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OnePlus Buds Z – Set Your Music Free

Featuring incredible water and sweat resistance, booming bass and long-lasting battery life, #OnePlusBudsZ is your perfect workout partner.

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  1. Avatar

    Pretty sure it will be good functionally but the design is unpleasant, if oneplus can benchmark (copy) phone design elements from Samsung, they should probably do the same for their buds too.. check out galaxy buds live and Bose and jabra… cmon guys can someone in oneplus recruit someone who has some design sense ?? Technology I have no doubt in their capabilities but designer needs to be replaced with someone who has better view forward

  2. Avatar

    Bik gai hai yeh one plus company sb mil k hume pagal bana rahe hai.

  3. Avatar

    When will get get nosie cancelation in oneplus? Fans who want em, like this.

  4. Avatar

    What's the difference between this & the other bud available in OnePlus?

  5. Avatar
    अविनाश मीणा सत्तावन

    इंडिया में कब तक आएंगे

  6. Avatar

    We need a better mic and ANC.

  7. Avatar

    When does the special edition come out?

  8. Avatar

    Wow I don't have this headset but still in my earphones this music sounds great 😁😁😁

  9. Avatar

    "No white people were harmed while shooting this video." 🤣 No but seriously, this whole leftist PC thing is getting way out of hand.

  10. Avatar

    So only one colour?

  11. Avatar

    This is not fair..😭

  12. Avatar

    design is aweful

  13. Avatar

    Hmmmm. I want.

  14. Avatar

    Why i cant buy these on amazon???

  15. Avatar

    When the grey colour will be available for purchase.

  16. Avatar
    Manula Jayawardhana

    Frickin include a default music app like Sony!!

  17. Avatar

    I need IT! 🤩

  18. Avatar
    Chandrasekhar Dwivedi

    It's incredible how good they are at copying apple in making ads even 😂

  19. Avatar

    Ooof this is just too similar to AirPods Pro

  20. Avatar
    The Anonymus Apdroid

    lmao why does every phone company enters the headphone market 😂😅

  21. Avatar

    No active noice cancelation, no wireless charging, only dubbel tap function.. I don't understand why oneplus first make a really good premium phone (8pro) and then only cheap – non premium – accessories. With a premium phone you need premium accessories. What a bullshit. For what the reverse wireless charging on the 8pro? I feel scammed for buying this phone.

  22. Avatar

    Flying bunnies on the thumbnail 🐰🐇

  23. Avatar

    OnePlus – Never Settle – True

  24. Avatar

    what about the expected price??

  25. Avatar

    Can u guyz also give this to people as giveayay😁

  26. Avatar

    Just copied from Apple🤣🤣 good job One+

  27. Avatar

    Available it for other Android phones

  28. Avatar

    When are they releasing it in india? What's the price?

  29. Avatar

    OMG tough competition to Oppo VIvo Xiomi and real me wireless!!

  30. Avatar

    Please don't buy oneplu buds waste of money

  31. Avatar

    I've order on the very first flash sale! Still watching the video daily! Can't wait to get it in my hands🔥

  32. Avatar

    Want special Edition.!!

  33. Avatar

    Can someone tell me the expected price??

  34. Avatar

    Why to buy One Plus when we have Samsung ? 😃

  35. Avatar

    A company that trying to imitate Apple marketing, but with Alcatel effort. Just look at that thumbnail

  36. Avatar

    Stop copying apple

  37. Avatar

    0:27 who is she ?

  38. Avatar

    Me seeing this video with crossbeats torq

  39. Avatar

    Is it available in Paris ???

  40. Avatar

    Oh nooo. I wanted these

  41. Avatar

    He might have some broken bones, possibly a concussion.

  42. Avatar

    Does it employ aptx hd Bluetooth codec? If it doesn't, its not worth getting

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