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Ontario is sending COVID-19 swabs to California lab for processing

Swabs from COVID-19 tests being done at Ontario pharmacies are being sent to a lab in California for analysis before being shipped back to Canada.

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  1. Avatar

    university labs and students could be doing this work

  2. Avatar

    Awesome to see the two tier system! Better than having Canadians with money leave the country for better/quicker health service.

  3. Avatar
    Rustybucket & the Battery Clamps

    But but Trump Baahaaa too funny No Reeeeeeeeee

  4. Avatar

    Scamalamadingdong…..all a gang of f a l s e p o s i t i v e s e e k e r s r e a d i n g from the same p l a y b o o k

  5. Avatar

    So let me get this straight, instead of repurposing their civil service to work in the labs (yes, it means training courses), they are instead sending them to a lab that is already dealing with their own local backlog let alone ours, or a lab that was never cleared to perform tests in a desperate market, but their second rate status is good enough for the citizens of Ontario. Am I understanding this right? The thing is that NO ONE has spare medical or lab personnel right now as everyone is too busy with their own areas. Thus, if some lab is taking our work when California itself is screaming for tests, that means that the lab we are sending it to was rated as too low of a standard even for their own neighborhood, and we are giving them more money than if we did it ourselves. Remember that it was the politicians and the rich who decided that we didn't need the medical infrastructure…

  6. Avatar

    I just don't get why Canada is sending the swabs to California. In Spain we are in such a mess and we are doing the covid tests in national labs.

  7. Avatar

    These private labs practices have been going on for years including vaccines in the fall annually.
    Govt. Needs to look into this seriously.

  8. Avatar

    This country is the new joke 😅

  9. Avatar

    DNA mining.

  10. Avatar

    The hell, get the results a week later or more, every doctor will tell you those tests will be pointless. Why not hire more Canadians to do the work? Some of us could use the work.

  11. Avatar

    I’m qualified to be a lab tech in ontario and there are no new jobs because of coronavirus. This makes no sense, they should be opening more labs, hiring new lab techs, and conducting wayyyy more tests. The more tests you can do the safer the country is, so someone needs to put pressure on the gov to increase capacity internally.

  12. Avatar
    Redneck Raceway - Canada Ont.

    What happens with our DNA when the testing is done ? Do they record it all and store it for use later or is it destroyed ? I get the feeling this is just away to catalogue our DNA and monitor us !

  13. Avatar

    Shipping the swabs from Toronto all the way to California and back, and "we don't know if it's any faster or slower" WTF

  14. Avatar

    Grapefruits , Goats and Sheep test positive for corona .
    People with a cold , flu or exposure to corona in the last 43 years test positive or show immunities because they had it years ago.
    Corona is at least 43 years old folks .

    Dr. Fauci wrote papers on it and HCQ in the 70's

  15. Avatar


    OMG 😍💖❤️ 💋💝



  16. Avatar
    Lizbeth Durham Amelie Parks

    Awesome 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  17. Avatar

    Ontario and Quebec are dragging the nation down. Their leadership is irresponsible and their populous is a disgrace. Get you act together!

  18. Avatar

    Boot Ford out and save lives.

  19. Avatar


  20. Avatar
    Phyllobates Terribilis

    Canada is a laughingstock.

  21. Avatar

    What happened to “trying to be independent” we rely on USA too much as it is…..give Canadians these jobs instead of employing Americans

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