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NYT columnist: GOP will experience a reckoning if this happens

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman explains how the Republican Party will experience a “reckoning” if Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden wins Texas in the 2020 presidential election.

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    Vote Blue, unfortunately the time for mail in is too late, vote in person and vote blue!

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    He doesn't know!!! I hate all these dramatic predictors. If you've never seen it before then how would you know. People are trying to see a light then you get these overzealous Trump will do something we won't get out of. He is not King although he thinks he is. Lets just take a breath and stop being so negative.

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    Iron sharpens iron, that's how the parties should work, not one suppressing the other. America, for God sakes, vote Trump out!! 🌊💙🙏🗳🗽🦅🇺🇸

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    I know what he means

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    trump 2020 – twelve more years

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    The Republicans have played in the hands of a manipulater, and Putin is waiting to continue to control this country through Trump.

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    Can we have a Moving Truck with gas running parked outside the White House by Monday? I need to make sure he can move by securing a truck…

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    Biden is up in GEORGIA and TEXAS!!!

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    Jill Biden!!!!

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    We should NEVER have a “FOX& FRIENDS” Channel News In a United States because
    It lies to Americans to cover up the president and you can never hear the truth about anything including the “CORONAVIRUS” the day what ever Trump want them to say FAR from reality! It’s so sad 😭 😭😭

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    Chief Justice Roberts, Justice Kavanaugh, and now SCOTUS nominee COVID Barrett were all Republican legal shysters working for Bush and the GOP in their machinations that led to the horrendous, undemocratic, purely partisan Bush v. Gore SCOTUS decision. Coincidence? Think again. The Republican fix is in for this election and any future contested elections for the foreseeable future. Bye-bye democracy, hello banana Republic!

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    People suffering from post-traumatic distress disorder report that cannabis reduces the severity of their symptoms by more than half, at least in the short term, according to a recent study.


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    People suffering from post-traumatic distress disorder report that cannabis reduces the severity of their symptoms by more than half, at least in the short term, according to a recent study.


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    VOTE like your life depends on it because your democracy is on the line!

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    This is good analysis apart from the affirmation that you will never see him again. Imagine COVID aside, this guy would probably be reelected. The Mitch Mcconnels and other skin suits take a look at this Presidency and will say…… if this obviously corrupt draft dodging coward, with minimal intellect can so subvert the American government, think of what we could do if we put a smart corrupt guy in there? The right has conned the American people to be wary of the worker and to be trusting of the billionaire.

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    Too late mate . Sadly , the rest of the world already thinks those things about America .

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    Dump Trump a freaking crook and his family.

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    Bush v. Gore, Citizens United, Shelby County v. Holder, Rucho v. Common Cause, Chief Jester Roberts smiling and nodding along while presiding over sham Senate impeachment trial, Assassination Goon B.S. Barr butchering the law, slaughtering justice, politicizing and weaponizing the DOJ. So, now, thanks to conservative Justices on SCOTUS, we have partisan Republican judges deciding elections instead of voters; a return to Jim Crow laws promoting voter suppression; unlimited dark money in elections buying off politicians; a lack of accountability enabling the Executive Branch to blackmail and coerce foreign governments into interfering in our elections, severely degrading our national security; and legalization of even the most egregious Republican gerrymandering. In essence, a deck stacked heavily in favor of corrupt, racist, anti-democratic Republican minority rule over the majority. It's why we lost all respect for these conservative Supreme Courts, the law, and the justice system in this country. Congratulations, Republicans, on turning our nation into a banana Republic, making America an object lesson to the world on how to destroy democracy!

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    Kurland Grenadier-45

    U.S. Marines may need to pick up Orange Baboon and give him a swift kick in the A.. out of the Whitehouse.

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    Right now…trump is a mistake we can fix & come back from. We have one chance to take our country back & redeem her to the rest of the WORLD. They are all watching🙏🏻

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    GOP has lost the popular vote in six of the last seven elections and yet appointed 15 out of the last 19 justices. Barrett would make that 16 out of 20 seats. The reason the president forgot to mention that (a) his judges cannot be permitted to be independent; and (b) that his judges tend to be wildly out of step with public opinion on so many of the topics he holds dear is that it would highlight what minority rule looks like, and why he cannot, in fact “let the people” decide with their votes in his upcoming election. A court determined to impose minority rule is in fact the playbook. It benefits big business, it benefits secret donors with considerable war chests, it benefits white supremacy, and it benefits Trump’s trailing electoral campaign. Quite simply, locking in the power of a minority through the courts is the political project of Trump and the Republican Senators who are equally eager to jam this nominee through before the election.

    Trump Kept the Quiet Part Quiet About Amy Coney Barrett

    The president introduced his Supreme Court pick—but stayed mum about the real reason he needs her.



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    "Get back to being the healthy conservative party…get back to being the healthy liberal party…so we can get back to being the country we want to be." sighs This is insanity. Do people like this guy not get that Trump isn't some fluke. He is a symptom of two parties that have been extremely unhealthy for many poor and poor working class Americans. If they don't get their crap together there will be another Trump in the future. Morons!

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    色情硬盤 劉亦菲&佩洛西兒子也上榜;好萊塢栽贓陷害朱利安尼真相;高下立見!川普獲世界支持 拜登大選無望;中共竄改 “抗美援朝”歷史至今








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    When is CNN going to ask Biden about Hunters laptop?. It’s verified, Hunter signature is on the receipt, and recipients of the emails have confirmed the truthfulness of the Biden cash for VP influence racket, no wonder the democrats are so soft on China.

