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Ontario reports record 978 new COVID-19 cases

Ontario reported 978 new cases of COVID-19 on Saturday, the most reported in the province in a single day. Quebec reported more than 1,000 cases for the fifth time in seven days.

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  1. Avatar

    978 new cases
    Will from Pirates of the Carribean: That's not good enough!

  2. Avatar

    99.8% of people with Covid 19 survive . There is therapeutics HCQ and IVERMECTIN . Only need is to look after the weak and elderly . The sky is not falling and there is no boogie man in the basement . Next villain will be Christmas . Get ready to be very afraid

  3. Avatar

    Somewhere in 2020 this happened!

  4. Avatar

    Just stop. Nobody's listening anymore.

  5. Avatar

    Everyone will be fine 😂 settle dow liberals we only care about Hospitalization numbers

  6. Avatar

    Pandemics are NOT made by cases !!! We don't have a pandemic every cold season – even though there are millions who get the same cold. On top of that, how many are false positives – oh and lets not forget that they haven't even isolated covid 19 so what exactly are they testing positive for???

  7. Avatar
    gaby Valadez show

    nobody believes this bs anymore

  8. Avatar

    more ''asymptomatic'' cases because of more tests. a test at 40-45 cycles detecting dead traces of a virus from months ago. No symptoms, you can't give what you don't have. Wake up! this is a sham. all they want is control and impose a vaccine. big pharmas, world banks, globalists influencing governments around the world $$$$. we are paying the price so elites can make money. This is INSANITY"

  9. Avatar

    Surprise surprise comments enabled!

  10. Avatar

    Ontario needs a real leader; Doug Ford needs to step down.

  11. Avatar

    How many deaths? You’d think people being sick and getting over an illness would be normal in the 21st century and not sensationalized.

  12. Avatar

    can we have a border patrol on the enterences to Ottawa.

  13. Avatar

    Welcome to the Great Reset

  14. Avatar

    I beg you people we need to shut down for at least 19 more months

  15. Avatar

    China doesn't careeeeee! They are immunized carriers who only need a carona virus to create covid19!

  16. Avatar

    How sick is our Government to test people for no reason whatsoever.Looking for a reason to lock us down again?

  17. Avatar

    The lockdown isn't working!.. what do we do? MORE LOCKDOWNS!

  18. Avatar

    Who cares …. there’s 35,000,000 people in Canada, 978 cases and 2107 active is 0.0000167 % of the population …

  19. Avatar

    Well…get ready for more closures…

  20. Avatar

    5 million people have entered canada without quarantining. They were allowed in.

  21. Avatar

    A lot of cases came from outside of canada.

  22. Avatar

    The government fails to tell the public the who why where or when of each transmission. They must have an agreement with the virus to protect it.

  23. Avatar

    Canadian border is weaker now because the government is allowing relatives in, before it was not allowed.

  24. Avatar

    This is God's retribution on easterner's for your economic attacks on Alberta. Burn fuckers burn.

  25. Avatar

    Inb4 more lockdowns. Oh lordy.

  26. Avatar

    Shutdowns were a failure.

  27. Avatar

    100% Communism take over in Canada, US ect. The whole world over an invisible enemy. They have us right where they want us. Laughing their heads off.

  28. Avatar

    We need a new government this is ridiculous

  29. Avatar

    Cbc should have a section at Brazzers. 🤓

  30. Avatar

    The idiocracy even abundant here in Canada keeps manifesting itself with idiotic comments out here, disregard for the facts and guidelines set forth by the experts, and half baked and half brained conspiracy theories.

  31. Avatar

    Notice how nobody in the government or media are affected?

  32. Avatar

    Tired of hearing this!!👺

  33. Avatar

    We simply aren't trying hard enough. We should be going to 1,000! (wait, what?)

  34. Avatar
    HyperArcadeSystems By Christopher Shaw and Team

    CBC is the enemy of the people.

    Open up businesses, as its obvious that its spreading at home, not in commercial establishments. They wont be here next winter otherwise.

  35. Avatar

    984 out of millions. be very very afraid.

  36. Avatar

    Just report deaths please!

  37. Avatar
    Andre Dixon Blackett

    I'm going to assume the 28 day closing gyms and etc will be more?

  38. Avatar

    How do they get the actual test results to prove people have the virus so fast? 44,000 tests and they got instant results? Yeah right.

  39. Avatar

    It is cold and flu season !Should all have Hydrochloriquine as a back up !Its over the counter in Africa apparently works fine !

  40. Avatar

    Nov4, game over, Trump wins and COVID no more required.

  41. Avatar

    Ok, stop testing, then you'll have no cases. People who actually need medical help can go get it, and people in good health who get it can do what they usually do when they catch a cold or flu virus – rest, drink fluids, and carry on with their lives.

  42. Avatar

    the one thing more frightening than corona virus is the fact that the covidiots in this comment section have a vote.

    if you are frightened of becoming ill and incapacitated, one way of self soothing is to pretend nothing is wrong, just play the odds however bad and dont think about what could happen. surrounding yourself with others who are similarly confused and frightened by the real world and you can convince yourself that yourself delusion has reality. herd mentality, the consensus arrived at by those least qualified with the lowest quality information, will always be wrong.

  43. Avatar

    Masks helped so much omg I’m so thankful. What a joke.

  44. Avatar

    More lies and deceit, from the hypocrisy government of Ontario!!!!!! They are colds!! Quit believing the government lies!!!!!!

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