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Ontario's COVID-19 numbers 'moving in the wrong direction,' says infectious disease specialist

Ontario recorded more than 1,000 new cases of COVID-19 for the first time on Sunday. Infectious disease specialist Dr. Isaac Bogoch says the province’s seven-day average of case counts is ‘moving in the wrong direction.’

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  1. Avatar

    This guy is to happy and acts like everything it’s fine ok ,you guff people are losing their life’s here !

  2. Avatar

    I don’t understand why people are travelling. I would never go anywhere. How are they comfortable with doing that. Can’t people just stay home and not travel, don’t party for awhile. 😷💜

  3. Avatar

    The truth will not be silenced
    Search" the line canada"

    Protect our charter of rights

  4. Avatar

    Try controlling borders and shutting down nonessential services!!! There is no doubt the numbers are increasing with the relaxation of Covid shutdowns without a viable vaccine in place! Thanksgiving is a safe holiday with family staying within there familial bubbles! Good luck with Halloween when you haven’t provided detailed instruction on how to safely celebrate the holidays!!! Who doesn’t know what pickle ball is? Really?! Stay on target

  5. Avatar
    Bearsky SheBearsky

    stop lying!

  6. Avatar
    Bearsky SheBearsky

    stop lying!

  7. Avatar
    Bearsky SheBearsky

    stop lying!

  8. Avatar

    I find it so weird how the numbers per day are always just a little bit higher than the day prior.

    Very odd how they have always managed to keep just a steadily increase despite the huge variance in testing.

  9. Avatar

    We are heading closer to herd immunity. More testing more exposure and less mortality and hospitalizations if we consider the ratio as a percentage rather than total numbers. Very optimistic. When did we think that we could eliminate the virus with shutdowns? We flattened the curve but lengthened the virus exposure.

  10. Avatar

    run away! be afraid!!!

  11. Avatar
    Bearsky SheBearsky

    resign you news people – no one believes you here ! do you read the comments? get real if you care about your karma!

  12. Avatar
    Paula Dixon Insurance Broker

    What is the deal? And this guy and his "may", "don't knows" and "maybe". They should have done the test at the border like Taiwan. And at this point the entire country should be tested. So we can start tracking. We had 7 months to be prepared, we are failing miserably. WHY!!

  13. Avatar

    Lock Canada down now !

  14. Avatar

    If this virus is so deadly, why are they still allowing plane loads here from high case countries? When borders are shut and Covid deaths increase significantly (not only nursing home cases), then maybe it will be taken seriously.

  15. Avatar

    Highest deficit in G20 highest unemployment in G7

  16. Avatar

    The government isn’t doing enough, everyone should live in bubbles and not be allowed outside for the remainder of human existence, that should stop the spread. You aren’t doing enough CBC, shut down all jobs and life.

  17. Avatar

    A virus so deadly it takes two weeks to see results.

  18. Avatar
    Combat Sports 6ix

    Comical because before thanksgiving ford said were bending the curve and same thing by Elliott a week ago. They need to be removed from office they are inept

  19. Avatar

    The rise in 'cases' 'may' be the result of Thanksgiving gatherings…..but then the thousands who protest in downtown Toronto every Saturday are not even mentioned and the spikes don't correlate with the protests. Dr. Eileen De Villa said, about this, “We did this before. We forced back the rise in infections last spring. If we limit our contact, keep our distance, and wear our masks, we will contribute significantly to the ability to limit virus spread and that is the most important thing of all,” she added. BUT, we did that without masks!! Explain 'that'. Stop asymptomatic testing and we will see the 'cases' go down.

  20. Avatar

    COMMON FLUE is completely eradicated from the planet Earth, and replaced with less lethal COVID 19. Government needed to change the NAME in order to enslave you into Orwellian World – by perpetuating FEAR.

  21. Avatar

    GRIM new milestone! Ouch! Scary indeed,…. except when only 1//2 of 1 percent are dying of it and most of those were already respitorially compromized!

  22. Avatar

    So the recent lockdown is not working, open up Ontario, take Zinc and Vitamin D3 and enjoy your life.

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