Home / News / Obama Takes Hard Swings At Trump While Campaigning In Florida | NBC News NOW

Obama Takes Hard Swings At Trump While Campaigning In Florida | NBC News NOW

President Obama has been campaigning for his former vice president, Joe Biden, and is back in the battleground state of Florida. Obama urged people to vote and went after President Trump’s coronavirus response in a speech designed to fire up Democratic voters.
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Obama Takes Hard Swings At Trump While Campaigning In Florida | NBC News NOW

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  1. Avatar

    OBAMA bombed thousands of CHILDREN.
    Built cages.
    He is a total POS.

  2. Avatar

    TRUMP 2020!!!!!!!!

  3. Avatar

    Mr. Obama has no clothes and thinks rhetoric is an air balloon.

  4. Avatar

    Oct 27 don’t use post office.. It will not get there on time, Too late. Vote in person or hand deliver ballot now

  5. Avatar

    It’s not President Obama anymore get over it. Its been 4 years

  6. Avatar

    Lying Joe Buying, stay out of my medical plan, stay out of my life savings, and keep your hands off my guns! Keep America Great! Vote for President Trump 2020-2024!

  7. Avatar

    With this election ive realized what true politics are. And its one of the craziest things i have seen. if you ask me. I wish it was just between who had the best policies but its become a personal dark war very sad situation. The world truly needs more love and god

  8. Avatar

    Obama knows the real polls and that's why he's desperate

  9. Avatar


  10. Avatar

    Obama should stay home and keep quite

  11. Avatar

    MAGA = More American Graves Ahead

  12. Avatar

    What a joke…Obama gave Iran the ability to make nukes….worst president ever…smh.

  13. Avatar

    obama care is a pure EXTORTION!!!!!!

  14. Avatar

    arrest Barak Hussein!!!!!!!

  15. Avatar

    Obama go home, we don’t want you here in Florida.

  16. Avatar

    Say his name NBC… Tony Bobulinski

  17. Avatar

    Obama made usa into a hotzone:

    Eric garner
    8 wars
    Recession slow economy
    Newtown massacre
    Torture he admitted to
    High price obamacare is fudged!
    $300,000 date night to nyc during recession while everyone lost homes

    Ceo and bank bail outs recession instead of american people

    Obama= socialist communist left

  18. Avatar

    I guess Obama is still upset cuz he couldn't get Democrats to rig the last election. No worries, Democrats are working overtime for Biden. I guess Democrats really are Racist.

  19. Avatar

    Donkey voice Obama

  20. Avatar

    Obama really badly wants to have pizza parties with Joe in the white house again

  21. Avatar

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    visit my video on youtube

  22. Avatar

    Poor barrack. After his 8 years..we just don't care anymore.

  23. Avatar

    Well, USA waiting after President election will dump obama, hillary in JAIL due to stolen USA money betray USA

  24. Avatar

    R. Trump and biden should BOTH be explaining in DETAIL exactly how the next 4 years will be and how they intend to get us there. I want graphs, flow charts, calendar dates, plans, not baby talk crying bout each other !!!!

  25. Avatar

    Trump is the dumbest and stupidest, and most ignorant and incompetent president in USA history.

  26. Avatar

    Why is Obama rallying and where is Mr Biden?

  27. Avatar

    Yo blomama you left the “L” out of plandemic

  28. Avatar

    CCP Virus!
    CCP = Murder organization!

  29. Avatar

    He’s not president…what is this throw back fake news?

  30. Avatar

    The not so affordable …affordable care act

  31. Avatar

    You are a liar…. you cannot fool us this time, we know better now.

  32. Avatar

    Would you like me to continue…oh nvm y’all weak…you can only have rigged debates I forgot

  33. Avatar

    The stuttering cluster fek of a miserable failure. What a shining example of a liar.

  34. Avatar

    Trump is going down and he's way to dumb to know it….

  35. Avatar

    Obama, along with pals Oprah, Beyonce and JayZ all campaigned for Killary Clinton.

  36. Avatar

    Lol you are the biggest joke in media. Call the SCI-FI channel.

  37. Avatar

    OBAMA is the LAST PRESIDENT. trump sold the position. And I haven't forgotten that or any of the other offensives he has done.

  38. Avatar

    Biggest scandal in US history (Biden global crime syndicate) and still not a shred of journalism from NBC …

  39. Avatar

    God bless America, land that I love. Stand beside her and guide her thru the nigth with a ligth from above.. God bless America, my home sweet home 💖🇺🇸🌊

  40. Avatar
    World Travel Sisters

    Where is VP?

  41. Avatar

    Obama's stand up comedy show is very damaging to the black community.
    -because Obama is unwittingly reinforcing the stereotype that black dude has to be funny in order to be heard.
    Now, intelligent folk in USA have been working tirelessly to destroy that annoying stereotype of a funny black guy. And now all that work goes down the drain, when Obama goes and does the stand up comedy act. Sheesh, what a moron.

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