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Official Trailer 2 | WandaVision | Disney+

“We are an unusual couple.”
Marvel Studios’ #WandaVision, an Original Series, starts streaming Jan. 15 on #DisneyPlus.

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  1. Avatar

    Looks like Truman's show

  2. Avatar

    So from what is shown, that's what'll cause a Spider-verse? Humm 🤔 interesting

  3. Avatar

    that song was perfect

  4. Avatar

    Can't wait for I am Groot series because , I think it has just one thing…

    I AM GROOT !

  5. Avatar

    Daily kabaddi ki tarf se love you
    Kabaddi dekhnay k liye visit kare aapkay apnay channel Daily kabaddi par

  6. Avatar

    i just don't get why she made a reality for vision but not her brother?

  7. Avatar

    So its got a bewitched feeling…

  8. Avatar

    I c Randall Park and Kat Dennings yes.

  9. Avatar

    no farmers no food 🌾🌾 support farmers protest 🙏

  10. Avatar

    This really reminds me of saints row 4.

  11. Avatar

    I created and developing a character for Marvel. That named valour it is story of an Indian boy cane to U.S.A for education and kidnapped by a team and in process to escape he got his power in a old monument which was the Dan 9f the kidnapers. This is the basic theme and back story of my character. I hope you will respond to this email and any attachments are handled by the way I can get a chance. Any way Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is becoming famous all over the the world including in India at This time an new Indian character is the best chose. As all information of Marvel characters is present in comic books but not the story or information of my character Valour. Please think and respond to my mail.

  12. Avatar

    Wanda Soo cuteeee

  13. Avatar

    This is like The Truman Show!

  14. Avatar

    People saying how much mind and reality bending this thing's gonna be
    Me:- laughs in DARK (really😂)

  15. Avatar
    Start Studying Silently

    These guys have the trust Home Automation ever!

  16. Avatar

    Dam to good how can we get the remix version of DayDream Believer used in the promo.

  17. Avatar

    Disney + : We have new stuff
    Netflix: We have old stuff
    HBO max: We have an old stuff release so it's new stuff (Snyder cut)

  18. Avatar

    Completely forgot Wanda was Russian 😂

  19. Avatar

    It's gonna be a real intro to how muCh powerful is Wanda☺️

  20. Avatar

    It's a Tele'Vision' Show!

  21. Avatar

    ,,,~💖Any school and college students here 💖,,,

  22. Avatar

    me combining the two trailers, trying to figure out the plot: ↗↖↘↗↙↖↘⬆⬇↗↖↘⬆⬇⬆↖↗↙

  23. Avatar

    I've been waiting for this one like i was waiting for JOKER.
    I'm already sure this is gonna be awesome

  24. Avatar
    Alvina Nancy O'Nyme

    Paul Bettany in the MCU: from voicing an IA to starring in the title role in a series 👌

  25. Avatar

    This looks to be one of my favourite shows ever made

  26. Avatar

    I SAW DARCY!! im in

  27. Avatar

    1:10 Darcy Lewis spotted

  28. Avatar

    Oi josuke,
    I used ZA HANDO to erase the plot.
    Even marvel is confused, isn’t that wacky?

  29. Avatar

    This looks like some real Reality Stone fuckery

  30. Avatar

    I really hope this show doesn't introduce mutants because then people will remember this show as "oh this is the show that introduced mutants" not "oh this is the show about Wanda and Visions relationship"

  31. Avatar

    After overcoming Thanos, something big is coming in the MCU…Love it….

  32. Avatar

    Two infinity stones living together

  33. Avatar

    First of all, I would like to state that I do not speak English and use translation. therefore sentences may be distorted.
    As we understand from the WandaVision trailer, Wanda creates different realities and in these realities with Vision. However, when multiple continuities of this creature cause anomalies in the main continuum, Doctor Strange interferes with Wanda. As a result of this intervention, Wanda’s world is completely destroyed, and Wanda cannot bear this destruction and loses his mental balance. So Vision and her twin babies disappear in this case, Vision never arrives. Although this upset me, there is still a possibility that it will come. First, let's take a look at the doors that have been left open for the Vision to come back (though I might see it like this because I want it to come);

    1-) Bruce Banner in Infinity War; He said that Vision can live without stones, and that when the mind stone is removed, the best of Vision will remain. In one of your videos (if I'm not mistaken, they will die in Infinity War) you said that the sentence Vision said in Civil War, "I want to understand the stone, the more I understand it, the less it will control me" is not in vain Bruce's sentence may be the case again. died but …)

    2-) When Corvus Glaive attacked Shurı, Shurı was doing something at the last minute, it is possible to record Vision with Wakanda technology, when there was an attack, Vision did not lie there (where it was like a table), which increases the possibility of recording Vision, ultimately a computer. If there was such a thing, he couldn't come back in the End Game because Shuri was among those who disappeared in Shuri, but if Shuru can bring his Vision back, why didn't he bring it at the end of the End Game? I'm stuck here, but I think a scene where Wanda was trying to bring Vision back was removed from End Game. Though, End Game was the last battle, so having such a scene at the end could eliminate the "end" effect they were trying to create.

    3-) In a question to the Russo brothers; What happened to Vision's body was written, and they said something like another story. The reason we couldn't get the answer in End Game is because we got another story, that is, in WandaVision. It came to my mind that they would only use this body to bring the Vision back, if you have any other ideas I'd love to hear.

    4-) While interviewing Elizabeth and Paul, an announcer asks what they feel when they watch the End game, Elizabeth says I thought, where is Paul Bettany in this movie. Paul says I thought so too. This shows that the actors think the Vision will come back (though their thinking doesn't really affect anything, here's hope …)

    5-) There was a huge difference in power between the Age of Ultron and the Vision in Civil War and the Vision in Infinitiy War. A robot with a body made of vibranium and an eternity stone in its head should not be defeated so easily. Okay, he can't use the stone fully yet, and the blade of Corvus Glaive has done great damage to his body. However, it was pointless to accept defeat and death so easily, it hardly resisted.

    6-) In a comment I read somewhere (I don't remember where I read it), it was written that Shuri would portray his Vision to show that he was smarter than Bruce. He also said that Vision is not the mind stone in his head in the comic, but the gem of sunshine.

    7-) They have everything necessary for Vision to be formed; vibranium, jarvis and mind stone. The mind stone has disappeared, but the powers of this stone are also Wanda, which is a kind of walking mind stone.
    Unfortunately for Doctor Strange's 2nd film, Wanda had to go crazy, and it was also said that those who died in Infinity War would not come back, and the phrase "WandaVision" confirms that Vision is completely dead. At worst, he doesn't come back on WandaVision, but in Doctor Strange’s second movie, Wanda can return to normal after putting the mutants into the MCU; Vision can enable him to regain his mental balance (let's say that is what I want to think. I don't know if they want to return Wanda to his former state, ie to his good state.) If you read it, I am curious about your ideas, I would be happy if you share it with me.

  34. Avatar

    So did Shuri save any of Vision in Infinity War?

  35. Avatar
    Glifford Evangelio

    Did she just put all the gem pieces together? Ohw

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