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Online users say this Peloton ad is sexist. Here's what it portrays.

A Peloton ad that published online Nov. 21, and portrayed a woman being gifted a stationary bike became a target of social media criticism in early December. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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    Well just because you look thin that doesn't mean you are in shape. Exercise for me is fun and work. You get the best workout when you don't expect it sometimes. And setting goals is awesome too. Started running at 43 and never looked back. I went from fat to skinny but I'm still ugly as f*ck. Lol! But happy!

  2. Avatar

    She doesn't need an exercise bike she needs to get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich.

  3. Avatar

    IDK about sexist, but she seemed to be in shape already lol

  4. Avatar

    I hope that as the ad is spread via re-shares by those who hate it that the sales of the bike go up. 😂😂😂

  5. Avatar

    People stop coddling your children, they are growing up to be total pussies.

  6. Avatar

    They can't win. If they put someone on the bike that clearly needed it, they would be blasted for fat shaming. Leftism is a cancer.

  7. Avatar

    Dont fret shuttle ships to mars are coming soon. You fruitloop women can have it all to yourselves no man for millions of miles. Volunteer for the maiden voyage today.

  8. Avatar

    Sexist? meh. It is terrible though. Who cares about some broad who films herself all the time in vertical? Should be flagged for showing a freakishly self absorbed load of bile. Oh ya that is what all the kids enjoy! Not people who can afford a $3000 stationary bicycle. Here is a better plan, put the goddamn phone down, go outside, walk you fat asses!

  9. Avatar

    Ppl so sensitive. So its ok to bragg about going to spin classes on social media, but buy u an exercise bike & that's sexist? Huh.

  10. Avatar

    A lot of ads the past few years have always been sexist misandrist!

  11. Avatar

    The left always has to be mad about something. How dare people exercise!!! FFS lefties, get a life of your own instead of worrying about everyone else.

  12. Avatar

    Another overreach of social justice warriors who need to get a life.

  13. Avatar

    My wife is well equipped to do her womanly jobs of cooking cleaning doing laundry and raising the kids.

  14. Avatar

    Who let her out of the kitchen to ride a bike?

  15. Avatar

    Label all fitness club gyms as:

  16. Avatar

    The music in this video makes my ears bleed and the text disappears too fast. Nice job editors

  17. Avatar

    How dare you report this leftist SJW drivel and waste our lives with your SJW fantasies!

  18. Avatar

    Its sexist because she is suppose to be in the kitchen, not on a $2000 bike

  19. Avatar

    Must weird being mad at everything all the time

  20. Avatar

    It is amazing how many people are quick to say that Peleton is overpriced or not worth it without having tried it. As an avid outdoor cyclist, I can attest that Peleton is cheaper than a decent road, mountain, or gravel bike, and completely worth the price if you have the disposable income. It is not inexpensive, but it is cheaper and more convenient than going to spin classes in a gym or studio. I got one a month ago- I love it and highly recommend it.

  21. Avatar

    What!! Outraged people on the internet? Stop the presses!

  22. Avatar

    Isnt she supposed to be cooking or washing clothes?

  23. Avatar

    LoL…I wouldn't call it sexist, but saw this ad and went ICK….NOPE! Not for me, back to the Y in my granny sweats.

  24. Avatar

    If one of those bikes is what it takes to be as hot as that chick I say bikes for all!

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