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Obama mocks Trump: 'He’s jealous of Covid’s media coverage'

Former US president Barack Obama mocked Donald Trump at an election rally for Joe Biden in Florida. 
Obama criticised his successor’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, noting that Trump has complained about the news coverage the pandemic has received as the US death toll continues to climb. ‘He’s jealous of Covid’s media coverage,’ Obama said.
The former president also criticised Trump for his personal lack of coronavirus safety, saying that he has turned the White House into a ‘hot zone’ in the wake of two coronavirus outbreaks among the president and his senior staff. 
‘Florida, we can’t afford four more years of this,’ Obama added. ‘We cannot afford this kind of incompetence and disinterest.’

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  1. Avatar

    Barry’s stand up comedy routine left much to be desired…!

  2. Avatar

    Obama and Big Michael talk trash 🗑

  3. Avatar

    Hey Guardian, how rich was this guy before and after office? Are the Hunter Biden emails legit? Covid has a 98.8% recovery rate worldwide by the way. Some pandemic

  4. Avatar

    the man who keeps lying nicely while he rapes your country to death. Obama.

  5. Avatar

    TRUMP 20/20. The dems really are the gift that keeps on giving..

  6. Avatar

    The irony is that Obama is making the story all about Trump, hence giving him media coverage.

  7. Avatar

    Says the man who has murdered how many people during his presidency and still thinks his opinion matters 😂😂😂

  8. Avatar

    Everyone who can, must vote!

  9. Avatar

    Still believing he's relevant. The ultimate narcissist.

  10. Avatar

    why is this guy still talking ..hes had his time ..just cant let go can he….

  11. Avatar

    Where is the wall?

  12. Avatar

    You can only dream of Trumps achievements. Disgraceful, you should be ashamed of yourself. To actually think Biden could be president when he's not sure what day it is and you see this man in the Whitehouse…..really,

  13. Avatar

    when biden cant run his own campaign and they hire the ex pres to do his parties PR…. i wonder how much he makes during this election… from tax money

  14. Avatar

    The only house he is going in has a lid on it ! Period

  15. Avatar

    60 million were infected with swine flu under Obama and Biden.

  16. Avatar

    shut up looser

  17. Avatar

    Who built the cages Obama?

  18. Avatar

    Now, now, Barry!

  19. Avatar

    Why is Obama campaigning? Can't Joe do it himself?

  20. Avatar

    Waiting to see the reporting on how 1 person changed 7000 votes in a swing state to democrat that project veritas just exposed. All it would take is 10 people doing that to change some of these states blue. Bet we see the media coming out saying there is no evidence, except you know the video and audio and confessions, but we'll forget about that same as Biden's china bribes.

  21. Avatar

    The loudest man in the room is, more often than not, the weakest.
    Trump will continue to shout, brag, ramble irrelevancy all in the hope of staying in the limelight.
    That is quite frankly all he has. The overwhelming negative votes on this video really do make me question if people are really able to think for themselves.

  22. Avatar

    That's right, Democrats.. keep up with this petty rubbish.

  23. Avatar

    Trump will win anyway

  24. Avatar

    Looks like the trump voting fools are running amok in the comments

  25. Avatar
    Unlucky ihavenocash

    Why do we never see the crowds? Hmmmmmmmm 🤔

  26. Avatar

    Have you noticed there's nothing else the left can talk about? Using a virus for political steering – cheap. You lost Brexit @Guardian deal with it.

  27. Avatar

    Your trying to Flog a dead horse now obama

  28. Avatar

    Michelle Obama is a useless Twot

  29. Avatar

    This man was the worst president in history…..Trump showed him and his administration up……Trump 2020

  30. Avatar

    and trump is right, there is way too much focus on COVID, a virus with a survival rate of 99.6%. Democrats are the king of fear mongering, agenda driven eeeeediats

  31. Avatar

    eh? coming from a cnt who 🎤 dropped only to bounce back up and smack him in the face.

  32. Avatar

    When does the obama pictures surface

  33. Avatar

    America's Tony Blair also doesn't know when to quit and just as corrupt

  34. Avatar

    Who is this guy ?

    Get off the stage

  35. Avatar

    Lol Obama trying to stay in the picture ahahaha talk about craving attention

  36. Avatar

    You're actually jealous on Trump seeing that he's doing a job much better than you Obama!,

  37. Avatar

    Irrelevant now, just desperate words.

  38. Avatar

    Never show the crowd at these things cos only a handful of people there , and that’s Obama the big gun

  39. Avatar

    Get this into your head we dont mind csuse you dont matter. TRUMP 2020

  40. Avatar

    Child trafficker

  41. Avatar

    Funny how Obama mentions numbers of dead and closed businesses, his party would have done no better,and more businesses and people would lose their jobs as they want to shut everything down. How does that make sense ????

  42. Avatar

    How the mighty have fallen. Nobody is going to control the pandemic. Biden would be one of the biggest crooks of-the lot if he wins..staggering how main stream press refuse to explore the non Russian ceo of one of his previous corrupt venture happily divulging all.

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