Home / News / Ontario long-term care problems a result of privatization, says union president

Ontario long-term care problems a result of privatization, says union president

Unifor President Jerry Dias weighs in on recent revelations about the disturbing conditions and practices observed in some Ontario long-term care facilities.

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  1. Avatar
    Tammy McConnell

    Not for profit is the way to go.

  2. Avatar

    Mike Harris should be credited for the deaths….but I'll settle for "privatization kills" moto moving forward, we should never do it again when it comes to healthcare.

  3. Avatar

    Water is wet and the Leafs are perpetually overrated.

  4. Avatar

    Never privatize essential services.

  5. Avatar

    The problem is this: Care aids in these homes have never been paid enough while they do the majority of the work, therefore having to work in several homes at a time. These homes are NOT run like hospitals… The Admins. and the nurses get a good wage, while the care aids and cleaning staff, who do the majority of the work, get pay that is much less. This is why there is nobody wanting to work…or don't really care about the job in the first place. It's insulting when the Gvmt thinks that throwing money at these issues will solve anything.
    Has anybody raised questions about the Gvmt. accreditation programs..??. as in, these homes have to pass an accreditation inspection in order to be licensed…. and re-licensed.
    This has been an ongoing issue for a long, long time in this country.
    ….and in typical Gvmt fashion.. Blame the Unions! Blame the private owners! ( which is not really a stretch) Hypocrites, every one of them.

  6. Avatar

    unions are also a disgrace

  7. Avatar

    You know where you get money, taxes. The one thing you won't do, raise taxes o. O…

  8. Avatar

    He's hitting the right tone, it's about who's going to fix it

  9. Avatar

    Are these care homes regulated? Seems not , or else they are not complying with the rules and are getting away with it . The senior population is expanding across the country. Their care will require an increase in the number of employees at all levels. Canadians generally are not willing to work in this industry given the poor compensation. From where will we source the necessary workers ? Thanks to Covid we must now address this growing national crisis.

  10. Avatar

    The unions are looking to expand their power over Canada and eliminate their competition the private sector. His obvious conflict of interest should disqualify him being treated as an authority on this matter.

  11. Avatar

    Cut , cut and cut , profit , profit and profit, remember craped 2 days of the paid sick leave for all workers who didn't have any coverages, yes it was symbolic but something, that was bothering establishment, and talking about compassion, very naïve. There is endless changes Ford government did to change legislations harming workers and diminishing their rights in order to secure " Work to live " agenda, from privacy acts to labour laws. Practically government isn't accountable for nothing, workers to blame because they should come to work when they sick, they always pretending and abusing system, workers are the problem in the Eyes of those who are obsessed with greed and profit at all cost !

  12. Avatar

    Jerry Dias…he's not in jail ???

  13. Avatar

    Government run and all the problems will just simply go away. If that were the case then everything including your freedom should be controlled by the government. Wait I think this idea has been tried somewhere before with "educational camps" for those that don't toe the line!

  14. Avatar

    Mike Harris strikes again. What a disaster he was to Ontario. They are still paying the price for that arsehole.
    Here in BC, we had the right wing liberals that privatized our care homes. My wife is a care aid, and she turned to me one day and said, " Don't let me end up in one of these places". Yeah.

  15. Avatar

    Employees not recieved Pandamic pay premium yet
    staff ratio in long term care facilities are horrible

  16. Avatar

    The free market will solve this. Ambitious entrepreneurs will look at this situation and offer a better version of the services. It's a common principle that underpins the market. We do not need Government regulation.

  17. Avatar

    Didn't we bail out the car industry. That was once a profit industry.

  18. Avatar

    Hmmm – he just said he tried to contact the Premiere in December to do something and he didn't even reply ! Did you catch that everyone ! Wake up people !

  19. Avatar
    René Gauthier

    My nightmare is getting old under the current circumstances. Meanwhile I try not getting a parking ticket and stop at stop signs everyday while I get paid minimum wage.

  20. Avatar

    Is it just me or is ford pivoting to the left?

  21. Avatar
    Brexit Refugee

    Oh. Look. The ford nation fascist wants federal government money after cutting off billions from his own government. What a fascist little baby.

  22. Avatar

    I run a "for-profit" foster care agency. Sometimes I don't even pay myself (and no dividends). The difference between my company and these large publicly traded companies is that I'm a small business focusing on delivering the best care possible, the large corporations are focused on delivering the most profit possible. Profits should be focused on maximizing Admin and other managerial roles and should never be on the backs of the frontline workers. If my Excel sheet says that paying my workers more means I have to downgrade my vacation from a cruise to a provincial park I'm fine with that. There should be no tycoons in social assistance programs.

  23. Avatar
    lesia Pellerino

    I agree, Harris!

  24. Avatar

    Yeah right, learn how to save money first!!!! Fricking gong show. Yeah goodluck. Every department has no clue and turn their heads , the salary still will be in the acct next month. Yeah. Whatever

  25. Avatar

    It Is The Union That Is The Problem…Bunch Of Losers.

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