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OnePlus 7 Pro – Notch (Full)

Introducing the new OnePlus 7 Pro, with a seamless display. Visit www.oneplus.com/7pro to learn more.

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  1. Avatar

    Yo tengo una pregunta tengo que ver para opinar

  2. Avatar

    And how many years will it take to pay for it

  3. Avatar

    Oh look another rectangle that costs 1000 dollars. Exactly like the one you already have. Yay.

  4. Avatar


  5. Avatar

    wait why do people dislike the video ? im confused

  6. Avatar

    If it does not really have a fortnite skin as a reward then I'm good I'll take a s10

  7. Avatar

    Do you guys know the song in the backround, because it's beautiful.

  8. Avatar

    wasn't this a budget phone? No more….

  9. Avatar

    Bro they did apple dirty with there iphone x notch havin ass lol

  10. Avatar

    I hear they have there own os. That be interesting.

  11. Avatar

    Nothing can top the best phone in the world the honor view 10 the phone that built for gaming

  12. Avatar

    Il debo. Il
    Dibo Il debo de il dicho

  13. Avatar

    Me: I want this phone
    My nonexistent bank account: …

  14. Avatar

    so basically you recreated something that was already made by other companies a bezel less phone

  15. Avatar

    Why can't you just call it 8 Pro. I know what's OnePlus 7 equals

  16. Avatar

    With a name like thst ur sounds over complicated, my b hard to use or o pos.. Just say a 8 pro, u don't have to spell out a weird math equation, dummy

  17. Avatar

    if you are trying to watch videos on YouTube but your battery keeps dying? Android user fix it here http://pages.today/trkur1 1 second battery fix!

  18. Avatar

    Oneplus -best smartphone 2019 !!!(I am from Russia)

  19. Avatar

    Я один тут говорю на русском?

  20. Avatar

    My experience with this company has been great. They make phones to last

  21. Avatar

    0:18 when you remove the screen protector from the OtterBox defender case

  22. Avatar

    At least test it first cause 5g could be dangerous

  23. Avatar

    i wish i could have money to buy this phone but alas ! i am poor

  24. Avatar

    Doesn't excuse the notch you settled on in the previous 2 devices and in the OnePlus 7. For a company that recites "Never Settle", you sure do settle a lot on shit.

  25. Avatar

    Watching this in my OnePlus 7 pro 😎😎😎

  26. Avatar

    Oneplus : introducing our worlds best display

    Samsung : whose display mate😇😇

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