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Obama calls Trump a symptom of "misinformation" led by conservative media

Former U.S. President Barack Obama on Wednesday said his successor, Donald Trump, is a “symptom” and an “accelerant” of misinformation to American society, bred by the conservative media infrastructure.

Obama, who was speaking during a podcast interview with two of his former aides, Jon Favreau and Tommy Vietor, said that although the “conservative media infrastructure” existed before Trump took office, he has allowed “insane” conspiracy theories, like QAnon, infiltrate the mainstream Republican Party.

Classed as a potential source of domestic terrorism by the FBI, QAnon is driven by an anonymous internet poster nicknamed Q who claims to be a Trump administration insider. The core, nonsensical claim is that Trump is secretly leading a crackdown against an enormous pedophile ring that includes prominent Democrats and the Hollywood elite.

Obama said if fellow Democrat Joe Biden was elected in the Presidential election next month he would have an understanding of what the world expected from American leadership.

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  1. Avatar

    He is gearing up to write a book. You can see it on his greedy socialist mind

  2. Avatar

    Obummer got caught and has no credibility.

  3. Avatar

    You still endorse quid pro Joe? Thought so.

  4. Avatar

    Fellow Canadias Why would THIS be globals reaction to the bombshell reports coming out? Oboma Is implicated ffs. Trumps press sec is STILL banned from social media. This is another example of Global News being maliciously deceitful to fit in with the MSM.

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    Trình Nguyễn Đình

    Yawn. Stupid and loud people want MAGA.

  6. Avatar

    That corrupt Kenyan belongs in prison.

  7. Avatar

    Why Global news did not share the breakout news about Hunter Biden to the Canadians? Why Global news is now out of nowhere giving
    Obama a chance to have his opinion heard? Global news, you just like these major US liftsided media, you select what you want us to see and hear, it's not your choice, you just a media, a platform to share, we are the ones to decide if it's true or not. WE KNOW WHERE YOU STAND NOW.

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    Only dummies and racists get their news from FoxNews

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    Justice for Seal Team 6

  11. Avatar

    Trump 2020, Love from Canada!

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    🤔. 🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  13. Avatar

    There is no conservative media. It is corporatist media.

  14. Avatar

    Obozo the clown 🎈

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    Good Morning Sunday Morning

    Don't mind the actual slavery in Libya that resulted from political destabilization under Oblama care blombings… The going rate for a Libyan slave is currently $200 USD.

  16. Avatar

    How do you even consider voting for democrats? Do you want losing your freedoms and become slaves of China?

  17. Avatar

    $15000$ on pizza and Hot dogs. You eat people

  18. Avatar
    TruthWillSetYouFree777 John 8:32

    Good actor

  19. Avatar

    Meanwhile how is the misinformation campaign going currently against Trump from the leftist media?

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    He is an actor, not a president that make things happen…….Look at how China infiltratee the US, they are everywhere, stealing trade secrets, F-35 and intellectual properties… China state media and propaganda machine everywhere, bribe, cheat & Steal while he has full knoweledge about it…….China plays him like a fool. How shameful…..

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    What you mean to say is you cannot have a democracy without our nation being under God through Lord Jesus. Jesus said a nation divided cannot stand. We are divided . I pray for you Brock Obama

  22. Avatar

    Lol Obama is a symptom of incompetence

  23. Avatar

    How about Biden corruption scandal related to Ukraine? Globalnews will never tell you this.

  24. Avatar

    What has actually happened to this great nation , a beacon of hope to the world….hard to watch it’s demise in a changing world .There was a time it stood for something above and beyond all this nonsense and turmoil it is wrapped up in.Its this inner shenanigans that are contributing to it becoming a laughing stock of the developed world..or developing for that matter. Good luck I hope things improve for you guys 👍❤️.

    ‘Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free"……..look elsewhere , they cant manage themselves ! 😂.

  25. Avatar

    Their going to hang .

  26. Avatar

    The Obozo in Chief along with his husband Michael…….

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    Well this is the kettle calling the pot black. I love how Global finds no irony in posting this callout of 'disinformation'. Global is a paid-out shill for the Trudeau government (that's on the left in Canada if you are unaware) and consistently puts out misinformation. This morning I watched the news anchor, in reference to the two "Town Halls" state: "Trump was combative and on the defence". Yeah, well if you actually took a minute to watch that shitshow you would see the woman badger and interrupt him at EVERY sentence. As a Canadian I am not on either side ideologically, apart from not wanting to support the lying democrats who have done everything in their power to remove this guy, yet their best defence now is Joe Biden? They set this up to make sleepy sniffy snarky Joe look like a kindly old gentleman and Trump to be 'combative'. Misinformation indeed. Global sucks and Barrack Obama can kick rocks.

  28. Avatar

    You, Obama sold our uranium to Russia. You got kickbacks from 500,000 Clinton got for speech to Russian company and 3.5 million Hunter got from Russian mayors wife. You gave over 100 billion to Iran to support terrorism around the world. You got kickbacks from Biden’s 1.5 billion China investment. You’re as crooked as Biden and Clinton

  29. Avatar

    ‘It’s Easier to Fool People Than to Convince Them That They Have Been Fooled’ – Mark Twain

  30. Avatar

    Trump 2020 Will end the Left, shows over folks.

  31. Avatar

    Obama ?? LOL the guy who created ISIS in his administration and launched a war in Libya and another in Syria??? The guy who knew about JEFFREY EPSTEIN and do NOTHING !!!!

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    Obama’s the reason Trump is president he made fun of him at the 2011 White House correspondents dinner and from that day on Trump started plotting his revenge

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    Go to PROVE ALL DEMOCRAT RATS THAT LIE and are corrupt sleaze bags do have an odour

  34. Avatar

    Fox "news" has had its propaganda machine going strong for at least the last 20 years

    And they use whoever they elect as president as their scapegoat and slink back into the Shadows unseen and unnoticed to manipulate the next set of issues for the next term

  35. Avatar

    Still no story about censorship on twitter and Facebook? No word on the Biden emails? Ok then, sure we trust you.

  36. Avatar

    Dude name more than one conservative media outlet? I'm so disappointed in you mr. Obama

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    Global news how are your ratings?

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    He hasn't cried enough yet, we aren't going to watch you fake stream media. Keep crying

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    Ben is one Cool cat

    Obama was a great president

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    Obuma’s here to do damage control after news of the Biden’s 😂😂😂. Kinda too late

  41. Avatar

    Obama knew about Biden's corruption.

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    ObamaHussain must answer why he ordered 65,000 dollars worth of "hotdogs" to be delivered to the WH one night; interestingly, "hotdog" is on the FBI pedocode list and means boys.

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    I hope he knows his time was up and no one cares what he has to say same with his husband Mike! 😂

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