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Ontario tightens restrictions in 3 major areas to curb the spread of COVID-19

Toronto, Ottawa, and Peel Region are moving to modified Stage 2 restrictions for at least 28 days amid 939 new cases of COVID-19. The new measures are set to begin at midnight and include prohibiting indoor dining at restaurants and bars, and closing gyms, movie theatres and casinos.

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  1. Avatar

    LOCKDOWNs have few Purposes ….. MOST will see it as a means of mass control, with population control… Some will see a Global Human – Experiment …. FEW will see what is happening behind the elitists' curtain of concealment…

    With the masses quarantined and out of the way :
    1) 🔴Governments around the world, will have the ability to access their countries resources better or eliminate resources of their choosing. (using military/police/ government regulators and security forces)
    2) 🔴The Ability to weed out / exterminate; the competition/resistance to their 600yr old agenda.
    3) 🔴The Ability to administer a new phase of rule/law/control over the programmed people.
    People independence will be more restricted as quarantines become the norm.
    The slaves to modern conveniences will loose the ability to self govern themselves and become dependant on a government dictatorship.
    4) 🔴The Ability to deliver more misinformation (news/science findings/belief systems etc) to the populations and weed out the agitators. Sheeple People will be united and conditioned by the system to attack anyone whom is not with the program.
    5)🔴 These techniques of mass quarantine will give researchers & governments, the ability to observe and calculate where are the weakest parts of their territory are (largest rioters /protest gatherings),
    the greatest resources are (food, minerals oil/gas, etc),
    the largest threats to their agenda (which states are not falling inline)
    and new measures will be initiated for the ruling government (corporations )and act accordingly in the next installed quarantine
    6) 🔴New plans for creating sectors within larger boundaries and placing enforcement stations within these sectors
    7) 🔴Flooding dissident communities with fear, drugs and chaos to decrease the population ..or neglect them needed health services, education, or proper policing services.
    8) 🔴Maintain the separations between hi-class from (middle) low-class to creating a larger poverty-class , groups…using banking financial services, housing, agriculture , labour forces, increased unemployment into essential workforce, restricted technology, providing less emergency aid due to environmental weather conditions (hurricanes, floods, etc) etc..
    9) 🔴Lockdowns will create chaos (conflicts to outright violence) and increase mental health issues (depression and increased suicides) ..these places with the most cases, will be monitored and researched by government and corporations.
    10) 🔴The ability to program future generations (your grandchildren's children's) thought / belief processes , to the continuance of the Grand Agenda. Control of Your Children's children is the greatest Resource to the Elitists.
    11) 🔴Trillions of dollars to be made by the Elitists during this Lockdown phase and in its aftermath stages, with medical services and administering untested drugs , new energy developments, new security's in place, Transportation restrictions and conditions in place, food distributions will be more controlled, production of same products with higher prices will be initiated, Hard cash will be converted to plastic cash , communications will be monitored more and limited, Prisons will be increased in population and sizes, more restrictions on independent self sufficiency food procurements (gardens, water harvesting, land management etc) …etc etc.

    LOCK DOWNS have an Agenda

  2. Avatar
    Christopher Steininger

    More gross 'health experts'. Physiognomy check? Whatever these gross sacks of garbage are selling, I'm not buying. They all look sick. Karma.

  3. Avatar

    Close the schools? Lol

  4. Avatar

    Doug Ford is a flop. "CLOSED FOR BUSINESS" I voted for him. he will not get my vote again

  5. Avatar

    Where does ford live

  6. Avatar
    Deborah Tofflemire

    Bull this i s not true false positives People are not dieting from it The masks don’t do what they say Give people nutrients. Get them healthy Dieting with doesn’t mean dyeing from it. Supply good health first.

  7. Avatar

    I'll never listen beta males like these

  8. Avatar

    Roses are red violets blue are you lieing or am I dieing ?

  9. Avatar

    I’m glad I live in BC now and not Ontario. I don’t have to look at or listen to the reprehensible Doug Ford anymore.😊👍🏾

  10. Avatar


  11. Avatar

    Amazing how the WHO just basically begged world leaders to end lockdowns. These people have got to go.

