

  18. Avatar

    Holy bias come on

  19. Avatar

    Everyone at the Washington Post when Pence questioned Kamala on stacking the courts, her record as a prosecutor, the misleading Charlottesville sound bite, and fracking: 👨‍🦯👨‍🦯👨‍🦯

  20. Avatar

    Check out The libertarian canidate Jo Jorgeson’s interview on the road. She was asked and answered all the questions that’s clowns should have been asked and answered. She is the only hope to bring our country back together. She would be a breath of fresh air, we need to come together and be real now.

  21. Avatar
    Richard Fitzwell

    poor Pence.

  22. Avatar
    Michael Crumpton

    The white man says he trusts our justice system, but then justice for white people is a little different.

  23. Avatar

    Human life is a sacred miracle since conception, soon all these pedophiles will be exposed more openly, 🙏🏻

  24. Avatar

    Isn't it something how the virus wiped out all of the accomplishments this president has. Kinda makes me wonder of the legitimacy of it…

  25. Avatar
    Aurélien Fuentes

    Harris lies as she breath

  26. Avatar

    Remember when Harris got 0 votes in the primaries

  27. Avatar

    Opinionated not fact based video

  28. Avatar
    Ris'above w. Grace

    I want a president with good policies, not necessary a golden personality. Trump 2020 ✌️🇺🇸🤙

  29. Avatar
    Truth Speaker 84

    Pence did a great job and I hope he’s the next president

  30. Avatar

    I can see trump in the lab mixing chemicals up making these vaccines

  31. Avatar
    siegmund Fuchsbrugger

    Harris is just embarrassing

  32. Avatar

    I wouldn't take it either because Trump has lied so badly!!!

  33. Avatar

    40% of all covid deaths were from nursing homes governors putting sick folks with healthy.

  34. Avatar

    This is why other countries are laughing at USA.

  35. Avatar

    Pence destroyed her and you all know it. The media is comical in their bias.

  36. Avatar

    Because it was proven Russia hacked into our election in 2016! Where have you been?

  37. Avatar

    At least they’re listening each other unlike trump and Biden 😂😂💀

  38. Avatar

    Biased bullcrap editing. Wapo will never have our respect.

  39. Avatar

    Harris says she would believe Fauci who says Trump has done alot on Covid and saved many lives…

  40. Avatar

    Pence destroyed Harris.

  41. Avatar

    Harris lied about raising taxes, she lied about her stance on fracking, she dodged court packing question by using the race card and giving history lesson on Lincoln..Biden has had knowledge that the trump Russia collusion was nothing more than a smear campaign designed by Hilary and weaponized by liberal media

  42. Avatar
    xXhelionXx21 bonin

    Biased and one way trash.

  43. Avatar

    Washington post is trash.

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