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Open Wide: Dentists under pressure to drill ‘healthy teeth’ for profit | USA TODAY

A fast-growing dental chain pressures dentists to hit revenue targets daily, leading to claims of root canals and treatments patients don’t need.
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  1. Avatar

    Another classic example of letting Corporations destroying private businesses, the only thing that matters is money for their stockholders.

  2. Avatar

    "Every patient was a dollar sign" this too accurate to misunderstand describing mad men with criminal minds

  3. Avatar

    Ninety nine percent if not Everything about this documentary is the truth. People just don't know that this alternate reality exists in the medical world hidden in plain sight.

  4. Avatar

    WOW. This is sick. everything is becoming a business and lack of patient care. How fast they can finish each patients. DO NO HARM…

  5. Avatar

    That's happened to me many times by one dentist I trusted. She always had a huge list of things wrong with my teeth. Finally the insurance caught them

  6. Avatar

    Go to Algodones,Mexico cheap Dental Service, mostly seniors from USA tourist.

  7. Avatar

    People who live in the north like Ohio & Michigan etc please please share this video with your friends and family asap!! Unfortunately, this is very very real could even be happening to your children! I had one of those "dollar sign dentist" or NADG dentists, he said I had to have all my top back teeth removed AND bottoms and he would try to fix the front but he gave me caps that looked like horse teeth after filing my teeth down to stubs then the caps fell out! 🥺 Needless to say my Beautiful smile was ruined, I'm basically a hermit who never smiles or talks freely to others besides my family because I'm embarrased I have little to no teeth left.
    I have to get dentures at 35 years old… that dentist ruined my life! 😞🦷🦷🦷🦷🦷🦷🦷
    I'm so traumatized of going to another dentist to get dentures because of what happened to me.

  8. Avatar

    All I know is if that was me. LAWSUIT.

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