  12. Avatar

    Well at least the CBC doesn't use bots to up their like count, lol.

  13. Avatar

    We don't believe the government nor the lying media.

  14. Avatar

    What does the CBC know about Canadian Concentration camps the Federal Government wants to build? I expect a cricket/ no answer response from our taxpayer funded news organization.

  15. Avatar

    Rothchild's BLUEPRINT, working HARD to DESTROY us. Politicians are the puppets of the ELITES, end of!

  16. Avatar

    This female doctor should be ashamed!

  17. Avatar
    Chantal Pelletier

    The archons ,reptilians,….🦎🦎🦎🦎 controls the puppets .Light will destroy them🙏🙏 5d… they have no soul and can not go to the 5 d….. 🙏🙏🙏

  18. Avatar

    Please present the science that shows that mass closures prevent the spread of the disease.

  19. Avatar

    If a right-leaning party in Canada were to campaign on a no new closures platform right now, they would win in a landslide.

  20. Avatar

    FEAR, FEAR, FEAR……oooohhhh

  21. Avatar

    The female doctor looks like shes got something worse than the Cov

  22. Avatar
    corstiaan dewaard

    OK….baby ford ask the west to fight USA…(trump)…what is he thinking…

  23. Avatar

    Why can’t Canadians take the cure now that there is one. What has overpaid government done about talking to big pharma and getting the cure for Canadians, instead of pushing the Virus King Gates vaccines.

  24. Avatar

    As of 10/09/2020 & CDC site. 2997 deaths minus LTC Homes 1880 = 1117 ÷ 14,000,000 = .00797% or 99.9203 survival. People in hospital with Covid19 is 225.

  25. Avatar

    The community needs to wake up and see how they managed to take away our human rights that we are entitled to. If you do not put your foot down now (and your useless mask) they will divide us as a community and we will see a holocaust scenario.

  26. Avatar

    Next on the agenda: nationwide martial law.

    Think it can't happen? Backpedal a year and ask yourself if you could've ever dreamed it possible that our country/world would be in the state it's in now.

  27. Avatar
    Concerned Citizen

    Obviously their measures and methods have not worked. Yet Ontario continues to do the same…. What’s the definition of stupidity!

  28. Avatar

    I can’t believe he’s saying this BS

  29. Avatar

    PM Ford as proven to be a ignorant push over just like the rest of Hockey Nation Canada's political puppets. What a sad and pathetic state of affairs.

  30. Avatar

    Corruption and lies

  31. Avatar

    Governments and health officials are losing credibility in this fight and it's spilling in to the streets.

  32. Avatar

    covid = regular flu = happens every year = yes, there are unfortunately some deaths esp amongst the elderly = get over it and stop pushing fear to propagate more control measures

  33. Avatar

    Ford will be the first to break his own "rules", "demands" ….

  34. Avatar

    Why would people even go or participate in these activities during a pandemic. Where is respect for our families friends and community?

  35. Avatar

    This is all based on Germ theory created by 33 Deg freemason Loui Pasture in 1860. This theory is a lie. Please study terrain theory. That how it really works. You can't trust google so use yandex for your searches.

  36. Avatar

    Lies lies lies. The people are not falling for your plot. The people will soon uprise .

  37. Avatar

    Rocco is coming for you! Stop the lies

  38. Avatar
    Hostis Humani Generis

    Doughnut Douglas seems has forgotten who elected him and is too enamoured with his current positive polling numbers to do what is right or at least explain his actions.

  39. Avatar

    I would like to know why of 5 nurses and 1 doctor I have recently spoken to that only 1 of the nurses who directly works with the sick, has heard of only 2 positive covid cases since this began.

  40. Avatar

    Doug FRAUD for prison 2020 👈

  41. Avatar

    the number of cases is meaningless. what we need to know is how many are in hospital with the virus by age group. it looks like they are trying to prevent herd immunity. and they are shutting down the places where people go to talk and compare notes. this is so dispicable. we can never elect these people again. they are purposefully destroying our country.

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