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Officer who killed woman in her home resigns

The Fort Worth police officer who fatally shot Atatiana Jefferson in her home has resigned, said interim Police Chief Ed Kraus. The officer was served a written administrative complaint, placed on detached duty and stripped of his badge and firearm, according to Kraus, who shared that the officer’s name is Aaron Dean. If Dean had not resigned, he would have been fired for several policy violations including the department’s use of force, de-escalation policies, and unprofessional conduct, Kraus said.
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    FYI: HIs name is Aaron Dean and was charged with murder and brought to jail already.

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    Cops won't release the unedited video but quick to point out the gun because it makes her look a little more dangerous. Guns become dangerous to Republicans
    When a non white has one.

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    This is absolutely appalling….

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    I feel like I can't call 911 for any dangerous situation. I don't want to be murdered. I can't look out for my neighbors and call for an officer to do a wellness check…. I'd be risking their lives!

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    I’ll tell u my perspective since ur already looking for the sidewalk. If both doors are open and someone rang concerned and I saw someone standing by the window (probably looking outside their window which is “logic”) then I would say something and go from there. Not a direct headshot since it does not point to immediate danger. Guilty for the officer and rethinking strategy for the polarised department. Polarised means same opinion in a “who cares way”

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    Dumb police. How the hell did that guy get hired?

  7. Avatar

    They still have the death penalty in Texas right? (Fingers Crossed)

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    The world is afaid of its on shadow any more cop you need to wise up you are not god stop cop maddnes

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    Why couldn't the neighbor knock on the door and ask if everything was okay?

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    The big dummy who called the racist police should've done a wellness check himself if he truly cared

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    killing innocent black people is a crime, like history as shown racist Americans are Serial provokers

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    I'm SURE the Mayor and Chief called that MURDERER to ASK him to resign because they DIDN'T want to be FORCED to FIRE him.

  13. Avatar

    Let's hope his judge does not hug him and give him a Bible after sentencing too.

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    Like they say— Everything is Big Texas, and they have—- BIG, BIG, BIG Problems with the police Force there

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    guy went to check to make sure she was okay and he killed her… whoa. Sounds like something out of a dark comedy.

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    This proves that when officers make mistakes, they are punished accordingly. That’s why I back the blue.

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    Those qualification tests must be really easy. Police do the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard of.

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    So called white cops should not be policing any so called black person period. That's like having Nazi's policing a so called Jewish neighborhood. On top of that even the FBI has stated all levels of government have Klansmen in their ranks and until all are rooted out so called black person should look at every cop, judge and politician as a terrorist.

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    Fuck American system .evil murderer system in America

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    We all seen the video and there is no justifying his action. Less than 2 seconds into his warning he fired on her. It's really shameful and sad. I pray for her family to be strong

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    I believe he was scared he was not fit for this job.

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    White police killing a black woman in her home , what are the odds happening ?

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    What a tragic, hope this cop gets charge with capital murder

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    $200,000 bond for murder for a cop, $250,000 bond and long prison sentence for steroid possession on a regular citizen. FU Tarrant County! It’s sad it takes something like this for officers to be accountable for there actions. Messed up addresses and dates on search warrants and judges let them off on illegal search in court for years. Look over case files. This officer will get off…Watch! That’s why Tarrant County arrested him in a rush and not the feds. They will say the officer used self defense and thought the woman was an intruder. He will be No Billed! Or go to trail and get a not guilty! WATCH AND MARK MY WORDS….They will attack her mental competency. Judges and lawyers sleeping with each other! You should see what they can do with unsecured computers to discredit and destroy a person’s reputation. Welcome to Tarrant County!!!!!

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    its ALWAYS an apology. " oops sorry killed your mom ….my bad…super sorry." heck this is just after that lady cop walked in to an apartment and just shot a dude sitting on his couch eating ice cream.

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    All you people going off on the police why don't you become police officers. Exactly you cowards. Walk a day in their shoes before complaining idiots. Easy to criticize behind a username.

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    What the hell? Why shoot? This is so sad.

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    This is just awful.. now, this one look really bad… why would they release half and not all the video. He should have been shot, not her..

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    so the police is doing its own investigation after they tried to demonize the deceased. do you trust them ?

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    Classic case of a person that should not have been made a cop, period. We need way better training, both psychological and physical. But that by no means let's this guy off the hook. Unfortunately he will not face what you or I would in terms of punishment.

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    I wish her family find comfort.
    So Sad America….

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