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    You know what REALLY pisses me off most? It’s that all these Toxic Trump sycophants and acolytes have to KNOW at some level he is a grave security threat to the U.S. But, they don’t care, play dumb. They would sell out their country and souls for filthy lucre, fleeting fame that quickly turns to infamy, and empty promises. They lie, deny, deceive, divide, denigrate, diminish, and work to destroy our cherished Republic.

    GOP has gone rogue, doesn’t want to play by the rules in America, anymore. Republicans are all about constant deceit and hypocrisy, rigging elections, and rampant crony corruption.

    One would hope that his cabinet or the Republican Senate would have done the right thing and removed him. Or, that the Republican SCOTUS would have defended our Constitution, instead of partisan power grabs. In fact, it’s more than hope—those are the minimal basic expectation of our public officials. They failed themselves, and they failed our nation horribly. Because they are weak, and ignorant, and corrupt.

    Thus, we are forced to suffer another two months of a failed Presidency, a failed Senate, and a failed SCOTUS. While confident Trump would be defeated before the pandemic and ensuing economic collapse, his loss has since become a virtual certainty. So, that isn’t really about hope, either.

    What does give hope is that the majority of Americans reject Trump. There is hope that the end of Trump will mark the beginning of the end for the Republican cult. There is hope that out of this darkness will come the realization progress is vital to our future, and that reactionary conservatism stagnates and kills.

    In short, the GOP has become proto-fascist, bound by the ignorant Republican cult they created, and the fear, bigotry and hate they cultivated and nourished for decades. Fortunately, the cult is not the majority, so there is hope yet for America!

    “The problem at the heart of all this is a Republican cult built up over decades by plutocrats, the GOP, and right-wing media. Those Americans elected this pitiful, puerile President, and have continued to support him no matter what travesty he commits! The creators of the Republican cult have always been weak men, and now find themselves harnessed by those they sought to enslave, subject to the fickle whims of a moronic madman and the mob whose ignorance they relentlessly nourished and cultivated.”

    Conservatism has always been the endless, futile quest to justify greed, but the coin of the realm in GOP land is fear; it’s what they peddle, it’s what they traffic in, it’s what they carry in their pocket at all times. Then, they turn that fear to hate. And that hate is the poison killing them, America, and all of us. It’s the poison to which the Republican cult has become addicted.

    Republican cultism is the disease, Toxic Trump is merely the most visible symptom and but one carrier of that disease. It existed before Trump, and it will continue when Trump is gone—unless or until the problem is adequately addressed. COVID-19 is also a disease; but a virus is blameless, unlike those who engage in willful ignorance. America would have confronted and easily conquered COVID-19 disease, had America not already been diseased for so long with Republican tribalistic partisan cultism. Racism, xenophobia, homophobia, misogyny and religious bigotry were central to the formation of the Republican cult, and remain its lifeblood.

    The only thing been stopping the GOP cult from turning America fascist has been the long-held universal repulsion and rejection of Toxic Trump’s hero, Adolf Hitler, by Americans. Fortunately, the majority of Americans still remember that painful historical lesson many Republicans choose to ignore. There is hope that good will once again triumph over evil; love prevail over hate; common sense outweigh blind faith, mindless tribalism, and silly superstitions.

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    A Public Forum for Discussion

    please dont be surprised when Trump wins by a bigger margin than 2016. Red Tsunami on the way. Youre gonna have to accept it

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    Trump wasn't the cause of all these issues, he just brought to light everything that is wrong with America for years. Now everyone wakes up from their hibernation in the last 4 years. Add to that Covid. What a disaster. America will be in the history books as the country that spouted their country as being the best in the world, when in actual fact they never were. I think I will be long gone before America is a country they rest of the world respects. No one respects you now.

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    Hunter Biden being investigated by the fbi. Where’s the coverage?

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    If trump wins this election it is probably the last time we vote for president.

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    Moronic populace deserve an idiotic buffoon like Trump.
    The man has trouble speaking his native tongue for goodness sake!! Anyone remembers him trying to say "origins" six times and fail EVERY SINGLE time?? Kept saying "oranges"!
    That's the kind of skill required to be a cashier. and here's our president mispronouncing the simplest of words!!!

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    The second civil war-😳

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    The Bankruptcy King, Putin's puppet-pie pawn Traitor-'n-Thief Toxic Trump, has bankrupted American standing globally; bankrupted American national security, bankrupted America morally, ethically, and financially. Something only made possible with corrupt GOP leadership, GOP Congressional members, and other GOP elected officials actively aiding and abetting, fully complicit. Surprised? You really shouldn’t be.

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    Don’t you guys including Trump’s voters get sick of him? He’s a horrible liar how can any human can stand him?

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    All internal prediction models show a Trump victory. That explains your 24/7 desperate smear campaign against the president and explains Big Techs blatant censorship of anything pro-Trump and why they hid Hunter Biden's laptop findings.
    You are terrified cause it looks like Trump will easily win.
    Why else the desperation?

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    Don't forget BARR (FLINSTONE)…He is the puppet master in this..

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    ZERO WARS, 3 PEACE AGREEMENTS, a brighter future, Thank You, President Trump.

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    Gee, our treasonous law-and-order poser President is a compulsive criminal desperate to escape justice and the king of creating chaos! Who knew? More importantly, why do so many not care?

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    Oh NO !
    Here we go again cnn PROPAGANDA, you dems make me laugh with you crap ….

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    like the flat earth tax dodgers are not at the core of why the graft driven g o p needs the hate vote. its the new base for the tax fraud rip off parties. todays post reagan lie all government is bad. you did it jerk.

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    Trump lying and cheating to manipulate himself back to the White House ?
    Of course he will, when alternative for him may be a life in jail.
    There is no depth to which will not sink to avoid that fate.
    He will do things we haven't even imagined possible.

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