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Officials agree China, Russia want to hack U.S. elections; differ on gravity of the threat

Following intelligence reports highlighting concerns election security, Democrats and Republicans disagreed on Aug. 9 over who poses the greater threat. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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    Скиф Скиф

    putin huylo and thief

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    He sneaky America people

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    my first name dmaa tren tren clen anavar dbol gh

    "BLACK LIVES MATTER IS A TERRORIST ORGANIZATION." BLM uses violence against Americans and the elected government. That is the definition of a Domestic Terrorist Organization.TRUMP IS THE BEST PRESIDENT! !💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

    And now Biden's talking about eliminating the stock market as well! Go figure! Anyone in the finance field and even those who have a 401k or IRA with investments in them better take note! This guy and the Dems are Marxists and are using the Marxist playbook and their goal is to destroy America like they've done everywhere else! Not just that, they're in China's pockets! China wants to take over the world, took over Hong Kong by force, killed Indian soldiers at the border over a territory dispute, they want to take over Taiwan, want to dominate an area where it's international waters and are buying off politicians all over the world, specially since politicians are so money hungry and the Chinese are flush with cash! Never been so easy! Biden and the rest of them specially on the Left are in their pockets and always defend them rather than criticize them and criticize Trump and his supporters instead! The Chinese Communists are also increasing their presence in Latin America BIG time and it's way too easy to buy politicians there as well! In Italy they virtually took over as they are heavily involved in their economy, in Hollywood, they bought AMC theaters and they censor Hollywood with the threat that if they show anything negative about Hollywood in their movies they won't play their movies in China. They steal our copyright secrets and movies, they took over the small country in the Middle East of Turkistan, forcing the men into slave labor camps and making the women have abortions… They persecute Christians, Muslims and everybody else, and on and on and on… and this virus? All the evidence STRONGLY suggest they sent it out on purpose to destroy our economy as they use crisis to take over the world as well and this is a pattern they've used historically! Trump 2020! Nobody else but him and the Republicans are defending our country against this and the many other threats!

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    Let's worry more about the democrats stealing the election. Me thinks the dems doth protest too much. Democrats are disgusting liars and don't care about Americans.

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    To care about Donald and to support him is to support taking my vote away. You simply don't care how the POTUS office is obtained. Even at the expense of an Americans right to vote.

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    China please go ahead and hack the election. You will be richly rewarded when Biden is elected. Also Putin over played his hand. When Biden is elected Russia will be sanctioned into oblivion. They won't be able to sell a drop of oil to anyone who does business with the US.

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    Gerardo Mejia Fajardo

    No habrá candidato a la casa blanca esta vez, ni Biden ni Trump. Simplemente no , ninguno sirve.

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    Officials agree media and big tech want to hack U.S. elections

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    Steven Rodriguez

    Officials agree that the DEMS want to do some MAIL FRAUD with mail-in ballots 🤔

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    chris mclaughlin

    Flat earthers differ on gravity, too.

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    Crystal Sterling

    Trump will do anything for the Russians. He is the puppet of their dreams!!!
    The reason Trump believes he’s above the law is because no one is stopping him.
    Trump is a hostile enemy against the United States.
    Our constitution gives us the right to remove an unfit president.
    I don’t understand WHAT
    we’re waiting for!!! Trump will never hold his friend Putin accountable for the bounties on our beloved soldiers!!😡
    If Trump cared about America he would have CHOSEN to be the HERO leading the COVID-19 fight saving thousands of lives. But he chose to TEAM UP WITH the deadly pandemic instead! 😢

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    Pure propaganda. That’s what these Domestic Terrorists Democrats want you to think.

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    The real threat to our freedom is the politicians. Our government has been hi jacked by communist socialist Marxist politicians,they are working day and night to destroy America.

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    America has become the laughing stock for the world. China, Russia etc are all busy developing their countries and thinking of the next thing to create in the future. America is busy whining about China and Russia.

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    4 years to take action on russia which would have overall increased election security and interference. Money was passed by Congress to secure elections. No action. I wonder why. It's NOT because putin said he did not interfere. Our Intel is BETTER than that. China's not liking somebody so much so let's freak out NOW…bs.

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    Im still voting for Trump

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    Nancy wants to be a president after she agrees on delinquents destroying the country and she wants to push scam virus to manipulate the elections

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    Israel has been hacking all US elections in its own favor.

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    God says you want to be president and then you would say no God God and Donald Trump you would not say no to God with you I am an angel do you see do you see all things happens I will make Donald Trump to be president

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    My power from my God is more power to rule over you you will not say to Jesus go back to where you came from

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    …..so Russia and China are fighting it out for control of the white house? Got it. Guess whomever wins we already lost some time ago…..

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    El Chaíro mayor Cocho de guerrero

    The Corruption in
    America was coming from far away
    Méxican never
    was the problem
    You are a very fake News

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    El Chaíro mayor Cocho de guerrero

    The 🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀 starting to leave the ⛵⛵⛵⛵
    The Corruption was coming from far away from the other side of the ocean

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    RT media (Russia) so concerning with our country 2020 election…

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    Truth Seeking Angel

    "Presidents are selected not elected" ~FDR

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    El Chaíro mayor Cocho de guerrero

    Fake News
    the Aztec 🦅 Eagle was here before you ever where
    Don't be afraid Amigo's the Aztec 🦅 Eagle didn't crossed the ocean
    And you are a very fake News

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    Our government is so stupid. BOTH SIDES ARE KILLING US ARE THERE JUST DOING IT FOR POLITICAL. China and Russia suck!

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    Quantum Mechanic

    When the new age socialists can't win an election , it's time to blame the "Big Bad Boogeyman Russia" while Basement Joe talks to his houseplants in his basement .

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