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OnePlus 7 Pro – See more on our smoothest device ever

The 6.67 inch Fluid AMOLED display on the OnePlus 7 Pro is our most advanced screen ever. Experience unrivalled smoothness and clarity with a 90 Hz refresh rate and QHD+ resolution. Learn more

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  1. Avatar

    I dont get why they are showing off and teasing s10 when the display is made by samsung xD

  2. Avatar

    Lol why don't they include their notch phone like the 7,6t, and 6

  3. Avatar

    You'll miss your stop!
    NOTCH again.

  4. Avatar

    When is One plus 7 going to release?

  5. Avatar

    Some one stole my one plus 6T and i wanted to buy OP7(not yet launched in india) settled with A50 Samsung(4GB ram). It seem better than 6t(8GB). Maybe its new and less loaded but sincerely light weighted mobile feels good in hand and its fast. If any one know how imei tracking works let me know😅😂😂

  6. Avatar

    Was goin to get one , saw the fotnite gameplay ..
    Reality is often disappointing

  7. Avatar

    u not just trolling your competitors, u also trolls your previous gen phones.. i'm a 6T user, i love my phone, but i don't feel good seeing this ad

  8. Avatar

    Your mocking your old phones brah

  9. Avatar

    Plss enable 60 fps on fortnite😭

  10. Avatar

    Oneplus 7 pro : 800€ …
    Honor, Asus and Redmi : take my beers

  11. Avatar

    Omg luv the insult u did for samsung s10's notch!! That was hilarious! 😂

  12. Avatar

    You forgot to mention your phones, for example the brand new OnePlus 7 WITH A NOTCH. 😘

  13. Avatar

    Sumsung with the better resolution though

  14. Avatar

    Yeah, a notch your 6, 6t!! do you kill your selling on your previous generation? Apple never did that, Samsung also never.

  15. Avatar

    Oneplus Is Teasing Samsung Galaxy S10+ 0:05

  16. Avatar

    I'd rather see lower price and headphone jack. Also, where's teardrop notch from OP6-7?

  17. Avatar

    I still don't want a pop up camera tbh. Plus your oled panel is made by the same company your mocking🤣

  18. Avatar

    They mocks themselves :/. The classic OnePlus 7 have a notch duh.

  19. Avatar

    The oneplus 7 has a notch so they are basically mocking it.😂😂

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