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Officer Charged With Murder In Death Of Jonathan Price | NBC Nightly News

Witnesses say Jonathan Price was trying to break up a domestic dispute at a gas station before he was shot by a police officer. The family of the 31-year-old, described as a pillar of his community, is demanding justice.
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Officer Charged With Murder In Death Of Jonathan Price | NBC Nightly News

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  1. Avatar

    According to him not killing someone requires a feet of super human strength.

  2. Avatar

    Contact me if you want to be my Boyfriend 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  3. Avatar

    Why can't cops stop killing unarmed black men?

  4. Avatar
    Research And Confirm

    Too many people now days getting in other people's business…trying to be White Knights…nosy people get it too.

  5. Avatar

    So the police officer killed the good guy who actually settled down the situation and insured no one died are these officers jealous of us or hate us at this point but then again by the actions they have proven to us time and time again it's both

  6. Avatar

    Wow $1.89 for gas, thats cheap.🤪

  7. Avatar

    Lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  8. Avatar

    Keep fighting for justice!

  9. Avatar

    Grab a cops gun after fighting a lawful arrest .
    Go ahead. Win that Darwin Award!!
    The jury will drop the charges 100%

  10. Avatar
    Objective Evaluation

    Black people continue to be reminded they are black. Regardless of economic status, education, political affiliation, gender, etc…we are not seen because America doesn’t truly believe we matter. All lives matter when black lives matter. I’m sorry this young man is dead and regardless of his position on social issues, we will say your name so America knows you mattered.

  11. Avatar


  12. Avatar

    RIP Mr. JP. Tragic. Best of us being killed by the worst of us who was somehow given power of life and death over all of us.

  13. Avatar

    So essentially these attorneys that are on EVERY SINGLE COP SHOOTING are there to let cops off…

    This is getting old…stop singing and start swinging…

  14. Avatar

    People are describing his death like its karma or something…that's just wrong and sad. I don't think that him backing the blue meant backing bad cops, just like him backing BLM does not mean "all black people are saints", seems like people are almost happy he was killed, this is just sad…he was arguably better (in his actions) for society than George Floyd…both of them and the others should be alive. This is just sad…

  15. Avatar

    My GOD….the USA is a lost cause.

  16. Avatar

    They're all complicit & rotten to the core. No such thing as a good cop. I felt their wrath back in 70's and there wasn't
    any camera phones. I don't shed a tear when one gets capped.

  17. Avatar

    when you Arm cops to the teeth you give them a reason to think they are under threat, take away guns & tazers! a black man is not safe going about his harmless business in the USA, Trump has accelerated this scenario in his 4 yrs of being the twittering Golfer

  18. Avatar

    He didn't comply with an officer's instructions ?
    Sounds awfully familiar doesn't it ?

  19. Avatar

    Dang, that was quick.

  20. Avatar

    Literally so many African Americans have lost their lives this year by the hands of terrible police officers and y’all still say “bLue lIvEs mAtTeR” like wtf is wrong with this county

  21. Avatar

    Police departments must requires a 4 years college degree or 10 years in military experiences. You can take a peace officer training class at community College in Houston for 90 days course to become a police. Also, Police need to be pay $64,000.00 per year not $30,000.00 to recruit educated people not trigger happy trigger airhead.

  22. Avatar

    Bury the cop

  23. Avatar

    This is a case where everyone can clearly get behind! No excuses of a troubled crime past, violent arrest resister, or an "in and out of the penitentiary" reactionary. Jonathan Price was a law abiding citizen who assisted with an altercation, put up his hands to let the police know his intentions… and got shot by a bad apple cop.

  24. Avatar

    African Americans for Trump? Has Trump condemned this act of murder?

  25. Avatar

    I’ll wait until all of the facts come out.

  26. Avatar

    He's don't look like a Police

  27. Avatar


  28. Avatar
    [LUTO] Brєиdαα Armααnii Dєłffø ϟ

    30:27 Anyone want to do this with me😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  29. Avatar

    He probably shot him because he knew he was too fat to run after him.

  30. Avatar

    Just another white supremacists with a badge and a gun. Trump might pardon him to protect his base of idiots.

  31. Avatar

    So…Very, Very Sad…that this was an unnecessary DEATH…and a continuous
    occurrence on behalf of untrained police officers. REFORM NOW!!!

  32. Avatar

    Really nice 👌 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  33. Avatar

    comply so you don't die…. it's not rocket surgery.

  34. Avatar

    Must Watch:
    Documentary from ABC shows and reveals why those individuals in law enforcement are killing innocent people for merely existing…

  35. Avatar

    He love the boys in blue but they didn't love him

  36. Avatar
    Loyalty Is Rare . . .

    I keep our children in mind during all the chaos in the world, it's heartbreaking, we must change, their future is not an option, Lord we need you 💔

  37. Avatar

    Its so ironic that he supported law enforcement and felt he wasn't affected by racism. Now of all things to happened, being killed by a white police officer. Now I'm sure that ex officer would not have shot a white man like that. Daniel Cameron, Candace Owens and to a lesser extent, Brandon Tatum should take heed. All white folks are not racist, it's just the ones with power are those that you should be leary of.

  38. Avatar

    Hi Boys 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  39. Avatar

    um where is black lives matter organization s. not enough noise smh

  40. Avatar


  41. Avatar

    Awesome 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  42. Avatar

    Y is he in a cabellas sweaters???

  43. Avatar

    Looks sour smelling

  44. Avatar

    Very happy 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  45. Avatar

    People need to stop this, they say we will move to mars for a chance of surviving because there are way too many people on earth. AND NOW THIS???

  46. Avatar
    Helena Blair Yasmin Gilbert

    I need boyfriend 💋💋💋💋💋💞💞💞💞

  47. Avatar

    He'll walk, watch

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