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Ontario couple charged for allegedly violating Quarantine Act after attending anti-mask rally

Toronto police say they have charged a man and woman after both allegedly broke the federal Quarantine Act by attending a non-mask-wearing rally when they should have been quarantining after travelling abroad within the last 14 days.

Police said the man and the woman were seen attending a 500-person rally on Saturday where non-masked demonstrators protested against public health measures meant to help curb the spread of COVID-19.

On Monday, 37-year-old Christopher Saccoccia, also known as Chris Sky, and 34-year-old Jennifer Saccoccia were both charged with failure to comply with an order prohibiting or subjecting to any condition the entry into Canada.

Both accused are scheduled to appear virtually in a Toronto court on Nov. 12.

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  1. Avatar

    Yo this dude is a dummy- more fines

  2. Avatar

    IDIOTS 🤦‍♀️

  3. Avatar

    Unified uncomplaince!! I support that! … also vote for herd immunity! Let it spread.

  4. Avatar

    They have been out protesting since lockdown started, They seem like intelligent decent people and I support them.

  5. Avatar

    So they are saying masks doesn’t help? So why are the cases and death rate so low in Singapore where masks are mandatory 🧐

  6. Avatar

    You can tell he's a jerk

  7. Avatar

    Can’t help stupidly

  8. Avatar

    NO….they were charged because they were the ones who organized the rally against COVID restrictions. Tell the truth! This was done to send out a message to all of us who are "resisting" the Global Cabal with regards to this "plannedemic". What is happening in Australia is now slowly coming to Canada…

  9. Avatar

    can you say STUPID.

  10. Avatar

    You cannot prove that refusing to put a mask on by an average citizen "harms people".

    That is just a theory very loosely based on unacceptable extrapolations from very special cases where masks could be helpful.

    The way this theory is being pushed and enforced reminds of all the anthropological theories by the Nazis that lead to scientifically justify genocide.

  11. Avatar

    They are going to rip the govt a new one! Can't wait to see what happens!

  12. Avatar

    Live free or die

  13. Avatar
    The Cheese Factor

    I hope they all get covid

  14. Avatar
    Man bahadur Tamang

    He is not canadian orginally ….

  15. Avatar

    Masks are for sheep 🐑
    No thanks

  16. Avatar

    This couple not very bright nor are the people that support them.

  17. Avatar

    She has too much plastic

  18. Avatar

    its not anti mask. its anti lockdown

  19. Avatar
    Indigo-Angel Productions

    The Man is a Modern Day Martyr

  20. Avatar

    Is that sasha baren Cohen?

  21. Avatar

    Don't be afraid of Covid. Don't let it dominate your life.

  22. Avatar

    The fungal growth on his neck looks more serious than the covids.

  23. Avatar

    Its a god dam runny nose. It's over.. its over…

  24. Avatar

    Rights? So, if your A symptomatic and are spreading the disease….and ya kill someone, what about that person's rights. Have we all become divided like the USA? LOOK AT THEIR NUMBERS…FACTS DONT LIE, PEOPLE DO

  25. Avatar

    Someone tell him this is a bad way to try to get famous.

  26. Avatar

    These people are more ridiculous than they look.

  27. Avatar

    "RULES and PRINCIPLES where DRAWN up to ACCOMMODATE the abusers!" We all will die sometime or another…this is life.😷👍….

  28. Avatar

    Well you have to be a little bit fair to his side….bleach kills the virus and there is enough bleach in his and his wife's hair, teeth and skin that there is no way in hell they will ever get the virus. The rest of us though that are not a walking bottle of bleach should wear a mask to protect the fellow human beings around us.

  29. Avatar

    I just wanted to comment to everyone who have did their research on both sides of the covid pandemic. Thank you so much for yourself and others that you looked hard at both sides of things and did hard work to make your informed decision regards to everything going on. To everyone else who has done nothing but watch global news, I will be praying you open on your beautiful mind and start searching on any topic both sides of any story. I pray you will wake up and truly learn both sides and everything else in between. Also to all the mean people commenting on their looks, are you kidding me? Judging someone is terrible but judging them by their looks? Come on! Were are all the beautifully smart wonderfull Canadian Women and Men??? Please stand up

  30. Avatar

    I would say I hope this gets back to his employer and they fire him for his stupidity but it is pretty apparent a guy like this doesn't have much of a job. McDonald's usually doesn't worry about the outside interests of their employees as long as they don't burn the fries. And a strip club would never fire his wife as long as she shows her breast and people still buy beer. On the off chance she is let go she will still make money as independent escort….maybe he is pimping her on side.

  31. Avatar

    I'm sure the courts will be totally fair lol..

  32. Avatar
    Hostis Humani Generis

    We need people to challenge the system. This is how we keep the politicians honest. We have far too many sheep in this country. The same people who don’t vote, but yet you have an opinion, now.

  33. Avatar

    If he gets sick, no hospital for you!

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